Lamborghini Aventador Crash in Brooklin Splits Car in Half


mapA frustrated Mill Basin resident has started a petition to add stop signs on a residential block after the latest in a series of accidents left at least one man injured and a $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador split in two on Saturday.

The accident occurred at East 66th Street and Gaylord Drive North, when a speeding white Lamborghini and a four-door sedan collided as the sedan turned to enter a driveway. The Lamborghini veered off, hitting a utility pole, and ripping into two parts, one of which was sent barreling 30 feet away into a neighbor’s fence.

The neighbor caught the collision on his security video, which you can see below:

The condition of the Lamborghini driver and any potential passengers remains unknown at this time. The driver of the sedan was hospitalized but is expected to recover, according to a post on Instagram by his sister:

I’m so thankful that my brother is alive and well after this tragic accident he had tonight. He was hit by a Lamborghini doing 100mph. The Lamborghini hit him then spun out into a tree and split in half and my brother was hospitalized he’s lucky to be alive right now after something like this. I thank God he’s ok

She also posted more photos of the wreckage, which you can see at the end of this post.

The neighbor who recorded the video, Michael Yuryev, said this kind of accident is becoming typical in the community.

“It seems to be a major problem that cars race down E66th st all the time because last year, another accident happened on the same corner and hit a Electric pole,” Yuryev wrote to Sheepshead Bites. “The most disturbing fact is that MANY of these individuals who race down e66th are Mill Basin Residents and I have seen the same cars racing/speeding and parked in people’s driveways and garages.”

To make the community safer, Yuryev suggests adding stop signs or speed bumps throughout the neighborhood, which would help reclaim the streets from would-be drag racers. Yuryev has sent a letter to Assemblyman Alan Maisel and Councilman Lew Fidler requesting the change, and has also kicked off an online petition.

“Remember, it is only a matter of time before someone gets injured or killed by another reckless driver speeding down our neighborhood where our loved ones and friends walk up and down everyday,” Yuryev writes in the petition.

Here’s some photos Yuryev took at the scene:



And one from the sister of the driver of the sedan:

Source: _blondiieee__/Instagram

Source: _blondiieee__/Instagram

The following were posted on Instagram, according to






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  • dan

    pretty sure its the black cars fault regardless the lambo was in plain sight regardless how fast he was goin!

    • Chicken Underwear

      MAYBE not. If a car is coming at you at 3 times the speed limit you might not be at fault because you could not judge how soon it will get to you.


      • Edward

        Re-watch the video, look at the street around them. The black sedan jumps over into the lambo’s lane when the lambo is no more than two car lengths away. He’d barely have avoided causing a crash if the lamborghini was a bicycle instead.

        • Chicken Underwear

          Maybe. We will probably never know who is found legally at fault.

          There will probably be a civil case that concludes when were are all driving hover cars.

        • DaveP326

          The problem is-and it’s not just here, it’s all over- is that many people do not drive defensively. You don’t try to beat out an oncoming car barreling towards you. You wait anlet him pass. They were both “wrong” but the Lambo was driving recklessly which is a crime in NY state.

      • gaby

        you’re an idiot you can clearly see that a car is approaching regardless os how fast it is going

        • Chicken Underwear

          You should be a Civil Court Judge

      • 1454

        There is no way in hades that the lambo was 3x the speed limit, even if the speed limit were 30. He might* have been doing 50, it’s the idiot driving the other car that should have been paying attn.

    • Maxwell Smart

      according to you the faster you go the least likely an accident is your fault

  • a good neighbor

    from the video looked like the driver of the other sedan did not wait before making a left turn. as much as speeding was to blame, the sedan did not exercise necessary precaution is at fault as well.

  • Malishhka

    It looks like the driver of the sedan is at fault as he didn’t yield to the incoming traffic. The speed of the Lamborghini is a different matter.

  • Reader

    What an asshole article, clearly supporting the retarded driver of the sedan. That Lamborghini was no where near 100 mph, 50-60 at MOST, nor was it pulling into a driveway.

    • Ned Berke

      Phew. I was really worried I wouldn’t get called an asshole before noon today. Just in the nick of time. Thanks.

      • Reader2

        Guess it’s like having a cup of coffee for you.

        • Ned Berke

          The best part of waking up…

          • asscup

            is asshole in your cup?

      • gaby

        if you don’t want to be called an asshole, don’t write biased articles

        • Ned Berke

          Pay attention. I said I did want to be called an asshole. It’s refreshing.

          • Rob

            well whatever you want to be called, you wrote a shitty article.

