Photo from a Staten Island Weekend Walk (Source: NYCDOT/Flickr)

Sheepshead Bay Road will be transformed into a plaza full of outdoor cafes, kids activities and interactive, family-fun programming on Sunday, June 1, as the corridor becomes the latest participant of the Department of Transportation’s Weekend Walks series.

Initiated by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and the burgeoning Sheepshead merchant’s association, the program sees the DOT partner with neighborhood organizations – in our case, Empower Sheepshead, Kings Bay Y, Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz and Sheepshead Bites – to produce a multi-block festival highlighting the area’s businesses and scenic waterfront.

The street will be closed to vehicular traffic and buses rerouted from East 15th Street to Emmons Avenue, as local eateries and shops extend their storefronts to the curb. There will be loads of kids activities on the asphalt – we’ve already lined up several through the Kings Bay Y as well as Sheepshead Bay Road’s Brainy Academy, who may have some hands-on Lego robotic displays – and more are on the way. There will be a curbside beer garden operated by Wheeler’s (and possibly other watering holes on the strip), and interactive exhibits from area cultural institutions are also in the works, as is a bevy of artwork and live music.

The event has yet to be named, although organizers are mulling the “Sheepshead Summer Stroll.” Suggestions made here in the comments and via our social media accounts will be considered.

Business owners, interested residents and organizations can get involved by attending an information session this coming Monday, May 5, at 11 a.m. at Wheeler’s Restaurant (1705 Sheepshead Bay Road). There, we’ll be hammering out more details on the programming, so if you’ve got a great idea for a street-side activity make sure you attend. (Note: there is absolutely no cost to business owners to get involved!)

And don’t forget: there’s also BayFest 2014 coming on May 18 on Emmons Avenue. Two awesome street fairs spotlighting the businesses, organizations and waterfront that bring our neighborhood to life!

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  • JW

    I hope a bunch of the litter gets cleaned up for this event. Sheepshead Bay Road is not a place I like to spend my time, generally, because it’s pretty gross.

    • Ned Berke

      At a meeting where the event was first discussed with local stakeholders, I said this shouldn’t be done unless the street gets a power washing beforehand. And that even if the ONLY thing that happens for the event is a power washing, it’d be worth it. CB15 Chair Theresa Scavo agreed, and made the phone calls that will make it happen. She has reported back that there is one scheduled before the date. Hooray!

  • sBayRoad

    this is the opposite of the usual situation on Sheepshead Bay Road, whereby cars come right up on the sidewalk and park, and show impatience with me if I am not fast enough to get out of the way.

  • Nooneneedscars

    Why even have cars anymore? Close all of NY to cars and trucks!

    • Misha

      Well said young man. Let us all bash in the fancy cars of these RUSSIANS.

    • guest


      • burncarsnow

        You hate-filled greedy environment destroying Republican, Conservative TEA Party Republican environment raping, greed filled, subjugater of minorities and women, NRA gun lunatic, racist, bigot, KKK member, 1%er, selfish, bankster, imperialist, colonial, earth killing, mother gaia raping, homosexual hating, white racist, car driving lunatic! How dare you not want all cars and trucks removed from NY forever! You support the traffic violence that kills children and old people, you support the environment catastrophe, the discriminatory asthma rates of minority children who are forced to breather car exhaust and are murdered by car pollution. You evil hate filled racist!

  • Igor

    Can’t wait to sit in traffic attempting to get off the Coney Island Ave Exit. You think Voorhies Ave traffic is bad now? They might as well close off Voorhies Ave for the “festival” as well… this is going to be chaos.

    They better plan for an effective detour, and not just a detour that will leave all the motorists wanting to make their own roads to avoid chaos.

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