Gerritsen Beach grappled with its latest controversy during last night’s Gerritsen Beach Property Owner’s Assocation meeting, as they tackled the Halloween “bombing” that saw violence and destruction spill through the community.

The solution put forward by most? Silence the blogger who put the nefarious youths in the spotlight.

We’ve written before about Gerritsen Beach’s reigning doctrine: What happens in Gerritsen, stays in Gerritsen. And last night, that defense tactic took center stage.

For more than half an hour parents and community members berated Daniel Cavanagh, the blogger who runs The discussion was dominated by Renee Sior-Cullen, the mother of one of the teens who boasted on Facebook to have hit an NYPD car.

By comparison, they spent less than 10 minutes asking the NYPD Community Affairs reps in attendance about better planning for next year or punishment for those involved, and no time at all dedicated to discussing the actions of the 50 or so teenagers or the consequences they should face.

Cavanagh was accused of being a traitor “unscrewing” the community, a jobless loser and a pedophile. He was scolded and threatened.

While Gerritsen Beach residents may believe they’re the masters of their own domain, the damage affects all of us. The bus windows that were shattered will come from our tax money. The police officers dispatched will be paid by our money. If people were injured and uninsured, their healthcare would come from our money.

Gerritsen Beach is not a fiefdom run by those who shout the loudest, as some seem to think.

Cavanagh plays an active role in exposing the underbelly of a community too often mis-characterized as “idyllic” – and he does so in an attempt to clean it up. Had this year’s extreme Halloween “bombing” gone unreported, it’s unlikely those responsible would face consequences, and next year’s would undoubtedly be worse.

Perhaps the energy spent on silencing on Cavanagh would be put to better use on more engaged parenting.

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  • Anonymous

    Daniel Cavanagh is the man! It takes HUGE balls to do what he did! I think he is the most hated man in GB now!

    • ReneeSior-Cullen


      • RomanM

        That might explain your testosterone-induced rage at your recent community meeting. You might want to see a doctor about that.

  • nick the rat

    i don’t think its the blog post that makes you look like garbage. or should i say gaaawbagge.

    • Anonymous

      Muff gaaaaabage!

      • Death


  • nick the rat

    LOL at “my son…who i gave birth too.” this is comedy gold. i guess she has never heard of the constitution

    • Lisanne!

      She was lying. Loony birds hatch eggs.

  • tj

    so they care more about the guy that caught the kids in the act instead of the crimes that actually were commited??????? lol dumb beach rats. this made it all the way to the nypost.

  • nick the rat

    move out! horseshit! everyday with this! who let the drunk in?

  • Death

    I say, we take the names of the Kids, go to there houses ( which we can locate on whitepages ) and give out Tickets for all the problems that were caused to the parents.

    when i say “We” i mean the NYPD and Sanitation Department.

    Also, WTF?, Scolding and Threatening? sounds like the Kids have more control over the parents then the parents have of themselves.

  • nick the rat

    he should just say “ok, what did i do wrong? nothing, good day sir” and walk out

  • nick the rat

    LOL she just called he r son a nerd…ON THE INTERNET i can keep going on

    • Anonymous

      Yes. Nerds through rocks too?

      • nick the rat

        she is complaining about things people are saying about her son, and thEn calls him a nerd in front of everyone 😀

  • nick the rat

    he was supposed to be a priest… that explains a lot 😀

    • Death

      thats probably why they are accusing him of being a Pedophile.. (no offense)

      • nick the rat

        immmm sooooo offended! we should have a flash mob take pictures in GB all dressed as pedobear

        • Ray Johnson

          Next year for Halloween — in protest for what’s happening to Daniel Cavanagh — local bloggers should dress up as eggs (padded with foam to cushion all the real rotten eggs pelted at us) and march through the streets chanting, “One day, you’ll thank us, if you’re allowed freedom of speech, by then”.

  • nick the rat

    AHHAHAHAAH this is hilarious. I WE ALL THROW EGGS IN GERRITSEN BEACH! ug, i shouldnt watch part two and 3 right? this is too funny

  • nick the rat

    maybe her sons a vampire “can’t take pictures of my child… on public streets” i think she has smoked some good stuff during her life

    • Ray Johnson

      In one sense, though, I kind of understand why someone wouldn’t want pictures of their kids on any site, especially when they’re in the middle of hurting someone else.

      • squintaroony

        “In one sense, though, I kind of understand why someone wouldn’t want pictures of their kids on any site, especially when they’re in the middle of hurting someone else.”

        Well, sure, nobody wants to be caught on camera committing a crime. I understand that criminals want to get away with their crimes, I just don’t care. These pictures need to stay up, and the kids should be thankful they only have photographs on a blog to worry about – instead of mug shots. The pictures should stay up, and the parents should quit whining. They have nothing to complain about.

      • Gene2

        Yep, that is why they are yelling so much, because they are desperate, but, too late their kids are fucked for ever. Good!

  • nick the rat

    ug, ignorance everywhere… these people have no clue about life or the internet….

  • Anonymous
    • nick the rat

      hahahhaa, ok, i gotto get my laundry

  • nick the rat

    ive never heard so much ignorance spewed in 20 minute span. help these kids by taking them away from their parents

  • nick the rat

    YOU SET US UP BABY!!! ug someone nuke GB

    • Anonymous

      “You set us up, you and the smurf over here!”

  • nick the rat

    rock, hammers, no..EGGS! SURE! she should be arrested for helping her kids throw eggs. ok, im done, this was great, thanks ned. Danny is gonna need protection from these animals

  • nick the rat

    oh ned, if they have a meeting with the kids, please record it. it will be better than the jersey shore

  • Anonymous

    It is a serious incident. I don’t know if that meeting helped anyone.

    • nick the rat

      it helped me, i needed a laugh!

      • Death

        and me.!

        • Lisanne!

          Not funny to me at all. I hope there are people in that neighborhood watching Dan’s back. Some of these people seem dangerous.

          And the GBPOA should be strongly backing what he is doing, which is attempting to make Gerritsen Beach a better neighborhood. If the neighborhood wants a better reputation they had better start being accountable for all manner of things that happen there.

          • Wahpah

            Oh, don’t worry, I’m watching his back. But who’s watching my back?

            I live in Gerritsen Beach.

            It’s like living in the zoo, except you’re in a seperate cage than all of the other animals. -Motions to video-

          • Lisanne!

            Maybe you need to travel in groups for awhile.

            This is nothing new. Years ago people were beaten for reporting some of the more heinous things that happened in the backweeds. Among other things I remember two rapes.

          • Me

            When did these supposed rapes take place? I’ve been in the beach for over thirty years and have yet to hear of a rape taking place there. Plenty of petty crime, I am sure plenty goes unreported but you are talking about very serious crimes.

          • Lisanne!

            If a rape isn’t reported out of fear it’s not a statistic.

          • Lisanne!

            And in the case I remember, the matter was squashed. But I met the woman who was the victim, and one who was there who told the cops.

