CBS affiliates around the nation are holding “Most Valuable Blogger” competitions in their local markets, and Sheepshead Bites has found itself a finalist in New York’s Local Affairs category!

We’re not sure who nominated us, and we only found out from another contender that we were in it, but we sure do appreciate the recognition. And making the cut to be a finalist is a pretty big honor as is…

Aww, who are we kiddin’? We want to win!

Let’s show these other bloggers who’s boss and vote the hell out of this contest, Biters. You can vote up to once per day per category, meaning you can check back in tomorrow and vote again (and the day after that, and the day after that…). Then share that link with your friends and tell them to do the same.

Winning this contest will be another reminder to the city media that Sheepshead Bay has a voice, so let’s dominate.

And, hey, if we win we’ll have a party or somethin’.


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  • Mike

    You got it. Good luck!

  • superhero

    why is the link only towards sheepsheadbites? what if i wanted to vote for other sites and see the competition. 

    • Anonymous

      Sheepshead Bites has no competition.

      Just like Chuck Norris has no Chin, Just another Fist.

    • ES

      This is a for real question?

    • bagels

      After you vote for ”Sheepshead Bites” you can Click on “Back to Category” to see the competition

      • superhero

        i dont want to vote for sheepsheadbites though! 

      • superhero

        i dont want to vote for sheepsheadbites though! 

  • Georgia

    Sheepsheadbites the best 

  • Anonymous

    x2′d that shiznit 😀

  • LesterK

    Did anyone feel the ground shake? Or was it just me

  • Viv

    You should try and get a listing on NY Mag, that would really  help you out. I have been following City Maps and once they were mentioned there website started to blow up! I will be sure to vote for you!

  • Tinafg

    Did you win?  I couldn’t vote today so I assume the contest is over.

    • Allanb

      winners announced on the 16th