    • QzR

      i agree, that lambo was nowhere near 100mph in addition the sedan caused the accident. if the lambo was traveling 200 or more mph, there would have been no accident! that sedan should have to pay for that car

    • Me

      5- to 60 down a 25mph speed limit. Let just say this lambo was going the speed limit he would of had a chance to stop , but forget about all that, the lambo didnt even react no braking just went straight not even try to move out the sedans way JMO , maybe texting not paying attention. when driving a 400K car you should be aware at all times

      • me

        mean to say 50 to 60 not 5

      • 1454

        Are you joking? Did you watch the video? or are you just mad you can’t afford a 400k car? He braked and swerved to try and avoid the idiot in the black car who wasn’t paying attention. Maybe the lambo driver was speeding, but if he was, it was at most 15-20 over the speed limit. Not 2-3x the speed limit. The sister should have her head examined. Also, her brother was probably lying to save his own az$ and didn’t realize there was a CC cam watching the whole thing.

    • rja570

      If lambo was going 60, which looks slow based on the damage it incurred, it’s still travelling TWICE the speed limit on that street. Anyone who thinks the lambo isnt at fault needs their license revoked for not understanding the law. Speed kills and is the reason for 90% of auto accidents and 99% of auto deaths. You want to include drunk drivers too? I’m sure drunk drivers are speeding, they disregard the law anyway. End of story.

      • Ann

        Still missing or ignoring the point. They’re both idiots.

      • 1454

        Speed doesn’t kill you moron. ACCELERATION kills. And the lambo wasn’t doing 60. 24 frames/second, you could easily figure out how fast he was going. Someone on another site calculated it to be ~45 mph. So you need your license revoked for thinking the idiot in the black car had the right to just swerve in front of this guy. You’re probably the person that would do the same thing. In fact, you’re probably the idiot that swerved into me and is now sueing me.

        • SMNY

          Hmm, where did you get your degree in physics? Stupid U?
          For acceleration to kill the average person would need to be subjected to prolonged forces exceeding 5 G’s, or accelerating at speeds exceeding the speed of sound for an extended time.
          Acceleration doesn’t kill, it’s called deceleration trauma for a reason. It’s not the fall, it’s the sudden stop.

          • 1454

            Wow, you really are stupid. WTF do you think deceleration is? Is ACCELERATION in the negative direction. Where did you get your physics degree?

            Speed(velocity, which are actually two different things, but to the lay we will equate them) is m/s or ft/s, and is unchanging. ACCELERATION is the rate in which VELOCITY changes w.r.t time. So if you are going to call someone stupid, it is best you actually know what the fonk you are talking about. So again I will say, VELOCITY doesn’t kill anyone, ACCELERATION does.

            IE, F=ma(force=mass*ACCELERATION). Or you could say force or impulse kills you.


            So now that we have that cleared up, anything else you want to make yourself look stupid on?

          • SMNY

            Yes, you made me look oh so stupid. You can copy and paste, now if only you actually understood what you were reading…

            Wow, you can’t really be that dumb, can you? Really?

            Acceleration is the negative of deceleration, and night is the negative of day. That does not mean they are synonymous, or interchangeable. Acceleration and decelertation are two completely different forces.

            You just proved what a twit you are. Velocity, speed and acceleration are three totally different things. Velocity is the measure of speed at a particular instant, acceleration and deceleraton are the measure of changes in speed in the positive and negative. A positive change in speed will not kill you, a rapid negative change in speed won’t either, unless acted up by another force i.e. slamming into a wall (and that, by the way, it the proper use or i.e.)

            Furthermore, brainchild, acceleration DOES NOT KILL. Acceleration is merely an increase in speed, deceleration doesn’t kill either, but the trauma caused by a rapid decrease in speed due to the force of an impact with another object is what kills.

            By the way, proof that you understand nothing, the equation is F=ma, or Newton’s Second Law, means force applied on a body is directly proportional to mass of the body and accelaration produced in the body.

            And yes, I do have a degree in physics, and no, I won’t be your private professor.

            Think before you type…

          • 454

            Lol, you be my private professor. I just said they were all three different things you twit. Congratulations on your diploma from the University of Phoenix. Clearly your reading comprehension skills are about as good and your lack of knowledge of Science. It’s technically the force that kills or the force over time. Ie, impulse. Thanks for proving that you understand nothing. I don’t have to copy and paste anything because I know that by heart thanks to my engineering degree.