      • Anonymous

        It is rhetoric.

  • bagels

    I wonder if her son still has his Facebook page.
    If Dan Cavanagh had any spine he’d get his own lawyer and sue that loudmouth in the corner for libel.

    • Arthur Borko

      Libel is written, Slander is spoken.

      • Lisanne!

        Slander? That woman can barely form a coherent sentence.

    • Jeremy L

      Slander. She was claiming he was a pedophile. She is blowing smoke out of her arse when she claims she has a lawyer over the whole incident. Her lawyer would have told her not to speak about the case to anyone. If she did have a lawyer, she just blew her own case by telling all about her little hoodlums crimes. I don’t think she has a lawyer, if she did, she would know what the crap she is talking about when she was whining about him taking pictures of her kids breaking the law out in PUBLIC. It’s not a crime to take pictures in public. And then she is whining for everyone to go complain to face book so they will shut his facebook page down. Wahhhh, just another example of people who think they can silence someone who they are offended by.

  • Local Broker

    You heard that Ned get a real job.

    • Lisanne!

      Ned’s fine as long as he doesn’t move to Gerritsen Beach.

  • Anonymous

    That’s some great video footage.
    If it weren’t so sad it would be funny.

  • Local Broker

    Wow these people are delusional.

  • PR

    Funniest thing I’ve ever seen!

  • RomanM

    Summary: “My son did something wrong and illegal. This man exposed my son as a criminal. I am upset at this man. Its not like he was throwing hammers and rocks. It was just eggs and potatoes.”

    STFU. Facebook is public domain. Learn to properly raise your children

  • RomanM

    Summary: “My son did something wrong and illegal. This man exposed my son as a criminal. I am upset at this man. Its not like he was throwing hammers and rocks. It was just eggs and potatoes.”

    STFU. Facebook is public domain. Learn to properly raise your children

  • Kon

    I didn’t know gerritsenbeach was a redneck neighborhood.

    • Me

      Please, I live in the beach and love it and though everyone knew it was a little slice of redneck heaven in the boroughs. That is what keeps it safe 😉

    • CB

      Where have you been?

  • Dive24

    wow! If that were my kid that was caught and I had no idea what he was doing, he would have to deal with me in a big way. He would be grounded and I would march him down to the precinct and volunteer him for community service!! What an outrage. Suppose an Egg caused a traffic fatality? Or suppose the egg thrown hit someone in the face or eye? Are you people kidding me? DO NOT CONDONE THIS ILLEGAL BEHAVIOR!!!! ACT LIKE PARENTS or you will be spending lots of time @ the precinct or your defense attorney’s office. I thought we were in a recession? However it seems liek there was plenty of money around to buy eggs and shaving cream. WHere did the children get the money? This is disgraceful!

  • Knightmare6

    Rubber bullets and tear gas next year, but of course the parent’s will then say they (the police) went too far

  • Anonymous

    The Real Housewives of Gerritsen Beach…

  • tJJ

    How coked up was that lady. and the guy that everybody was abusing should of grew some balls and said something instead of keeping his head down like a pussy

    • Lisanne!

      He gets shouted down every time he talks.

      If he was a pussy he would have moved to Iowa a long time ago. Lots of people hate him because he won’t get along to get along.

      These people are sick. Sadly, this has been going on in Gerritsen Beach for generations. It has got to stop sometime. Dan’s one of the few with any backbone there at all. Didn’t you hear George Broadhead whine about “anonymous” comments on the Sure they’re anonymous, they don’t want bricks thrown their windoiw.

    • Anonymous

      Pussy, he showed and stayed.

    • Ray Johnson

      He did the right thing.

  • TJJ

    lol she said she got a lawyer. everybody knows lawyers dont take foodstamps!

  • Anonymous

    My wife heard me watching this from the other room and asked me if I was watching Jerry Springer! Now that’s funny!

    • Me

      From the beach and embarrassed to admit that I cannot do anything but agree with you and laugh.

  • Death

    On a random note, i found this on Pix 11 and was like Woah wtf?

  • JR

    The article needs to be renamed to What is not wrong with GB?

    also GB has way more problems than SBay does but we shouldn’t be talking so much against them when we have our own problems all that MBCG v MBCB stuff makes us look ridiculous as well (nothing of the comedic level of what I just watched though)

  • Anonymous

    Ok. The beach is surrounded by Marine Park, Sheepshead Bay,and Gravesend.
    Welcome to our world.

  • RomanM

    Anyone interested in teaching GB a thing or two about messing with the rest of Brooklyn? Ideas are flooding my mind. So many good ones.

    • Death


      am i going to be reading about Wet toilet paper exploded on peoples houses during winter times here?

  • Al Knowles

    “Would someone please think of the children??” Kept thinking it was a Helen Lovejoy while I was listening to it.

  • Jscott

    Its a sad state of affairs there. Maybe instead of speaking about hiring a lawyer Renee, the mother, should have looked at what her child was posting on FB. His comments on the Gerritsen Beach page were vile, where did he learn all of those remarks from. Oh, and maybe Renee could have read further instead of ripping Danny apart and making accusations.He POSTED this for everyone: Gerritsen Beach: What Will You Do About It?
    The question begs: “What Will You Do About it now?”. Here is our short list. Call 311 to complain to the Mayor You can call demand answers from the 61 and 63 precincts. 61 Precinct Community Affairs: (718) 627-6847 63 Precinct Community Affairs: (718) 258-4444 The 61st… Precinct Community Council meets next Wednesday November 9th at 3093 Ocean Ave and every 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. The 63rd Precinct Community Council meeting is held on the fourth Wednesday of every month at Kings Plaza Community Room at 8:00 p.m. The Gerritsen Beach Property Owners meeting is held on the first Wednesday of every month at St James Demand from your public officials to answer why this happened and for them to stop this from happening ever again. Councilman Lew Fidler 718-241-9330 Senator Martin J. Golden 718-238-6044 Assemblyman Alan Maisel 718-968-2770 Community Board 15 718-332-3008 Doing nothing cannot be an option. Otherwise this will keep happening.

  • Mobile

    Great reporting, you know this whole thing got me curious about how far you can drive freedom of speech and I found this article, <- this guy is the reason freedom of press and speech exists, he was also attacked for reporting on something public; this is in the Benjamin Franklin days (very interesting read). Anyway, he did nothing wrong according to the law. According to the video the rules of GB are to "contribute and help the community in every day, to better and improve.." and his reporting does that. The kids shoudl’ve never done what they did. His site is full of positive things and this story is a part of it, there’s really nothing they "can do". They don’t understand certain things, too upset, hell I’d be upset too but they kind of let it happen to themselves.

    This become one hell of a story though; Bravo!

  • Jscott

    Had to stop by again, Renee, the mother states in this video that she was at work when she found out about her sons apparent inaction, yet on the GB page she states
    “for the record..i do watch my kids..did more then a couple of drive byes
    and checked on them” She better get her act straight, I would not believe another word out of her mouth!

