Put this one down as one of the dumbest tickets ever.

According to this video, an SUV parked on the corner of Nostrand Avenue and Avenue V was pushed into the crosswalk after a motorist slammed into the car behind it. The owner of the SUV was promptly issued a ticket for “blocking the crosswalk,” and after pleading his case, was told it was “too late” because the ticket was already written.

“If you saw an accident like this, wouldn’t you think something had to happen to this car, for it to be up on the sidewalk and almost smashed into a pole,” the vehicle’s owner says in the video. “COME ON! A little common sense!”

The owner of the car tried to explain the situation to the officer, only to be told it was “too late” because the ticket had already been written.

If you are one of the owners in the video, or know them, please put them in touch with Sheepsehad Bites. We’d just love to follow how this drama plays out in court.

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  • BayResident

    No words.
    Maybe there’s a lawyer that can chime in on this, but wouldn’t it seem justified that in a situation as crazy as this the owners of the car should be compensated for the time it will take them to fight the ticket? They’ll obviously be able to fight it off, but I would be outraged to have my time wasted by a meter maid with her head up her ass.

  • Nowaynohow

    Another Hateful Minority working for the City

  • JoeyStalin

    Yep, the “Floaters” usually come in with the tide. The nice hispanic lads begin toking on their funny cigarettes and relieving themselves on the trees. Then come the nice Eastern Europeans who turn the Bay into their ghetto, snorting lines of coke off of their Mercedes Benz dashboards while arguing and hitting their morally challenged girlfriends. It truly is “picturesque”. 

    • BayResident

      But on a side note, that was beautifuly written.

      • ShadowLock

         aww i missed a beautiful comment! 🙁

  • Kool4Coney

    vulture traffic cop saw an opportunity to write a ticket to fill his (her?) quota and wrote it… it will be dismissed just like the wrongfully issued ticket I got on emmons ave for an “expired meter” that had 21 minutes of paid for parking time left when I returned to my car.  Traffic cop thought because I was parked at one of the last remaining COIN meters in the neighborhood I could (or would not) contest the ticket… guess he never heard of TIME STAMPED cell phone pictures!  my ticket was dismissed and the cause of the dismissal ‘time left on meter’ and this one will be too  BUT I hope, like we did, this person demands an investigation into that ticket… this is clear harrassment and part of the ongoing quota ticket problem in NYC

    • ShadowLock

      this is like the bullshit with the Metrocard shit.

  • Abc

    the dumnass officer should be forced to pay that ticket out of his own pocket if he is so stupid to write a ticket at a car accident. 

    • BrooklynBus

      An Academy bus once knocked my mirror off.  I had to chase the bus for three blocks.  When I caught him, I stopped in front of him about ten feet from the sidewalk and put on my blinkers.  I walked over to exchange licenses and resgistration and when I came back to my car, there was a parking ticket on it for not throwing money in the meter, when the car was clearly in the middle of the street, not at the meter.  It was dismissed because I had a nice judge.  With some of them, there is nothing you can tell them to find you not guilty.  Their reappointments are determined by how many they find guilty, which is a conflict of interests in the first place.

  • MyBrooklyn

    Screw these bastards…wasting our time, robbing us and just because they can do whatever hell they want to do

  • http://twitter.com/nicktherat Nick the Rat

    This is like giving Jews that were set on fire in Germany during WW2 tickets for smoking in public. I always new the police were Nazis!

    • Thatguy

      im jewish…. thats fucked up… but made me laugh as well

  • Fnordoom

    meanwhile wearing that shirt with that gut and those arms is perfectly legal, unbelievable

  • Barkingspider07

    The car owner asked a 61 cop to use common sense?  ROTFLMFAO!!!  None of them have any book sense or common sense – all a bunch of dumb asses.  I feel sorry for this poor guy because the 61 cops wrote a fraudulent ticket for me last year, and I’m still waiting to hear something, because I refused to pay it.  The city needs money, and the cops in our precinct are way too happy to help out with this. 

  • http://www.brucebrodinsky.com Bruce B

    I think it’s like a power trip, the cop in question just wanted to do the power thing. I can give a ticket, so I will give a ticket, nothing you can do about it.

       Second dumbest ticket I heard in Brooklyn. Guy parked a car. While gone, they install a parking meter. The concrete is still wet, from being new. Cop comes along, gives ticket. I don’t know if this story is true, someone told me about it, but watch out for new parking meters!

  • winson

    does the car have any notable damage? It is the only way to prove the car got involved in the accident.

  • Trafficgod

    traffic agents are a grade below monkeys in terms of intelligence. do u expect them to reason properly? just pay the ticket so that they can remain in society as idiots.

    • thad2829

       Just to clarify, it wasn’t a traffic agent that issued the ticket, it was a police officer.  There is a difference.

    • BrooklynBus

      You shouldn’t make generalizations like that.  I dislike them as well generally, but they are not all dumb.  A few years ago I was about to leave my car at 10:28 AM.  The sign said “No Parking until 10:30.  Just as I got out, I saw a traffic agent walking down the street, so I waited the 2 minutes.  We both went into the nursing home across the street.  She started talking to me once we were inside and asked me if I walked back to my car because I saw her.  I said I didn’t want a ticket for two minutes.  She said she would never give anyone a ticket for two minutes so I told her a story about someone who got a ticket for an expired meter when there were five minutes left and another incident I witnessed where an agent gave a ticket for someone standing at a bus stop before the car even came to a complete stop.  That she ordered the car to stop so she could get a picture of the registration for a summons and was actually running alongside the car.   She thought that was horrible, and told me she was on the job for 15 years and never had a confrontation with anyone over a ticket.  I complimented her and said that she must be fair and doing her job right, because people only fight with and attack agents who are being unfair.

    • nolastname

      The way I see it monkeys are more intelligent/considerate/territorial clean than half the people walking Sheepshead Bay. So what’s your point?

  • jacle


  • mehhh

    If there was no damage to the rear of the truck,I see none and they would of filmed if it was bad then I to would of written them that ticket.She saw a truck parked retarded,wrote a ticket,who thinks OHHH SOMEONE PROB PUSHED IT 4 FEET.Show us the bumper!

    • levp

      I agree.

      If there is a police report of an accident (with date and time close enough to the date and time on the ticket), the ticket would likely be dismissed at the plea-by-mail hearing.
      Any witnesses? Sworn affidavit(s) would help, too.

      None of the above? Then I’d say he is pulling our collective leg.

    • nolastname

      I also thought it was filmed it 2 separate segments. Good looking out.


    WOW, that is some revolting stupidity in part of the Traffic Agent.
    I feel sorry for the mother who gave birth to him.

    • Subway Stinker

      Go back, read the story and look at the photos. The ticket writing knucklehead was a police officer not a traffic agent. I feel sorry for your mother who never taught you to think for yourself.

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