          • SMNY

            Nice backtracking there sweetheart. Holy crap, can you even keep track of what you’ve written? First it’s acceleration, which is just the negative of deceleration that kills you, now you’re repeating what I have said a dozen times, force, but saying it’s force over time or impulse. And yes, you said they were all three different forces. Good thing that your older posts are still above.
            Just wow.
            Your knowledge of physical sciences leaves so much to be desired, I wouldn’t even imagine that you passed high school physics. English obviously isn’t your first language either.
            Darn, you must be psychic, I went to the University of Phoenix. You are a wise one, aren’t you?
            I’m sorry, that little piece of paper that was included in your Lego Village building, that is not an engineering degree. But you should be proud of yourself. Really.
            Before you respond, get your story straight, think about what you are trying to say, do some research, and stop pretending you know, well, anything.

          • 1454

            My god you are stupid. Did you bother to read what I wrote to begin with? Your mass is CONSTANT, therefore the ONLY CHANGE is ACCELERATION. I’m not backtracking on anything you moron, I’ve said all along that ACCELERATION kills. If mass is constant then the only variable is ACCELERATION. Also, since you are so defensive about the UoP comment, I must be right. Good luck with that, I’m sure employers are just lining up to hitch their wagon to you. English is my first language, I just suck at it. Because I choose to do maths instead. Also, since impulse is a function of FORCE, and FORCE is a function of ACCELERATION, and clearly the only thing changing here is ACCELERATION, then ultimately what kills you is acceleration. OR to make you happy, DEceleration. I swear your parents must be proud of little johnny, because you are as dumb as a box of rocks.

          • 1454

            And just so there is no confusion in your simple mind, when I say acceleration is changing and it is the ONLY VARIABLE, I mean that in order to have a FORCE, acceleration MUST be >0. So by changing I mean increasing thereby causing a force, or force over time(impulse). So I really hope if you do have a physics degree, which I doubt, you aren’t using it for anything that affects the general public, as that would be scary.

          • 1454

            Serious question, do you seriously not know what acceleration is? DEceleration is just NEGATIVE acceleration. Look it up. Second, you say this:

            ” but the trauma caused by a rapid decrease in speed due to the force of an impact with another object is what kills.”

            A RAPID DECREASE IN SPEED(scalar quantity vs velocity which is a vector quantity.) IS ACCELERATION.

            Then you say: “DUE TO FORCE”

            So if mass is constant, then WTfonk creates the force you idiot? Seriously, since you have a physics degree, what is it? Trauma is caused by something, so what is it caused by if it isn’t force or impulse?


            Actually, a more accurate description would be that the different accelerations within your body, or your body within the car, that kill you.

            I guess PHD’s are wrong too


            I can build all the evidence in the world to prove that you are wrong, but you won’t hear it because you have put your fingers in your ears and sing lalalalalalalal like a child. Maybe you should think before you type.

          • SMNY

            I am not going to argue with you anymore. It is pointless. You know nothing about which you speak of.

            I will close this with a few simple equations:

            F s = 1/2 m v^2 (3)

            That is what kills you. If you bother to figure out what is there, you will see, there is no acceleration in that formula.


            F = 1/2 m v2 / s

            So what have we learned today, boys and girls?

            E = 1/2 m v2 (1)


            E = dynamic energy (joules)

            m = mass of the object (kg)

            v = velocity of the object (m/s)

            Work made by a impact force slowing down the object can be expressed as

            W = F s (2)


            W = work done (J)

            F = slow down force (N)

            s = slow down distance (m)

            In an impact like a car crash the dynamic energy from the object is converted to work. The equations can be combined as

            F s = 1/2 m v2 (3)

            or expressed as a function of the slow down distance

            F = 1/2 m v2 / s
            You’re too stupid to argue with, you try and turn my words around and attempt to phrase them differently claiming you said them, so have fun arguing with yourself. Good day to you sir.

          • 1454

            LOL, I have never changed my statement, It is you trying to play with the equations to make it fit your little temper tantrum above. I have said, and will always say, ACCELERATION kills. It is the force due to suddenly becoming stationary…..MEANING ACCELERATION. Mathematically speaking, deceleration is just acceleration in the OPPOSITE direction. You might want to get your money back on your degree, because clearly you were screwed. Back up, recoup and punt. It’s ok to admit you are wrong. I’ve provided like 4 links and two to PHD’s that back up what I say. You just can’t stand being wrong, which isn’t flattering. Thanks for trying though.

          • 1454

            Serious question, do you even know what the equations you posted here mean, or did you just find stuff that you thought might be relevant and hope nobody realized you were a fraud?

            I mean “slow down distance”? and work? I haven’t reworded anything, like I have said numerous times, acceleration is the only variable in the force that kills, so therefore it is acc that kills. I really am sorry that you have taken one physics class in high school and you magically think you know how physics works. But the fact that you posted this last statement proves that you haven’t had a clue all along. But hey, who I am to stop you from making yourself look foolish.