    • nick the rat

      have you ever got a straight answer out of anyone who is insane? you should watch cspan more often 😀

    • Ray Johnson

      She also mentioned that she is a bus driver.

    • jdjr

      what would the super nanny do…..? lmao

  • Brian Hedden | BK Southie

    It appears that I owe Staten Island an apology.

    • Lisanne!

      Not if Staten Island is still like it was 30 years ago.

      Sadly, there are a lot of uncivilized places out there.

    • Anonymous


  • Bananas

    i actually heard on halloween from a few of the teens that were in marine park that they were having “a big shaving cream war” guess it expanded to something much worse.

  • Fantasygurly

    freaaaaaking beach rats!

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  • Shamil Benyaminov

    I say let people from former soviet union invade Gerritsen Beach and take over their properties

    • Death


    • Anonymous

      Too funny. I think as far as property goes that rising tide is enough of a hinderance.
      Can they still get flood insurance? I think not or pay dearly for it.

      • Lisanne!

        Someday it is possible that Gerritsen Beach will be under 4 or 5 feet of water. And some of the residents won’t even notice it.

    • Guest

      You guys can keep them in the bay. As you can see we have enough problems already!!!

  • Shamil Benyaminov

    I say let people from former soviet union invade Gerritsen Beach and take over their properties

  • Janelle

    “My son that I gave birth to”… How? Did she hatch him? She looks like a dodo bird.

    • Marina K

      When the video started I thought it was a “he”

  • CJ

    The best part of all this is, in their desperate attempts to ridicule Danny’s actions, they are only proving why his website is so valuable. If she’s so worried about her child’s future, she should be a better parent. If she doesn’t like things her child publishes online being used against him, take it away from him. It’s funny how being a good parents such a novel thing these days. The way she presents herself and the way the jackass screaming and cursing in the back presented himself is only an indication that their kids are probably just as much “garbage” as they are and will only be worse by the time they get older. As a 22 year old, I’m afraid the generation right behind mine is going to be absolutely worthless and the parents are probably the biggest factor.

  • Lisanne!

    There may be some who believe that it’s about time we sawed Gerritsen Beach off from the mainland and let it drift away into the ocean.

    What was most disappointing was the lack of a groundswell of support Dan got at the meeting. I know there are many people who despise the “anything goes” mentality as much as Dan does. But they are afraid of repercussions if they say so.

    It’s like High Noon!

    • Pine44

      Lisanne, I’ll address this to you because although I don’t always agree with everything you say, you seem to be a thoughtful and intelligent person. Many of you who post on this site are and I hope I can enlighten and give you a few points to ponder…. There is no one, and I mean no one in GB who is defending the level that these kids took Holloween mischief to. There is no one who doesn’t think they all need swift and decisive punishment, including their parents who are all handling it. There isn’t an ‘anything goes mentality’. We are all much like you are, working people, good people. The trouble GB is having with our website is that it isn’t like SheepsheadBites. It’s more like the Enquirer. For example, do you really think that if 2 Hasidic Jews were attacked, the police wouldn’t have been called right in? It would have been a terrible hate crime, and the Hasidic community, to it’s credit, does not take any attacks lying down. He made it up. Where is the man that was allegedly pelted with eggs when he got out of his car? No pics of that. No one has stepped forward. If you look at the first picture, on the original story, you will see Danny standing and speaking with the kids. He is in the upper rh corner. The kids say he was egging them on, pun intended. Kids, any kids, don’t need an adult encouraging them to do wrong. Try and understand, the GB website was all but dead. Story after story had a few comments by the usual commentors but no juice. There have been no broken bus shelters, the kid perpetrating that having grown up a bit and moved on. Danny posted weeks ago HOLLOWEEN IS COMING. He was bound and determined to find a BIG STORY. He follows kids around in his car, on regular nights, taking pictures of them. That is disturbing to parents. He put up a facebook page that just said Gerritsen Beach and friended all the kids. Many thought it was a neighborhood, friendly site and accepted it. He used that to access their private pages. Now I know the internet is all public, but don’t any of you see this as a bit creepy and weird? He is 26 years old, many of these kids are 12, 13. People have a problem with GB net, not because What happens in GB stays in GB, but because of the nature of what he does and how he goes about it. The pics of peoples homes, the what many see as the invasion of their privacy. No one has a problem with him documenting community events, etc., but it has been the hurt he has caused with many of his sensationalistic attempts to get hits. The egging happens all over. You are all picturing this out of control riot on Holloween. Women pushing strollers being attacked, old people being attacked. It didn’t happen. If it had, believe me they would have been at that meeting, and if you think about it, you know it too. They were wrong for targeting the buses, but again, not something that just happens here. And the parents ARE dealing with it. The issues with the website and the owner are separate and we have good reason to question the motives of it’s owner. He’s no Ned.

      • RomanM

        Pine, very good rebuttal. You raise potentially good arguments against Danny. It warrants future assessment. Now however, the community’s problem is that instead of logical citizens like you addressing the issue you have the hot-headed mother yelling about how her kids did nothing wrong, she permitted it, and that she was involved with the whole thing. Just because someone did something wrong when they were young, doesn’t make it right today for their kids to do.

        Despite all this, your community has done nothing to address the issue at hand: a large group of local kids whose identities are known were assaulting civilians, city employees, and police officers. Not to mention the complete lack of police response. Regardless of Danny’s previous sensationalism, I think in this case you have bigger issues at hand.

        And the woman whose stroller was hit as well as the man who got out of his car (although you say they don’t exist, which may be true) weren’t given out flyers to your community meeting. They may simply not know it exists. A cop car was hit, and a city bus was damaged. That is fact. Your community wants to make amends? Pick up the tab for the damage and take some responsibility for your kids. Until then, you’re just scapegoating Danny for exposing a community problem that you want to ignore.

        • Ray Johnson

          Yes, and it’s possible that those people had to work the night of the meeting, or didn’t want to be a part of a major confrontation.

        • Lauren

          Yeah, the mother of the kid herself says she was egged when she was pregnant (and actually cites being egged multiple times) so I find it doubtful that these people do not exist.

      • levp

        Even though it was not addressed to me, can I still point out something?

        1. Can we stop calling these young adults “kids”? Judging by photograps, they are all at least 15-16 years old. So PedoBear has no connection to this story, IMO.

        2. Police has been called. AFAIK, the 61 and 63 precincts still didn’t return calls seeking comments as to weak police response.

        3. Facebook: Terms

        “4.5. You will not use Facebook if you are under 13.”

        So “many” of these kids are violating Facebook’s TOS (and shouldn’t have those accounts in the first place).

