We’ve been peppered with questions these last few months about that empty NYPD scooter on Sheepshead Bay Road, in front of the Bally’s Total Fitness (1720 Sheepshead Bay Road). Everyone wants to know why it’s there.

Well, we finally got around to asking officials about the so-called “dummy” scooter. A police source tells Sheepshead Bites that the gym has seen a spate of grand larceny incidents throughout 2010. Someone, the source said, has been breaking into lockers and stealing wallets and other personal property.

To combat the threat, officers parked the empty scooter in front of the gym several months ago as a deterrent, and, in combination with a few other things they’re doing, it seems the sneaky stealer has gone into hiding; the incident rate has gone down.

That’s one mystery solved. Go Sheepshead Bites!

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  • http://www.flickr.com/knightmare6 Knightmare6

    Hope the thief doesn’t see this post then…

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/lisanne001 Lisanne!

      I was thinking that myself. But the police did provide the information, so I assume they know what they are doing.

      • Brightonresident

        Never assume…

  • BrooklynBus

    Breaking into lockers at Bally’s is nothing new. It’s been going on for years. Glad the police are trying something. A few years ago I heard that there was a least one break-in a day, sometimes five or six in one day. It’s a real problem even with security cameras which are not allowed inside the locker rooms for obvious reasons.

    • Anonymous

      for what reasons? they dont want to see saggy old balls ganging down from those old farts that walk naked like there is no tomorrow inside the locker room? Shame!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CIXKMWVRUVBKQ4CT75NB5BAEBU Death

        Why is that shame? they like 70 LOL they don’t give a toot!

        • Anonymous

          who old farts with saggy balls?

          • nolastname


  • Anonymous

    lol “To combat the threat” hahahaahahah OMG

  • Allen

    Is this the same reason why they had one of these parked at the playground on Ave V and E 14th a while back? I swear I saw it parked at the same spot for over a week.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CIXKMWVRUVBKQ4CT75NB5BAEBU Death

    Here’s an idea people, Right near the lockers there are smaller sized lockers for your Personal stuff, IE: Cellphone, Wallet, Car Keys etc. it costs a 25c and there is a big ass camera overlooking the area so no one can bust the locks!

    As for the other thing, there are people in the locker every time how these people get away with it is beyond me.

  • Bigbird

    Did anyone find out how Commerce Bank was able to get NYPD to patrol their banks around the city? There is a cop in every single Commerce Bank location I have visited. And the electronics section of Target on Atlantic Ave also has an officier. How are these commerical businesses able to hire security that are paid by tax payer’s money?

    • http://www.flickr.com/knightmare6 Knightmare6

      Usually the cops are off-duty, and are paid by the businesses using them through a special program offered to businessed by the NYPD

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CIXKMWVRUVBKQ4CT75NB5BAEBU Death

        Also you forgot to mention, they are working on OT = OverTime.

        • Animo916

          They are off duty. They are not working on overtime. They are being paid separately by TD Bank, through the special program offered by the NYPD, and that is why they are in uniform. It’s like legalized moonlighting.

    • J.P. Zenger

      The cop is on the payroll of the Bank. Perhaps that is an example for Bally’s

  • Faba

    Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

  • Rygirls

    The criminals just moved a few blocks over and break into cars instead. 2 cars on my lock were broken into, ransacked, stuff stolen (they even took a stroller).

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CIXKMWVRUVBKQ4CT75NB5BAEBU Death

      something tells me, these arn’t your typical Crackheads.

  • Granthefotto

    don’t worry they have plainclothes officer’s there. And some off duty cops go there to workout

  • nolastname

    Oh, so can we put a dummy vehicle every couple of blocks? It seems to work more effectively than an actual police presence.

  • brooklynTheCityOfLove

    If your stuff gets stolen from Bally’s locker.

    Is Bally’s responsible for paying you?

    Does Bally’s have insurance for stolen property at the club?

    Does anyone know if you can sue ballys AND GET PAID, if your stuff gets stolen from the locker room?

    • BrooklynBus

      I believe I’ve seen signs stating that anything put in the lockers are put in at your own risk. They may be responsible for the lockers you deposit 25 cents into. Similar to when you check your coat somewhere. If the coat check is free, you assume the risk, but if they charge you, they must assume the risk.

    • Rygirls

      Dont know about mens locker room, but in the ladies locker room, every locker has a sticker that states something among the lines of Ballys not being responsible for any valuables left in lockers.

    • i hate sheepshead ballys.

      no cause they post a sign that says they arent responsbile or something and with that sign alone they clear themsleves of anything blamed on them.

      • nolastname

        I think a good lawyer would find probable cause and lack of proper
        security a profitable suit. This has been going on for a period of
        time and should have had effective measurements in tact.

    • J.P. Zenger

      Bally’s has a sign posted that they art not responsible for personal items in lockers. A cop would be handy. I don’t know if the sign has any real legal value at all.

      As a kid, I had a coat stolen on new years eve at a restaurant, my parents sued, but the restaurant was very politically powerful, including the Judge. You know the verdict.

    • brooklynTheCityOfLove

      For example, seen signs posted at parking garages that “we are not responsible” .. BUT, WHEN IT COMES TO COURT, THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE IF THEY DAMAGE YOUR PROPERTY…


  • J.P. Zenger

    And I thought that the Police were just wasting time and equipment. I once knocked on the door of a Command Unit Truck parked on Nostrand Ave. The truck was empty. A cop driving by told me that it was a police deterrant.

    Some 6 months ago, I watched a police car passing by on Ave. V, one of the residents of the Projects told me that it wasn’t a cop inside, an auxiliary cop trying to care off the drug dealers. I didn’t believe it until I saw the “cop” again on Nostrand Ave, An Aux cop.

    Just how stupid do the cops think the public is?

  • brooklynTheCityOfLove

    I would have set up a STING OPERATION…

    All this is doing is getting the CRIMINAL to a different place to steal…

    I would have stationed undercover to CATCH THE PERSON and PROSECUTE him/her/them…

    Probably the same CRIMINAL is stealing from other places in the same community/neighborhood..

  • Guest

    Now, if only they could assign someone to issue parking tickets for all those illegally parked cars on Sheepshead Bay Rd!

    • nolastname

      And the drivers that think a cleared crosswalk is a parking space.

  • ArnietheK

    I’m also wondering why one or more empty UPS truck are often parked by Bally’s for extended periods. Are the drivers in the gym working out while UPS customers, myself included, wait all day for deliveries?

  • Elananovo

    There was a problem inside Bally’s as well, there were uniformed officers and detectives inside last night. They blocked off the men’ locker room for over an hour, noone in or out. Anyone know what that;s about?

  • Brooklynsweet

    a its a cover up that police scooter has been there for two years. he must be stoping in at his girl friends apt on his lunch hour .they are milking the system

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