          • M. Smart

            same as E = mc2 or mass times the velocity of light squared (acceleration)

          • 1454

            velocity^2 is (m/s)^2=m^2/s^2. That’s not acceleration which is m/s^2. E is a joule(or MJ) which is kg*m^2/s^2.

          • M. Smart

            it is not acceleration in a negative direction its acceleration at a slower rate..direction remains the same

          • 1454

            acceleration w.r.t velocity, or negative acceleration. As a=dv/dt so if he was traveling at 50mph and comes to a rest 5 seconds later it would be (50-0)/((0-5)*(1hr/3600)s^2) since acceleration opposite to he velocity vector(theoretically) it would be negative. In this case you you would have to calc the x and y compnents of accel since there are many a vectors involved. Then you would have to calc the elasticity of the bodies too, but as a simplistic view I was just referring to the f=ma and a opposes motion so therefore a=-x

        • Rj

          There’s no way the Lamborghini was driving the speed limit- I’m sure that we can all agree on. If you’re driving, and see a car far away, not knowing at that moment it’s doing 100, or 75, or even 50, your judgement tells you it’s ok to turn. At that split second you look left to make sure all is clear. By the time you look back, it’s too late. Lamborghini has arrived. Anyone else driving 35 would not have arrived at the intersection yet. This is where speed is the problem. On a residential, or city street, there’s no place to go but on the sidewalk. If your mother is walking there and gets hit, you realize that SPEED kills. Then you realize speed kills when it happens to you. I never said the black car ever had the right to turn against traffic. If you put yourself in that black car, your judgement would have been impaired, just as that driver’s was, because of the lambo’s highly excessive, and illegal speed.

          • 1454

            Speed doesn’t kill, going from 50-0 over 1 second(IE acceleration) kills. Also, watching that video, he had plenty of time to realize that their was a car coming toward him and he just didn’t want to stop. He’s actually really lucky the driver of the lambo had the reaction and wherewithal to swerve or it would have been a head on collision, increasing the acceleration rate(or deceleration since some here can’t comprehend they are the same thing) thereby increasing the forces experienced by the body during impact. The kid should lose his license for being an idiot and trying to jump in front of the person with the right of way. As I said somewhere else here, someone analyzed the tape in another blog and said he was traveling about 45. So at 45 mph, albeit im sure above the speed limit for that area, he should have realized that he didn’t have enough time to make the turn. If he can’t, he doesn’t deserve to drive.

          • SMNY

            Wow, you are a fool. You were arguing that acceleration kills, then you turn around and just spouted (in different words, of course) what I have been saying all along, except calling what is deceleration acceleration.
            Let’s review:
            0 – 60 = acceleration
            60 – 0 = deceleration

          • 1454

            You really are dense.


            If the speed of the car decreases, it is usual and meaningful to speak of deceleration; *mathematically it is acceleration in the opposite direction to that of motion.*

            You keep changing what you are saying. So how do you know what you have been saying all along. You are trying to equate momentum in here somehow to end around your way to an answer so you don’t look like such a fool. Force kills, it does so only because of ACCELERATION. Mass is unchanging wrt to the movement of the car, so the only thing that can produce a force is if the acceleration is 0. Stop making yourself look worse than you already do.

  • vintagejames

    Which driver got ticketed?

  • that guy

    The speed of the lambo is a major concern!!! Why is a car traveling at these speeds on a residential neighborhood street. Yes the sedan didn’t yield correctly but judgment of how quick a car is approaching is changed when they are speeding that much. The lambo driver should be put in jail for traveling that fast and lose his license. The sedan driver should be at fault for not yielding. they are just lucky no body was killed. the next time they might not be so lucky!!!

    • Guest

      How fast was he going human speedometer?

  • guest

    Seems to me both were at fault. The Lambo was speeding, but the Sedan made the left without looking, no signal that I could see either.

  • Geon

    Black Cars Fault 100%! Some people can drive!!!!!!!!!! pulling out of stop signs hoping they get by with hopes and dreams…… terrible

    • SMNY

      Good thing you’re not a civil court judge. There is shared culpability for both parties. Travelling even 45 in a 30 zone is illegal and dangerous, making a left turn across traffic without signaling or looking leaves 50% of the fault in the sedan driver’s lap. And if the Aventador’s driver was traveling the speed limit, one or both may have been able to stop.
      They are both equally responsible.
      Neither should ever be allowed to drive again.