        4. Pictures of houses: Google Street View – ’nuff said.,+New+York,+NY&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=53.564699,79.013672&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Gerritsen+Ave,+Brooklyn,+Kings,+New+York&ll=40.594468,-73.926702&spn=0.025353,0.038581&z=15&layer=c&cbll=40.595439,-73.928824&panoid=wx1WsskrisC3lDc2EXtH_w&cbp=12,335.8,,0,5

        5. “Other people do it too” is never an excuse. In any event, I haven’t seen any “egged” B36 buses…

        Applicable New York State Penal Code provisions:[email protected]+&LIST=LAW+&BROWSER=BROWSER+&TOKEN=52669178+&TARGET=VIEW
        § 240.10 Unlawful assembly.
        A person is guilty of unlawful assembly when he assembles with four or
        more other persons for the purpose of engaging or preparing to engage
        with them in tumultuous and violent conduct likely to cause public
        alarm, or when, being present at an assembly which either has or
        develops such purpose, he remains there with intent to advance that
        Unlawful assembly is a class B misdemeanor.[email protected]+&LIST=LAW+&BROWSER=BROWSER+&TOKEN=52669178+&TARGET=VIEW
        § 240.20 Disorderly conduct.
        A person is guilty of disorderly conduct when, with intent to cause
        public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creating a risk
        1. He engages in fighting or in violent, tumultuous or threatening
        behavior; or
        2. He makes unreasonable noise; or
        3. In a public place, he uses abusive or obscene language, or makes an
        obscene gesture; or
        4. Without lawful authority, he disturbs any lawful assembly or
        meeting of persons; or
        5. He obstructs vehicular or pedestrian traffic; or
        6. He congregates with other persons in a public place and refuses to
        comply with a lawful order of the police to disperse; or
        7. He creates a hazardous or physically offensive condition by any act
        which serves no legitimate purpose.
        Disorderly conduct is a violation.

      • guest

        Pine44, I could not have put it better myself. Everyone is attacking the beach and what on the surface seems to be an outrageous reaction to the reporting of an indecent. What they do not know or are not acknowledging is the fact that this “story” was the tipping point for many that are fed up with what they perceive as sensationalism and questionable journalism practices. I am in no way defending the response of those directly involved, if I had kids and someone I didn’t care for produced proof some of which was a copy of my kids admitting to the acts in question I would have to address my families issues before that of the reporter. As for those directly not directly involved , I think they are just venting their anger at the half truths and sensationalism. Like every neighborhood in the city the beach has its issues, but for many like myself it is a wonderful place to live mainly because there is not much there unless you live there.

        • Jscott9494

          How can any person of intelligence believe your quote ” this story was the tipping point for many that are fed up with what they perceive as sensationalism and questionable journalism practices.” and “As for those directly not directly involved , I think they are just venting their anger at the half truths and sensationalism”. Do you live in GB, were you aware that bus service was suspended because of the acts, so all of the hard working members of the community had to walk along the Ave, to get home, this is not a half truth or sensationalism, FACT!!! I have been made aware by those who were there that when the older man’s car was pelted with eggs and he got out of the car the children starting pelting him with eggs. Several members of the community stepped in to help and defend him, WERE YOU THERE!!! Bus windows were smashed, did you look at the photos on the GB page! I have had family living in GB for over 60 years. I am not a child, not stupid, this was a gang of unruly punks, not saying all the children in the beach are.

          I have had to address issues in the past with parents when GB children acted up, guess what I was told, “NOT MY CHILD, What about all the Other Children, Why are you only picking on my child and the best responses : MIND your FFing Business and GO F*&k yourself”, this was said in front of the children!!! So is it any wonder that these children act they way they do. Dan reports the news as he sees it.

      • Lisanne!

        I’m met Dan, and I found him to be intelligent and intense. He believes Gerritsen Beach could be a better place, and wants to do what he can towards that end. He doesn’t like the negative publicity that the neighborhood gets, but he considers his role as a reporter to print what is newsworthy. As an involved member of your community he seeks to right what is wrong, and that sometimes necessitates the naming of those who are responsible for committing acts that are detrimental to the community’s well being.

        I think some of the particulars of this situation are lost in the larger issues that are involved in this discussion. First, you are assuming that Dan sought these kids out. I’m guessing it was quite the contrary; The Gerritsen Beach Facebook account has over 2,000 friends. Most of them chose to join themselves; they knew what they were doing.

        The website has been doing well. The success of a site is not just a matter of how many comments a story gets. Obviously some stories precipitate more activity than others. More important is the readership. Those numbers are documented. And most likely they have a consistency over time. People read Gerritsen Beach not only because of its “controversial” content. It is where residents can find out about upcoming event, and read summations of their occurrence.

        I think its rather disingenuous to attempt to draw a caricature of Dan Cavanagh’s motivations in posting certain stories. Allusions of improprieties of a possible sexual nature are libelous in nature. To suggest is to accuse, just as sure as if it was done directly.

        One of the differences between Sheepshead Bay and Gerritsen Beach is that in Sheepshead Bay we can have some really serious disagreements with people that we consider friends. We can do so most of the time without permanent lines being drawn. Admittedly, we do have some hot button issues here as well. They are not pushed under the rug. To do so would be to ignore one of the most important principles of journalism, to report the news. I should add to that the promise made by Adolph Ochs when he bought the New York Times, which is, without fear or favor. It’s a ideal that Dan Cavanagh personifies in his work.

        It should be understood that journalism is a fraternity. And that Dan has proved himself to be a most worthy member of that group. Thusly, he is taken seriously by them, and unsubstantial attacks upon his credibility are going to bring forth a collective response from them.

        It should be restated that what happened on Sunday on Gerritsen Beach is NOT a norm. People in Sheepshead Bay did not have to fear walking into a situation like the one documented in Gerritsen Beach. Nor would this be true in most places I know of. There was no exaggeration here. The damage was there for anyone to see.

        Denial of the seriousness of this is a dangerous form of response. Sooner or later there will be an occurrence of such a serious nature that it cannot be pushed under the rug. I suppose it is not a likelihood that in the foreseeable future you, and others with similar sentiments will appreciate what Dan Cavanaugh is doing to prevent this sort of eventuality, but at the very least you should respect that he has the legal right to be a gadfly in your community. Every community needs one; Gerritsen Beach is no different than any other in that regard.

        • Older GB Resident

          Lisanne…your post is the best I have read on any blog…I wish you would repeat it on Most people in GB would agree that is a service to the community, especially those of us who can’t go to GBPOA meetings and can watch them on this site. I am ashamed for, and disgusted by, these parents who would denegrade the job Dan is doing just because their little darlings got caught. And it’s not just Halloween. It’s bus shelters and private property and kids who have no regard for life or property. And parents who defend their kids’ indefensible behaviors. That 60 year old man could have been seriously hurt, or died. They didn’t ask him for his medical history before they surrounded him like animals. He could have had heart problems or been on cumadin. Had he been hit with even an egg, they could have cut him and he could have bled to death on the street from something that you or I could have brushed off. It’s bad enough that these 12 and 13 yr old kids didn’t realize this, but their parents? I’ve had Christmas lights cut in my front yard, bottles thrown over my fence, kids trying to break into my locked yard. This is why people post blogs anomously. Fear of retaliation. There are many of us who don’t have kids yet we have to put up with the “fun” these kids have.

