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pathmark nostrand ave sheepshead bay

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Elected officials have fired off letters to Stop & Shop, White Rose, D’Agostino Supermarkets, Key Food and Whole Foods in an attempt to find a replacement supermarket for Pathmark on 3785 Nostand Avenue, they announced yesterday. Meanwhile, one media outlet is stirring the Walmart pot.

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Photo by Ned Berke

A predatory towing company is stalking Sheepshead Bay’s parking lots and charging residents illegal fees – sometimes as much as five times the legally allowed amount.

Williamsburg-based Fast Way Towing & Recovery (31 Grand Avenue) manages several local parking lots, including the CVS at 1402 Sheepshead Bay Road, and Waldbaums, at 3100 Ocean Avenue. And according to area residents, the company is engaged in abusive behavior and charging exorbitant fees.

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pathmark nostrand ave sheepshead bay

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Congressman Anthony Weiner is weighing in on the closure of the Nostrand Avenue Pathmark, saying that he’ll fight to bring a new supermarket to the area.

“Residents of Sheepshead Bay shouldn’t be forced to leave the neighborhood to buy groceries,” Weiner said in a press release. “It’s unfortunate that Pathmark is closing, but now it’s all hands on deck to ensure that we bring a new supermarket to Nostrand Avenue.”

The congressman plans to begin reaching out to other supermarket chains to find a suitable tenant at the 3785 Nostrand Avenue location. In a statement, his office said he’ll be working with the business community and local leaders, and hopes to secure a promise from the landlord to make the space available exclusively for a supermarket.

According to the press release, Weiner was a key player in bringing Pathmark to the neighborhood in 2002, following the closure of Key Food on Avenue U.

pathmark nostrand ave sheepshead bay

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Say it ain’t so. Pathmark supermarket on Nostrand Avenue is going to close. But don’t despair – politicians are looking to work with the property owner to get a new supermarket in that location.

Pathmark’s owner, A&P, filed for bankruptcy protection last December, and on Tuesday morning, A&P officials broke the news to the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1500 that the Pathmark at 3785 Nostrand Avenue – which employs about 100 people – will close its doors for good. That’s just one of the 32 A&P-owned stores that will be closing, officials say, but the only one in New York City. A&P is cutting all these stores in hopes that doing so will stop the financial bleeding from their current $3.2 billion debt.

Read about who’s trying to keep a supermarket at that spot, and weigh in on who you’d like to replace it.

The holidays can be tough. Hauling frozen turkeys and canned goods back and forth, back and forth all day long… it takes its toll. This poor shopping cart gave up in the middle of it, collapsing at the curb by Waldbaum’s at 3100 Ocean Avenue.

Photo by Ed L.

Shopping cart in search of a locksmith to let him back into his home. (Photo courtesy of Stefanee Rivera))

A reader, Stefanee Rivera, sent us this photograph of a lost shopping cart and gave us the background story.

This poor little guy was found early Saturday morning seeking assistance from the locksmith inside. Apparently he got locked out of his house (Walbaum’s) and couldn’t find a neighbor to help. He wandered over to the locksmith on Ave. X and Ocean Ave.  for some help getting back inside. The nice locksmith who works there called his parents and told them he was waiting for them at the shop. They said they would be “right over”  to pick him up. However, according to the locksmith, at 3:45PM, the lonely little shopping cart was still there waiting for his mom and dad. I suggested he call the Administration for Shopping Cart Services (ASCS) if they hadn’t come to pick him up by closing time.

Hearing the news that the shopping complex where the Waldbaum’s store is located has been sold for $10 million, may have made him a little nervous about his family’s future.

Midweek Photo: In Memorium

This is the remains of a wreath placed on Firemen’s Corner (Ocean Avenue and Avenue Y) last Monday, on the anniversary of the 1978 Waldbaum’s Fire. See photos of a memorial mass held last week.

Photo by BrooklynQ.

We told you about the anniversary last Monday of the 1978 Waldbaum’s fire, in which six firefighters gave the ultimate sacrifice, and 34 more were injured. A memorial mass was held on the anniversary at St. Brendan’s Church. Student photojournalist Lloyd Mitchell was on the scene, and sent us these photos of the event.

If you have any images from the mass that you’d like us to add, send them to us at nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com.

View Lloyd Mitchell’s photos.

On this date 32 years ago, six firefighters perished in what, at the time, was the largest loss of firefighters in a single fire in Brooklyn history. At approximately 9:02 a.m., the roof of Waldbaum’s at Avenue Y and Ocean Avenue (where Staples is today) collapsed, sending at least 12 firefighters into the inferno. In battling the blaze to save the lives of their fellow laddermen, 34 firefighters were injured.

The heroic firefighters who died in the blaze on August 2, 1978, are FF George Rice, 38, Ladder 153; FF James McManus, 48; Cov. Lt. James Cutillo, 39, 33rd Battalion; FF Harold Hastings, 39, 42nd Battalion; FF Charles Bouton, 38, Ladder 156; and William O’Connor, 29 of Ladder 156.

On the anniversary of their supreme sacrifice, John Dwyer of JGDwyerPhotography put together the above slideshow. Dwyer has been photographing the FDNY in action since the 1970s.

In 1999, the city renamed the corner “Firemen’s Corner,” in what is said to be the last public dedication to honor the fallen heroes.

A Facebook page frequently visited by family and friends also keeps the memory of those who passed alive, as does an annual mass held this morning at St. Brendans Church. You can also read the account of Steve Spak, another FDNY photographer on the scene that morning.

Courtesy of Google Maps

The square-block sized shopping center housing Waldbaums and other retailers on Ocean Avenue between Voorhies Avenue and Shore Parkway has been sold for an even $10 million to Norse Realty, LLC.

The 47,320 square feet of building at 3078 Ocean Avenue (3090 Ocean Avenue) sold for $211 per square foot. It sits on an irregular lot – including parking – that measures about 107,000 square feet. The deal closed on May 6.

The property was previously owned by Capital One Bank, which is also a tenant. In addition to Waldbaums and the bank, the property is home to a Duane Reade.

No word yet on whether the new owner plans to develop. Norse Realty owns a number of local shopping centers, including the strip mall adjacent to Trump Shopping Center on Neptune Avenue, which is home to a Walgreens.

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