  • EndofDaze

    Phew! I would have expected something like this tragedy, to be helped along by someone driving a BMW, Mercedes, or Land Rover! But now we even have a cuckoo, behind a Lamborghini in southern Brooklyn! Imagine that, a Lamborghini in our booming idylic spot, being driven, by obviously one of our many finer people! Hopefully, no one was hurt, but when will these so called high end dealerships, start giving courses, to these new salt of the earth types, who seem to be increasingly, behind the wheel of such vehicles, who obviously need some lessons on how to be civilized, and show some concern, for the other!!!



      • SMNY

        LMFAO ROFLcopter!!!!1!!1!!
        And you are a twit. EndofDaze is right. You get morons with more money than sense buying cars that they can’t handle.
        Let me ask you something, have you ever tried shifting a 600 horsepower car? Have you ever tried steering a car like that at speed?
        No, I’m sure you haven’t, and until you do you won’t understand how hard it is to control. And then you add being on a residential street, not a race track. Both drivers are complete morons, and anyone who doesn’t see that is just as big a moron as they are.

  • Local Broker

    Its a good thing there is a video that clearly shows the black sedan at fault here. There is no way the lambo was going anywhere near 100 mph. No one knows if the driver of the sedan was impaired or on the phone when this happened. Just because it was an expensive car doesnt mean he caused the accident by default. You can see in the video that the sedan tries to make a turn without a signal and crosses over the double yellow to make a turn trying to beat the car headed towards him. I hope someone does a follow up to this story to find out all the facts.

    • J.M.H.

      you make it sound as if the lambo was doing 70, no where near 100,its not his fault

      • Local Broker


  • moshe aboutboul

    if you focus on only the lambo you can see that it was slowing down from a much higher rate of speed. also, there is a curve in that road that the black car would have had a really hard time seeing him until it was too late. IMO they are both at fault.

  • steve

    Bullshit why would be make a left turn without looking at on coming traffic. This is clearly the black car’s fault.

    • Chicken Underwear

      Maybe. We can’t really tell form this video how fast the Lamborghini was going. If if was speeding it would be hard to just how fast it was coming.

      This will be up to the insurance investigators to determine, not us schmucks sitting here in the peanut gallery.

      • steve

        Doesn’t matter how fast the lambo was going. All the only thing he’s getting is a ticket for speeding but by law it’s the black’s car fault.

        • Chicken Underwear

          fault or law? I think it is a lot more complicated than you thing,

          • Allen

            Steve is mostly right. The black car did not have the right of way. The lambo was going straight while the black car intended to make a left turn. The police report probably cite both drivers at fault. The lambo for speeding and the black car for failure for yielding the right of way.

            The insurance companies will probably put more fault on the black vehicle.

            Source: 2 years working in a personal injury law firm dealing with a high caseload of motor vehicle accidents.

          • Allen

            Just read further comments below where people believe the lambo couldn’t be going 100 mph but people still believe the lambo is definitely speeding. That is enough for the insurance companies to put a little fault on the lambo but I wouldn’t be surprised if both companies will agree to a 80%-90% fault for the black vehicle and 10%-20% fault for the lambo.

            I want to clarify that I am not an attorney but I worked closely with the attorneys and insurance companies dealing with liability. I am just stating my opinion from experience and not making any legal analysis.

          • Tee

            Black car’s fault. The black sedan was the cause of the accident while the Lambo would maybe get fine for speeding if is indeed proven that he was speeding.

            Cars making turns have to yield to incoming traffic. Basic driving rules, if you don’t know this, you probably don’t have a driving license.

        • SMNY

          Steve, Esq, right?
          Little bit of a law lesson for you here, Sparky. Fault is determined by actions. Both parties are at fault. Lambo for speeding, sedan for making an illegal turn without looking.

  • Edward

    Oh wow how remarkable, the black car had a radar gun equipped, and the driver was using it during the accident? Amazing, watching the video I (and any other reasonable observer not blinded by “OMG IT’S A LAMBO!!!!”) would’ve figured the lambo was going maybe 10/15 MPH faster than the black car, if even that. Good thing he was using it or we might’ve never known the lambo’s true speed of 100mph.

    And maybe that would explain why he jumped out in front of oncoming traffic like a complete moron. Hope his insurance company drops his dumb ass after shelling out the cash for the lambo. In a perfect world he’d lose his license before his inattentiveness gets somebody killed.

  • Dschwartz

    That lambo wasn’t even going that fast.. That sedan turned when the lambo was right in front of it.. Lambo shouldn’t get a ticket or anything.. All the sedans fault.. Watching that video it looks like the sedan wasn’t even looking when they attempted to turn. If they looked they wouldn’t have hit them

  • Jim

    Get Richard and the Fast N Loud guys on it!

    If they can fix a mangled Ferrari, then can fix this!