          • Lisanne!

            I posted the earlier piece to GBnet. Due to its length it’s being held for moderation.

            The ones that make the loudest cry against Dan are the ones that have lives that are lacking in positive acts and expression. They don’t need to be a large portion of the community, their negative energy and destructive acts are of such fierceness that it sometimes appears as if the entire population is out of control. It’s not. But someone needs to take the community back from these people. It could have been George Broadhead, whose life experience has been in other places, he has the education and intelligence to see things clearly, but he has decided that title does not mean responsibility.

            So write off GBPOA. They want private meetings now, in other words, no accountability. As a private group they cannot claim to represent the community. Therefore, they should no longer be treated as such by elected officials and others in government.

            Those who are members and do not feel comfortable with the closed meeting policy should make this known by not renewing their memberships. Eventually this will force them into holding an open meeting to discuss grievances.

            I would also suggest that community members start attending 61st Pct. Community Council meetings. It would be helpful for them to see concerned residents of Gerritsen Beach participating.

            The 61st pct. has a ceremonial “Take Back The Night” event every year. That’s all very well and good, but they need to help people to take back their communities.

      • Lauren

        I don’t see anything weird about following kids he thinks are going to do something illegal. The only voice of reason on this video is the women counseling the morons about social media.

  • Janelle

    Bravo Jennifer, for stating the common sense truth that that loudmouth, Rene, can’t comprehend.

    • Janelle

      Oh my goodness. I can’t take Rene’s bullshit rambling. “It’s not the point” she says, that a minor shouldn’t have facebook…. OH MY GOD. Someone seriously needs to slap that woman in the face with a tack hammer.

      • Lisanne!

        Somebody did already. Couldn’t you tell?

      • CB

        Did you mean tack hammer or “jack hammer”?

        • Lisanne!

          Never use a jack hammer when a tack hammer will do.

  • Lisanne!

    For what it’s worth, the comments are even funnier than the video.

    I mean that in the best possible way. Sheepshead Bites has some very clever commenters. Gerritsen Beach, on the other hand, has some hilariously moronic residents.

  • Pizzedoff

    Those little dirtbags deserved to get their nuts cut off, if that was me walking with my child and a stroller i would come back and slit their throats, facebook would be their least concern.

  • Al Knowles

    So, their answer is to make sure it’s all handled internally? Also, only property owners can speak up about it? As many said, they damaged a NYC bus, and used police resources. Unless they are willing to pay all of that out of their own pockets, who cares what a bylaw says? This is a matter that affects more than their own neighborhood.

    • guest

      It should be handled internally by a little thing called parenting. As you can see from the story there was not much of a police response. As for the bus, I agree someone should pay namely those that did it. There are two ways to pay replace it or get a record either way it is done.

  • Laughing

    Engaged parenting? In GB? That hasn’t happened for DECADES!
    I also believe that in the 80′s & 90′s, the average teen pregnancy rate for the US was boosted just by Beach Babies. Those kids are out of control, run by out of control, spoiled, drunk or stoned parents.
    Please, the parents did the same stuff and then brag about it. It’s hereditary I guess.

  • Al Knowles

    BTW, when is the next MBCG meeting? I want to call out Ned for painting us all as bigots and racists. Ned – your interweb are numbered. 😉

  • Eitan

    Daniel Cavanagh is doing a public service. Not only are these kids organising together to commit criminal acts, but their parents and the local law enforcement is turning a blind eye, effectively condoning and encouraging this behavior. The cherry on top is that these kids are writing about it on the internet, which we all know is the perfect place to keep something private.

    I find this confluence of behaviors – the children’s and the adult’s – to be very interesting. Were these kids not white/Irish in Gerritsen Beach but African American in a low income neighborhood behaving this way, I would guess the police response would have been a little more enthusiastic.

    Years ago, during a snowstorm, a nutjob fired on some kids who pelted his car with snowballs. As dumb as these kids are, they wouldn’t deserve that, but if they keep this up, they might just run into someone like that. Would the police come then?

    • Guest

      You have to be kidding me, with that quote “Were these kids not white/Irish in Gerritsen Beach but African American in a low income neighborhood behaving this way, I would guess the police response would have been a little more enthusiastic. ” Between all the PC BS where people get hit with extra charges for stopping a robbery or the like and all the libs defending or making excuses for every non Caucasian that commits a crime. Seriously, the only reason this was not addressed as quickly as it could have been is because it is usually a very low crime area. Some also speculate there may have been less of a response do to a shooting in the projects, I know the police were just picking on people from the PJs.

      • Eitan

        The only BS around here is the crap coming out of your mouth (keyboard). The police response was not slow, it was nonexistant. GB has a very high per capita ration of policemen/women per household, and the kids are white. No one is going to arrest or ticket their neighbor’s children, their friend’s children, or their own. And nearly everyone’s white.

        Had there been 20 – 30 non caucasians throwing objects at people, at patrol cars, at buses, the god damn swat team would have rolled in. Give me a break.

        • Anonymous

          Too true. Go to the West Indian Parade in any given year or better still go to Jouvert in the wee hours in the morning and you will see the boys in blue clamping down big time on a celebration of culture. I can pose a good guess as the what the culture of GB is. I thought the NY State Senate was an embarrassment last year. GB is a bacterial culture that is a need of a cure.

      • levp

        That’s right, it is all liberals’ fault!

        • Lisanne!

          Damn liberals. They should all go back to liberalland where they came from.

          Real Americans have a IQ under 90. Damn proud of it too.

  • Bugg

    If your child is STUPID enough to post evidence of his own criminality and brags about on a public forum like Facebook, your child is a ___in’ imbecile. There is no expectation of privacy on such a forum, and practically nowhere else on the internet if you choose to psot such details about yourself. In fact in an effort to avoid taxation Facebook and otehr networking sites and ISPs regularly provide the government with access to your information without requiring a subpeona.

  • Laughing

    Anyone catch that “3 twelve year olds went up and bought the eggs from Food Basics”? These are the 12 year olds that at 18 will be going down south and buying guns to sell to their “friends”.

    And why can’t Mr D. learn some self control when at a meeting?

    Legally, there is no expectation of privacy in public as it pertains to photography. The blog is reporting news. Age is irrelevant. I’d like to know what the lady’s “lawyer” is planning on doing to stop this. From what I’ve seen and what she’s said, he has not broken any law.

  • Laughing

    I think that the GBPOA should start a fund. This money should be earmarked for the thousands of dollars for lawyer bills these kids are going to rack up as they get older and graduate to bigger and better criminal activities.

  • Anonymous

    They could send them into the sticks to cut a switch. One that fits the crime.
    Or just get out the old Gerritsen Belt.

    • Lisanne!

      We’d have to use the switch on some of the parents as well.

      Maybe we can bring back the stocks. Dan can invite the media and annoy people again. They deserve to be constantly annoyed. They also deserve all the negative attention they are getting.

