Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz and representatives from several prominent Jewish organizations are hosting the Brooklyn Unites for Israel Rally and Concert torrow at 6 p.m. at Asser Levy Park (Ocean Parkway and Surf Avenue).

The pol’s office said they expect thousands to attend. Sponsors include the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York (JCRC-NY), the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Zionist Organization of America, American Forum of Russian-Speaking Jewry, the Kings Bay Y, RAJE, The Jewish Press, Emunah of America, DaNu Radio (87.7FM & 105.1FM HD2), COJO of Bensonhurst, the Jewish Community Council of Canarsie, American Friends of Ateret Cohanim, and the Coalition for Israel.

Entertainment will be provided by Benny Elbaz, Gershon Veroba, Sandy Shmueli and more.

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  • Just Wondering

    Why is this Wednesday: Rally and Concert for Brooklyn-Israeli Solidarity at Asser-Levy Park OK to have the noise? but it is not OK to have the Summer concerts at the same location Thursday nights, which is also not the Sabbath?

    • jw

      It has nothing to do with sabbath, it has to do with when services or religious study is in session. This one will end before evening services begin, where the other ones where held DURING evening services in violation of the law. Go back and do your research.

      • Brooklyn Bus

        Markwitz’s concerts were from 8 until 10:30 or 11. This one was from 6PM to 8:45 PM. How could it not interfere with religious services?

        We all know religious services was jus an excuse for a lawsuit and not the real issue which was they didn’t want an amphitheater which was inappropriate for this location and that was their way of getting back at Markowitz.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Israel.

    • http://www.mybrooklyn.com/ MyBrooklyn

      You go to hell punk…..

    • ArnietheK

      Why is such offensive language tolerated by the moderator? Why isn’t this post taken down?

      • http://www.mybrooklyn.com/ MyBrooklyn

        because anti-semitism is cool nowadays…..it was always popular but in recent years its gaining popularity

        • Alex

          I wonder why so many people hate Jews. Now and in the past.
          There has to be a reason for that.

          • Waldo Pepper

            Jealousy and fear. Do you need a further explanation?

          • I’ll call you Ishmal

            Well, it depends who you ask.

    • Master, Captain, Papa Ned

      Where is OFFICER NED.
      If Someone said Fuck Muslims, Ned would delete the comment and call police.

      Where is Master Ned?

      Does everyone recall when the Mosque topic on Vorrhies Ave was hot and Ned would baby sit everyone not to say negative things.

      Negative NED is ok with negative comments against Jews, But, he is not ok if the same thing is said about Muslims.

      • cabbie

        Officer Ned $old out (remember?) – now he is Meter Maid Ned !

      • Alex

        Quit whining already, man.
        Are we in 2nd grade? Seriously

    • doobieman

      Go fuck yourself you anti semite scumbag,why don’t you sign your name what are you afraid of? who do you bow down to?

    • Call me Ishmal

      Nice. Have you considered a move to perhaps Iran?

  • doobieman

    Why don’t all these Islamic terrorist groups strap on a dynamite belt go into the desert blow themselves up & wait for eternity for paradise & some virgins,All those loony mullahs they sure know what happens when you die, don’t they, Baa Baa.

  • jw

    People! Look at what you are saying! Don’t you see what is happening? All these rallies do is bring out the worst in people and polarize people. The politicians only add to this by sucking up to every little special interest. They should be called on their shit. If we can’t even live side by side in NYC, how can they expect a rally to make things better half a world away? This is Brooklyn NY USA. We all live here and we’d better learn to tolerate each other.

  • tom

    What about that loud bomb horn every fri day at sundown ,amped equ no respect

    • James

      And what about the constant and periodic bomb horn sounding in Israel daily? If you can’t deal with one muted horn once a week how do you think Israelis deal with living with it morning, noon, and night for years and years? Shame on you you biased and ignorant fool. The comfort and state of safety you have is yearned by Israelis living under the constant threat of terrorist attacks. The same way your face is hidden online, so too it must be in real life for you are a selfish and cruel person. And I hope no one in need should ever cross your path or require your help.

  • Alex

    BTW, it has not finished by the time services started.