    • xxblondie27

      who would want it fixed lol

  • gaby

    i hope that black sedan has to pay for all the damages since he/she is the one at fault

  • King Zohan

    interesting fact is that had the lambo been a chrysler minivan instead and we watched the same video everyone would blame the black cars driver however being as its a lambo all of a sudden he had to be going “100 mph”. That car goes 30-40mph as well as a minivan also does 100 mph. Dont be so quick to judge the lambo was guilty.

    Based on common sense, its 100% the turning drivers fault, looking at this video, its enough for a monkey with half a brain (like me) to understand that lambo is evern so slightly above the speed limit so legally he will share blame. Blame that in a minivan, no one wouldve tacked on him/her bc it doesnt look/sound fast

    • max smart

      What brand mini van can hit 100mph comfortably?

  • BrooklynBus

    Everyone is so quick to assign blame, but one thing no one mentioned is how important it is to always pay attention when driving because of how quickly an accident can happen at even moderate speeds.

    At 16 seconds the cars appear to be about 50 feet apart. At 17 seconds, the accident already occurred. According to my arthmetic, if one car was standing still, the other could not have been going more than 34 mph. Since both were moving, I would guess that they both were doing about 30 which woud mean that neither car was technically speeding.

    However, you shouldn’t be making a turn at 30 mph regardless, especially if there is an oncoming car. The person in the sedan does not seem to be paying attention or misjudged the speed of the Lamborgini, which is no excuse. At least the Lamborgini tried to swerve to avoid the accident, while the sedan makes no maneuver to try to avoid the accident.

    Only if the Lamborgini was driving at a high rate of speed could I possibly not fault the sedan, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. If the Lamborgini was not speeding, he did nothing wrong.

  • J.M.H.

    Does no one understand physics….for that “lambo” to be split in half it had to hit the pole at a high velocity…go back to to your H.S. force vectors

    • manny

      OK that’s right but if the lambo slowed down he would’ve hit the black car and probably Kill the driver instead of clipping Him!

      • J.M.H.

        or stopped in time duh?

    • Alex

      clearly you don’t understand that lamborghinis are designed to split into 2 parts on impact. It’s a safety feature.

      • J.M.H.

        for whose safety? you seriously believe that in a moderate speed collision its better for your vehicle to split in half…what about a head on collision that would be another excellent safety feature

        • Guest

          Lambo splits in half because it has engine in the middle, not in the front like regular car. By splitting in half it “detaches” heavier part and lets it do it’s thing, while front part with the passenger is safe. If it did not split, momentum of the heavy rear part would cause the car to keep spinning as it looses momentum and in the process cause more harm to the passengers.

          Car was nowhere near 100 mph and I am sure experts will easily prove it.

    • 1454

      Do you now know how these cars are built? I believe it is held by 6 bolts, so a 35 mph or so crash would have ripped it apart.

      • J.M.H.

        6 bolts thats reassuring

        • 1454

          It’s built that way intentionally. If it doesn’t break apart then the relative accelerations in the cockpit are increased and increasing the likelihood of serious injury. The shearing affect means the cockpit can continue it’s negative acceleration at a much slower rate than the part of the car that broke off.

          • J.M.H.

            I’m glad they dont care about collateral damage which could be you if you are in the vicinity. Two pieces of a vehicle causing damage is better than one…the total force will always remain the same

          • 1454

            Force inside will be lessened because the relative acceleration will be less compared with the instant x mph – 0 mph of the rear of the car. This is about the safety of those in the car, and it’s not like we are talking about pieces just flying over the car randomly.

  • Tom Paine2

    Hahaha, the insurance company is happy your brother is alive too, your brother just bought a Lambo! Totally his fault! The mentality of today’s people, “nobodies getting in front of me!!!”…what a jackass…time to get a second job.

    I would be screaming from the rooftops also “he was doing 100mph!!!” Clearly the lambo wasn’t going much faster than the sedan, a blind person can see that. The lambo would have gone airborne if hit while doing 100.

  • Jz

    I’m sure the lambo was going faster than the 30mph residential speed limit but realistically everybody that travels down E 66th street does the same thing (and it looks like the black car was going faster than he should have been too). But the bottom line here is that the Lamborghini was traveling straight on a street, not making any turns or anything, which means he automatically he has the right of way. PERIOD. The black sedan was making a left turn, having to cross over the opposing side of the street – he MUST yield to oncoming traffic and he failed to do so. It’s the same exact thing if the black car was coming out of a parking spot in front of the lambo; you don’t just go – you yield to oncoming traffic and merge

  • Joseph Mazo

    What a shitty reporter, you should work for FOX. Your reporting is not impartial, and you are clearly blind. The black sedan 100PERCENT at fault, did not yield, and crossed a solid lane. This comes down to two douchbags not wanting to yield to the other one. They were trying to measure their sticks.