  • Anonymous

    Ned, I heard after they catch Danny, they are coming after you for posting these videos. Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy what happens in the beach stays at the beach!You are a marked man my friend!

  • Irish

    I’ve seen the confederate flag flying proudly over a racists house there. Gerrittsen beach, your secrets are out. And the rest of brooklyn is ashamed of you.

    • Guest

      It’s not only the rest of Brooklyn. On the GB site, there are comments from Germany! GB is also giving all Americans a bad name!

      • Guest

        Correction, the German comments may be on Gothamist who also picked up the story. I don’t remember where I saw them.

        • Lisanne!

          They are right here on this page.

  • Anonymous

    I have lived in Sheepshead Bay almost all my life, the past 48 years of it.
    On occasion, (through school, work and play) I have been invited into several homes in Gerritsen Beach. I am positive these families would not condone nor participate in this behavior.
    Many families are retirees whose children and grands come to visit.
    Yes, there are those like the videos show but it is unfair to label the whole beach. Dan seems to want improvements that would benefit all.
    If the people are not happy with how this came about, well boo-hoo, it’s done. Get over yourselves and straighten out your youngsters.

  • Anonymous

    Gerritsen Beach should be a Gated Community. With razor wire on top to keep the inmates inside. All of the Internet now knows about them. LOL!

    What a bunch of lowlifes. These are no doubt Repukelcans. Stupid people like this are the reason this country is in the mess it’s in. Most of them probably couldn’t understand the ballot and difference between a “column” and a “row” on it. I know. I’ve seen those kind in Sheepshead Bay as well.

    • levp

      I know how save MGM Studios from bankruptcy: presenting Kurt Russell in “Escape From Gerritsen Beach”!

      • Anonymous

        Kurt Russell will play Dan. Britney Spears will play that crazy crackhead with the blond hair.

  • BklynBornAndRaised

    Interesting interpretation of the bylaws. So from now on, The Wall Street Journal should not be allowed to report on information about NYC as it is read outside of the 5 boroughs, and CNN needs to stop talking about the US since that information is accessible to other countries. Give me a break! The best idea – let’s not let the blogger attend the meetings so we can rant and rave about him without him hearing it; just so we feel better about our delinquent children. Good luck with the lawsuits – you deserve to waste the money on legal fees to ultimately lose in the end.

    • nick the rat

      i think her son, who she gave birth to, that was supposed to become a priest, has become a lawyer. he will be able to recognize how the smurfs set them up, and how its all a bunch of horse shit. Anyone who is not part of the GBcares community will be kicked out, and if you stay and complain, soda will be thrown at you EVERYDAY. hey, at least it isn’t the projects, you pussy!

      • Death


  • ReneeSior-Cullen


  • nick the rat
  • Marc ™

    Fuck, are you Americans really that backwards?

    Sound like a witchhunt! There was not one rational argument only accusation. And oh yes, the pedophile accusation (c´mon)!

    The only one who stated the fact of how this community works is now the bad guy.

    Seems like “tribal” thinking is coming back.

    Greetings from germany


    It’s a shame that your being blame for just reporting CRIMINAL MISCHIEF and ASSAULT (by means of eggs, liquids, rocks, and hammers); all of these actions are very dangerous. I know this for a fact because my childhood friend 20 years ago became blind, just because another kid threw an egg and somehow the egg shell cut his eye deep enough to make him blind; this can easily happen again to any of these kids or worse; but the parents are more concerned that there kids got caught in the act, and that most likely they will have to deal with CRIMINAL AND PROPERTY DAMAGE CLAIMS against them. Dude you have nothing to worry about, first you have the freedom of speech on your side, second your just reporting CRIMAINAL MISCHIEF AND ASSAULT, third if those NEGLIGENT PARENTS sue, you can sue them back for defamation (pedophile,please)(so save that youtube video for evidence). The worst case scenario in a lawwsuit, the NEGLIGENT PARENTS will most likely lose in both CRIMINAL and CIVIL court due to the amount of evidence against them; and in the rare event you lose in CIVIL court, you can just declare bankruptcy and the parent don’t get nothing. The parents have more to lose in this scenario, the kids will end up with a criminal juvenile record, and the parents will most likely have to declare bankruptcy themselves when you win your defamation lawsuit, so nobody wins. Awesome.

  • Guest

    The people of Gerritsen Beach would like to believe that they are patriotic all Americans. But it was people like Dan Cavanaugh who founded this country, not the loudmouths in the video. Kudos to him for trying to better the community. And shame on the moderator of that meeting who let it get out of control by allowing two or three people dominate the meeting with repetition and accusations.

    What a mentality? They even started to attack the local paper and WPIX questioning who invited them to cover the meeting. What are you so afraid of, Gerritsen Beach? That others will see your stupidity? Too late now.

    • Eitan

      Someone once said: ‘Sunlight is the best disinfectant’ – surely applies here

  • Anonymous
  • Jeremy L

    Ok, to the folks of Gerritsen Beach. There’s this little thing called the Constitution of The United States. It sets the guidelines for a wonderful Republic. It garuntees us our rights even if they be offensive and unpopular. Our rights are not up for being voted away by the majority. If we were a democracy, then our rights could be voted away. But we are a republic, which is rule of law, not rule by the majority.

    Socondly, Many of the residents seem to be ignorant to the laws and rights of others. And ignorance is no excuse. You can not close a meeting to everyone else but property owners. Under the Open Meetings Act, these meetings are to be open to the entire public, even people who don’t live in the area. And as such, it is the right of any person to record open meetings. It goes back to that thing called the Constitution that some of you need to obviously read of our right to Press freedoms. Freedom of the press is an individual right. Anyone can be press. If The owner of the site wants to take pictures and report on things that he feels like, guess what, he has freedom to do so as the press. The woman who claims there is a lawsuit against him for taking pictures, you’re full of shit. The first amendment protects it, and there is no law against it, and there never will be.

    Third, when you are out in public, guess what, anyone can take a picture of you. Under the Constitution(there’s that word again) we have a first amendment right to document and take photos/video of anything that happens on a public street. Whether you like it or not. I think the mother needs to get a grip on reality. “Protecting the children” doesn’t grant you anything special over people to silence them. The children have no expectation in privacy when out in public. Don’t like it, keep them inside at all times where there is an expectation of privacy.

    To the idiot who thinks he should move just because you don’t like him taking pictures or don’t like his site or point of views, guess what, he doesn’t have to. If you don’t like him exercising his Constitution rights just because it offends you, I say too bad. If you don’t like freedoms of this country, what are you doing here? You stay here because you have rights, and guess what, those rights are granted to everyone, not by government, but they are granted by God at Birth. When they are not granted by government or you, you can’t take away his rights, you didn’t give them to him. So what makes you think you get to take it upon yourself to think you have a right to try and force him to leave the town?

