West 23rd Street and Mermaid Avenue, the scene of the shooting (Source: Google Maps)

West 23rd Street and Mermaid Avenue, the scene of the shooting (Source: Google Maps)

Following a shooting yesterday in broad daylight that left one dead, and other recent violence in the neighborhood, fed up residents of Coney Island are holding a rally to call for an end to area violence.

The rally will kick off today, August 27, at 6:00 p.m. on West 24th Street and Mermaid Avenue – the site of yesterday’s fatal shooting.

It is being organized by the Coney Island Anti-Violence Collaborative, which formed in December after a spate of fatal shootings in Coney Island around Christmas last year.

Local elected officials were slated to hold a legislative softball game at MCU Park this evening, but they canceled it out of respect following the shooting. Several, including Councilman Mark Treyger and Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny, will attend the rally instead.

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  • BayResident

    Oh yay, a rally! Surly all of the idiots who are doing the shooting will see this and stop now.

    • Alex

      I wonder if Al Sharpton attended the rally.
      Seems like he only pops up when there’s a white-on-black crime.

  • Guest

    I am not against rallies but…. Many organizations are getting funds to organize rallies, print flyers and what? Why money is not being spent to organize more afterschool programs, free art classes, sport schools? I understand that it will not change those who are being involved in crime, but many teenagers might be saved from future crime activities.

    • NYC Cit

      This behavior is influenced by the atmosphere at home. You can have billions of after school activities but when kids grow up with irresponsible single parents, in the crack den of a households then they will probably be in trouble with the law, that statistically has been the case pretty much everywhere. This starts at home…

      • Guest

        Understood, but nothing will be achieved without trying.

        • NYC Cit

          So let’s try not to incentivize single parent households… offer no additional benefits if a single parent has more than 1 kid. Or even for 2 parents… additional kids shouldn’t be viewed as income potential… Throwing money at a problem is never a good idea.

          • guest

            This is what is being done, throwing money at a problem, for studies of a problem, for studying the study. Even though I completely disagree on your statement about single parents to be treated the way you proposed, I believe that our social programs should be changed and public assistance as well as other “payments” cannot be a life-long income source.

          • NYC Cit

            I know my proposal is a bit rough and don’t get me wrong, I hate to see kids suffer and have kids myself but let’s hear your ideas then. It’s easy to criticize, and keeping the current system will just hurt more kids in the future since they will be conceived for one purpose only — to get more benefits, did you think about those future kids?

  • Ed1NY

    Rally is such a great idea to prevent shootings! it will definitely save so many lives! But I am wondering if all those victims of these crimes, their families and friends, neighbors, witnesses …. are they pro or contra of that useless and hateful “Stop and Frisk” ? Did they march against the police on Sunday on Staten Island ?

  • LeRoy Inggers

    Useless!!! Get rid of the Schwarzers. The shootings and all other crimes will minimize in Coney Island and all other Schwarzer infested “Hoods”.