  • Ace1

    The driver of the Lambo was definitely going over the speed limit but the claims by the sedan driver’s sister that e was going over 100 are exaggerated. The driver of the black sedan played a greater roe in this accident by turning into oncoming traffic. It’s easy to blame the drive of the sports car but thankfully there is a video of the accident. Driver of the black sedan gets most of the blame.

  • winson

    I’d pit the blame on the sedan driver. He should have been able to clearly see the lamborghini coming toward him regardless of how fast it was going. It won’t kill him to wait a few seconds before entering the driveway

  • DaveP326

    Too much money and not enough common sense in that neighborhood. Speed humps is probably the way to go there. Three or four per block will slow these idiots down a bit.

  • Hiram H.

    Surprised there so many accidents with so many smart drivers posting

  • Cb

    The question is what is the speed limit in a residential area?! And if he was doing the speed limit he would have been able to slow accordingly!!! They were BOTH at fault! And yes I do live in the neighborhood!!! Everyone drives down 66 th st carelessly!!!! Period!!

  • Albert

    Why didn’t anyone mention anywhere that apparently a Lambo being split in half is part of a built in safety feature by the manufacturer. Ned?

  • bicyclecycler

    If that street had a bike lane this never would have happened.

  • Engineer

    Wow I love how everyone is assigning blame to the black sedan! To be honest if you pause the video at 14 seconds you can see the black sedan initiating the turn and the white lambo is at least 15 car lengths away. If you average in 13 feet for the average car length that’s about 195 ft. You can judge this by the parked cars and driveways on the street. If you take into account that the lambo has a small front profile, it appears to be coming slower than it actually is. Just like a motorcycle appears to be slower than they actually are.

    After that take 195 ft/ 2 seconds(crash happens at approx 16 s mark) and after you convert that to mi/hr which gives you an approximation of 70 mph at the very least. At this point the Lamborghini is still accelerating too. Now ask yourselves why this driver was in a residential area going 40 mph over the speed limit.? Imagine that was someones kid going after a ball. Would you still blame the kid? No, you’d all be putting down flowers and screaming for laws to be changed.

    Now at 15 seconds the lambo driver should have OBVIOUSLY seen the drivers intention. The black sedan is over the yellow line and the cars are less than 100 ft away from each other. According to lamborghini themselves, “Lamborghini claims halting from 62 mph takes just 106 feet.” This is for the Lambo Aventador. If the driver of the lambo had been paying attention and not accelerating he should have been able to either stop or slow down and swerve. These cars don’t lock up when you slam the brakes! The computer is smart enough to put enough force to maximize braking power.

    Yes, I understand the black sedan has a small blame, but the bigger blame lies with the Lambo. You’re driving a 700 HP machine and stomping your big fat foot on the pedal. Control yourself and go to the track to unleash that you jackass or at least wait for a highway. He doesn’t deserve to drive that car because he can’t control himself.

    • Chicken Underwear

      I’m with you.

    • Engineer

      For anyone that doubts my estimates I just mapped it on google maps and 195ft is pretty close.

      • Mr. Engineer

        Ya, at a 195ft one should yield to on coming traffic not try to dodge it in attempt to save ten seconds to his ending destination.
        Good point! By the way, the driver should be able to tell how fast a car is coming at them.

  • Alan

    I certainly hope the driver of the Lamborghini is uninjured and whether he/she was at fault, the driver was a completely selfish and childish moron. That was an outrageous speed, especially in that area and at night. Sometimes, people who can afford very expensive things lack ego boundary.

  • Alan

    I love seeing that Lamborghini split in two!!!

  • Путин

    совсем чокнулись в своих америках

  • Angry citizen

    The sedan guy is a jerk and should be sued and sentenced for idiocy. Tioo bad he survived.

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  • The JerseyTrainer

    It was the black sedans fault. If he couldnt see the Lambo coming from down the block, then he isnt a good driver and is a hazard to other drivers. I see many motorcycle accidents happen this way. The person in the sedan didn’t see the lambo at all because his brain is trained to only see regular cars.

  • rj570

    no way that damage to the lambo happens if it’s going 30 mph. No way to drive that car 30 mph.

  • rj570

    that guy’s lucky the pole was all they hit. Car ended up on the sidewalk. Doucebag drove way too fast for that nabe.


  • LamboDriverNeedsNewLambo

    I live in this neighborhood and have seen this asshole driving before. he got what was coming to him.