    Lastly, the woman is just upset because someone caught her perfect little angels breaking the law and has evidence of it. Too bad, your perfect little angel is no angel. You blame the picture taker for ruining chances in life that your son might have had, I say this to you, your own child ruined his own chances in life he might have had when he made the self consious decision to break the law and commit acts of mayhem against others. Don’t go to a PUBLIC meeting and think that you get to impose your will on someone who is acting lawfully. You should be charged with child neglect for even allowing your children on facebook, for not knowing where they are and what they are doing, for being a horrible parent who can’t raise her children to know any better who admits to doing the same thing when you were younger as it some how justifies and makes it ok to break the law and try to punish someone who doesn’t break the law for bringing to light the little terrorists who could kill someone. Again, guess what, when he is out in public, he can take a picture of anyone or anything of any age, he doesn’t need parents permission for a right. A right is a right, not granted by a single person or a person at all. Don’t like it, tough.

    To Daniel Cavanagh,
    I applaud what you do. You are going out exercising your rights, even though you are threatened by others. If I may give a tip or two however, even though you are well in your rights to do what you do, it may help to give a little sometimes. I’m not saying you have to, but you may get more viewers to take you seriously if you make some compromises here and there. Maybe lean a little more towards educating people of the rights of others in a few articles. The Only way to overcome ignorance is through education. On the whole, I applaud what you are doing, weather I would happen to agree with you or not on issues. I haven’t read anything else in your site yet, but I will. I have had people blast me in the past and people would say they have no right to treat me that way, I tell those people, they do have a right, whether or not they offend me and I am angry by what they said, they did have a right to say it, it’s called freedom of Speech and it doesn’t just apply to my public criticism of Public Officials, but it applies to others rights who disagree with my points of view to criticize me. It may be hurtful sometimes, but I have to take the criticism and understand that others have a right to express themselves too. I am one of very few people I know who truely uphold the Principle of “I may not like what you have to say, but I will defend your right to say it” Keep doing what you do.

    Jeremy L
    [email protected]

    • Guest

      Great speech but just one question. What is the “Open Meetings Act”? I’ve heard of the Sunshine Law. Is that what you mean? I thought that only applies if you are accepting public funds. If these people are not accepting public funds, only membership dues, I think they may be allowed to hold their meetings in private. Who is correct? Does anyone know?

      • Lisanne!

        Ned previously analogized this using a group like the Knights of Columbus as an example. You are correct in that meetings would have to be open if a group accepted public funding. Otherwise it would be dependent on their by-laws. It was stated at the meeting that at one time participants would have to show membership to attend meetings. So if Dan was a member he could attend. However, if he was not, his application for membership could be refused on various grounds.

      • Jeremy L

        One of the Forum Leaders said it was a public meeting. Private people can’t just come together and impose a non government will of majority over someone else either. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land, we are a republic which goes off the rule of law. So a majority couldn’t vote away a minorities right.

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  • Jebj1

    “My son’s a good boy”!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah – while he threw eggs, rocks and potatoes. I can smell the scotch coming off her breath thru the computer.

    • Anonymous

      I think mine just performed an illegal operation after I played just one segment.

  • Knows Lines

    They should execute that worthless CUNT who can’t keep her mouth shut. This is why stupid cunts should not be allowed to speak in public. Also that fucking faggot retard yapping nonsense needs to be bitchslapped in his vagina. If you had any common sense, you would be parenting your kids better you fucking retards.

    • Anonymous

      You’re being a little harsh to all the C**nts in the world. She gives them a bad name.

  • Anonymous

    This will certainly put Sheepshead Bites on the Map. This story is going to be adapted by Neil Simon for an upcoming Broadway Musical. “Oh Gerritsen!”
    I predict Tony Awards and a guest spot for the blond crackhead on American Idol.

    It’s so phenomenal that even Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is planning on inviting these die hard residents of GB to become citizens of his beloved country. With the hammers and rocks these people are dear to his heart.

    • Ned Berke

      1) Sheepshead Bites is already on the map, buddy.

      2) This is’s story. Please don’t throw any credit (or punches) my way.

      • Anonymous

        Ned, I do believe you would take credit where credit can be taken anytime. I wouldn’t blame you though. It only comes natural.

        Sheepshead Bay is certainly on the map for sure last time I checked pal.

  • Subwayfiend84

    Gerritsen Beach is a “minority” neighborhood today in what as recently as the 1970s would have been a whole chain of neighborhoods across central and southern Brooklyn from East Flatbush to Bay Ridge and Canarsie to Sheepshead Bay all of which were similar in their social (blue collar,middle class, conservative-liberal) and ethnic (German, Irish, Italian, Polish, Scandinavian) compositions.

    Community pride was extremely strong and civic associations dominated all these communities gradually these neighborhoods “changed” largely as a result of new and different groups beginning to purchase homes and the relentless efforts of unscrupulous realtors capitalizing on what is essentially blockbusting.

    Amazingly Gerritsen Beach has managed to avoid much of this change that has changed every community that borders it in the past decade or longer. While Gerritsen Beach has never had the nicest reputation of many Brooklyn neighborhoods and it’s housing stock is not as desirable as that of other communities the pride in the neighborhood and the camaraderie cannot be denied.

    While clearly the parents have shown blind ignorance in their handling of this and Mr. Cavanaugh is trying to create a community newspaper and forum online linking the personal facebook pages to his “community” facebook page and blog is clearly in very poor taste even though without a doubt these kids displayed unbelievable destructive and idiotic behavior. While I do not believe in vilifying Mr. Cavanaugh in the way many others are reacting to this situation this situation is clearly a catch-22 for all involved.

    So it goes in the online and readily accessible world that we live in today.

    • Lisanne!

      Cameradie? They eat their own in Gerritsen.

      As far as the current situation goes it appears you have not examined the facts closely enough. Perhaps as a mere observer that would be difficult. Believe me, there was nothing at all suspect about what Dan Cavanagh (no “u”) did.

  • Beach Resident

    Joe DiSimone …was his kid involved? Did anyone take a picture of his son. Joe get a life or at the very least get a clue. The majority of beach residents support what Danny does. If he outted any of my kids I would have marched them up to the meeting and had them apologize publically to the community. No blame Danny. A child has more of a chance getting into Xavier by showing good character. I hope Renee took down his facebook not as a punishment but as a life lesson. He can continue to communicate with his friends and cousins via email.

    • Death

      Yea…. i dunno about that kids are pretty effin Sneaky now a days… if it’s not Facebook, It’s Myspace, if it’s not MYspace it’s some stupid website that has fighting video’s….

      The problem is that these “Parents” Don’t have any Security over their kids computers, you know how some parents put a Block on the porn channel on your cable box, Well it’s something like that, except when a parent leaves the internet alone that defeats the whole purpose of blocking the porn channel…. Since there is faaaaaaaaaaar more Free porn on the net. But aside from that…

      They have programs that are Security codes parents can put in to block up specific sites. for example. , their tool is excellent, it’s like having a big master password and only allowing them to use the computer for Specific’s.