    • E

      People just want to hate other people who are successful and can afford nice vehicles. Yes he was speeding but still sedans fault for not paying attention.

      • rj570

        if the car was a yugo doing 90 most sane people would be pissed at him and want the driver at the very least ticketed. has nothing to do with the type of car driven. If lambo driver killed someone, I’d want him charged with vehicular manslaughter for speeding in a residential nabe, which is what the BK DA would want. So think before you drive like an amateur.

      • M. Smart

        Just because you have a sports car it doesn’t give you a right to drive recklessly…has absolutely nothing to do with money …I guess you believe if the person driving the car was broke it would be his fault

  • rj570

    this car was also seen driving erratically and speeding in other parts of brooklyn on the same day this occurred. He was speeding, obviously.

  • The Guy in the Black Car

    If you stop the film when the black car get into the frame, you can already see the Lambo in the film. So, the driver of the black car should of stopped and let the Lambo pass before turning. At that distance it doesn’t matter, if the Lambo was going 10mph or 100mph! The person in the back car was not paying attention and made a board turn into on coming traffic.

  • Hiram H.

    I might be wrong but it looks like the lambo never hit the pole

  • TheGuyWhoWasThere

    For those of you going by the video, you’re only getting half the picture.

    I know both drivers. The Lamborghini was driven by a guy 50+ and father of my brothers friend, and the other, driving the black sedan, is my sisters boyfriend. The jackass in the Lamborghini is always driving around the neighborhood at triple the speed limit (I’ve seen him multiple times) and his son and other friends (also with Lamborghini’s) also drive in a similar manner. They have no respect for the neighborhood and those around them. I also have witnesses that saw him driving seconds before the accident on 66th St stating he was flying.

    Also, to clarify, the black sedan was making a left hand turn to go down a street, and the Lamborghini cut around a truck about two blocks down while continuing to speed. The driver in the black car was going to make the turn and stopped as fast as he could when he saw the white car coming at him. He didn’t try to complete the turn, and thank God he didn’t, or else there could have been a fatality. Should the driver in the black sedan have been more aware, absolutely, but the driver of the Lamborghini should not have been driving that fast. And to be honest, he deserved to lose his car. How about if it was some young kid crossing the street or someone on a bike.

    Live and learn, but I doubt the guy in the Lamborghini. Insurance will cover it and another will be purchased. Then he’ll go right back to driving like a jackass.

    Safety measures should definitely be put in to place, to stop people that like from driving carelessly. I opt for speed bumps, but that’s me.

    • BrooklynBus

      They showed the video on Channel 2 News last night and assigned all the blame to the driver of the Lamboghini. When I watched the video it appeared he wasn’t going that fast. If he was doing 45 or more he is definitely to blame because it is not possible to judge how fast a car is coming at you when making a turn.

      I have been in that situation making a right turn at a stop sign because I see an approaching car 200 feet away and before I coud finish my turn, the other car is already on top of me blowing his horn, not braking and giving me an argument. He must have been doing 50 to come up to me so fast.

      So I can sympathize with the black car. But it also seems he is also going too fast. You don’t make a 90 degree turn at 30 in this city unless it was a wider angle turn. I think he should get a small part of the blame.

  • M. Murry

    I’m bewildered by some of the comments on here, and hoping that the commentators are not old enough to drive yet. The video clearly shows as the black vehicle begins making its turn the ” Lambo ” is half a block away. Its impossible to judge an objects speed if its coming directly at you. The black auto traveled no more than 10 feet as the white auto traveled a least 400 feet. Which indicates he was moving between 75 and 80 miles an hour.. its not up to me to judge who was right and who was wrong. The commentators here would be well advised to withhold uneducated guesses rather than expressing them and showing ignorance.

    • J.M.H.

      I commend your intelligent use of physics

  • Desidius

    You need more than one person for it to be considered a drag race.

  • wwwppa

    Guy in the aventador is obviously not an experienced or defensive driver. Or maybe just an idiot. With those brakes and that car and surveying the road ahead he should have ended up in the incoming lane to avoid the collision. Just my 2 cents …I drive fast too.

  • SunNYGuy

    In your study
    guide for the NYS drivers/learners permit, you must yield to all oncoming
    traffic when turning…. but this was a typical NY driver move, A, F**** You,
    Ima gonna mayka my turn….. Sad part about this is, he was turning into a
    drive way, that makes it worse, you slow down to get in your drive, not speed
    up. So either way, the guy in the sadden was just being an A*****whole.

  • mph club

    Want to rent a Lamborghini? Go to mph club™ for exotic car rentals in Miami. Just don’t split them in two.

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