  • Anonymous

    I tell you what. If my kid was caught in a mob like this, I would be at the property owner’s meeting apologizing for the destruction to property and persons that my kid helped cause. I wouldn’t be there to shoot the messenger.

  • Anonymous

    your community apparently /is/ garbage. listen to yourself.
    this is a situation of intelligence (Danny Cavanaugh) vs. loud mouths ignorants.

    “you never said anything about it to me”
    the bottom line is, he shouldn’t /have/ to go to the parents individually to teach them how to parent their children.

    the loud mouth woman that is defending her kid needs to grow up herself.

    “this is unfair” fuck off. life isn’t “fair” and no one owes you anything. take personal responsibility for yourselves.

    good for you Danny, keep it up.

  • Anonymous

    nothing but fucking excuses from this woman.



  • An NYC parent

    Man, what an absolutely crazy lady to say that she used to do this vandalism when she was a teenager herself. I pity her kids to have her as a mother. They will grow up to be irresponsible adults and lousy parents themselves. And so the cycle continues…

    What a brave guy Daniel Cavanagh is to do this. They should be thanking him for alerting them. With attitudes like they demonstrated, they could easily get shot if they approached the wrong person. Plus, they have no moral compass and empathy for others.

    The younger kids might be taught to respect others but the older ones? They probably will drop out of high school and smoke pot in their parents’ basement for the next decade or so.

    • Guest

      Used to do it as a kid? She said she still does it now on Halloween!. Said she didn’t condone throwing rocks or potatoes but she thought throwing eggs were harmless. Tell that to the guy who said he had a friend who was blinded 20 years ago after the eggshell cut his eye.

  • KB

    This is ridiculous. This guy is reporting on kids vandalizing the neighborhood and their parents are pissed off and threatening him. He should be protected by the police. Those parents are the real threat.

    • Cheersfan213

      I agree one hundred percent. I was born and raised in Gerritsen Beach; my whole family was. But I have never seen as big of a consortium of ignorance as I have just witnessed in this video. My family has always been very involved in the community, which is in general one of the best in Brooklyn. However, lately, the moral fiber is all but gone. I guess the same argument can be made for any community. Parents look the other way while their kids go out and harass other community members and vandalize their houses and property. Ironic that this is taking place at the Property Owners’ meeting… a majority of those at this meeting didn’t even seem to care about their fellow neighbors’ property being vandalized… they cared about covering up for their felon-in-the-making’s irresponsible actions. So much for the “we watch each others backs here” defense. Like I said, I was born and raised in this community and in fact I grew up around many of these people. Unfortunately, ignorance is bliss for a growing proportion of this community. Thankfully my family has remained untainted by this epidemic but it’s scary to watch such a large percentage of my community let their kids, some people who used to be MY friends, grow up so screwed up. In regards to the legality of all this, as far as I know, Danny hasn’t violated any law that I have ever heard of: only the number one rule of the Beach Rats club: Don’t ask, don’t tell. Danny is a reporter who is just doing what he has a passion for: bettering his community! Actually accusing someone of being a child molester is not only a cop-out because you have no real charges against him not to mention slanderous. Kids are growing up without any moral compass in these increasingly desensitizing times… not just in my hometown, but everywhere. If the real issues aren’t dealt with soon… namely stopping these kids now before they end up killing people because of their thoughtless actions… and if Danny isn’t given a break for being GB’s punching bag, this downward spiral will continue until GB’s chances of being a family friendly, positive community are tarnished forever. We’re already morally depleted enough!

  • T Wheelbarrow

    If you had any common sense, you would be parenting your kids better you fucking retards.

  • Lauren

    Oh, my goodness. What trashy people. How embarrassing for them. They are obviously raising their children to be trash, too. Plus, you can’t just call someone a pedophile with no evidence.

  • Gerxavier

    Tha parents are wrong. They know their children did what they did. The “Step-mother” said she did worse in the 1980′s. Especially the loud mouth father and mother should move out of the “Beach.” if they do not like what happens in the community. Let him start another 55 years elsewhere.

  • indigenous

    I didn’t know Dee Snider lived in Gerritsen Beach! Cool!

  • TheWWW

    are you people serious? your children attack fellow citizens, a bus, and a police car and you defend them as being setup?? how clueless are you? why dont you try parenting instead of blaming someone else for your lack of oversight? oh and btw you are all over the internet making asses of yourselves!!

  • The Gerritsen Beach Gazer

    Boy, I think those rumors of in-breeding in Gerritsen Beach may be true as exemplified by that androgynous nutjob at the beginning of this video. Plus he/she/whatever has a really annoying voice.

  • The Scorned Scholar

    I always said that Gerritsen Beach would make an excellent MOAB testing site. It’s already populated with dummies, so we can save a lot of tax dollars on test dummies. By the way, is this dude who took pictures of punks amok black? In Gerritsen Beach that in itself is considered a crime. I can’t believe these people! They want to censor a website? Their punk kids are innocent angels? I thought working-class royalty was a contradiction in terms! What I see is a bunch of semi-literate jerks ranting and raving about pedophiles, wanna-be priests, kids in other neighborhood, kids in the nearby projects, and just about anything else that is irrelevant to the real problem: that a bunch of out-of-control neighborhood punks caused damage to public and private property, menaced and injured innocent people, boasted about their crimes on their Facebook pages (making them candidates as future featured attractions on “World’s Dumbest Criminals”), and brought further shame on a shameless community populated by stereotypical white trailer trash who live in houses rather than trailers. Here, ladies and gentlemen, is a primary example why Gerritsen Beach may someday be fascinating as a subject in a sociological dissertation about dysfunctional communities. But for now, they make for some great unintentional comedy!

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  • j.p.zenger

    Dear Dan

    I admire your courage.

  • Colorado Man

    I lived in Gerritsen Beach for many years.Things like this were common.The Residents and parents like to hush it up.The fact remains these parents need to teach thier children to respect other peoples property. Trailer trash is a bit higher on the tree than these Beachers.

  • Elmo33

    Typical behavior.When I lived in Gerritsen Beach (Brooklyns Trailer Park) Shit like this was common. Police responce Forget it.Many of these Low class scum bags are Children of Cops and Firemen. They are taught from a young age that they can get away with this type of White Trash Behavior. Tell ya what F-K Em all,Let them live in their cess pool and act like this all they want as long as I don’t have to live in that shit hole anymore.

  • J.P. Zenger

    Pedophilia is a most interesting and serious charge. In Medieval times,(Just a few years this was the blackmail used against Homosexuals.) The person using the term should be sued or prosecuted for defamation of character. Actually, in retrospect, the entire population of the Beach should be prosecuted for Liable, hampering a criminal investigation and threats of physical violence against Cavanaugh. But we know that that is not going to happen. The PBA would never tolerate it.

    For those who are so busy protecting “The Beach,” including “Our News”, your own behavior is inappropriate. These Blogs are read by major news outlets. The world knows. You are a Joke.

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  • houseboat

    THE people on this site are just as intellectual as