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It looks like the federal net for nabbing corrupt New York politicians is getting wider. According to a New York Times report, State Senator John Sampson, whose recently redrawn 19th District represents a chunk of Sheepshead Bay, was ensnared in a broader federal corruption probe that has already led to charges against other local pols.

Sampson’s charges stem from conversations he had with former Queens State Senator Shirley Huntley, who has pleaded guilty of stealing taxpayer money through a nonprofit organization.

In March of 2012, Sampson allegedly sought out Huntley’s advice after being approached by a businessman allegedly offering bribes in exchange for help regarding his business at Kennedy International Airport. The airport is located in the district Huntley used to represent.

Through court papers, the Times learned that Huntley, as a cooperating federal witness, recorded conversations she had with several local politicians, which, according to prosecutors, yielded useful evidence.

Sampson is expected to be charged with obstruction of justice. At this time, it is not known if other politicians will also be charged.

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  • Brightonresident

    We need term limits and public financing of campaigns! No private money needed to run for office and strict limits on what can be spent to run for office!

    • Lew from Brooklyn

      I think Dan Halloran was indicted recently and he was both the recipient of public financing and subject to term limits. Just sayin’.
      Lew from Brooklyn

      • Brightonresident

        Lew, I presume he also had more than just public financing to run for office. What I said is that ONLY public financing should be permitted, therefore one does not have to solicit funds from anyone to gain public office. Furthermore, public office should not be ones lifetime profession. And we voted for term limits, but then Bloomberg and the city council went against the peoples wishes. So everyone serving a third term is doing so against the peoples wishes! Just sayin’…

        • guest

          Amen. Term limits are needed. Since there are more crooks in NY politics than honest politicians, if they all leave after two terms, on balance, we are benefitting.

  • Irina Hockenjos

    Chairman of Senate
    Judiciary Committee, John L. Sampson participated in a sham SJC hearing to
    recommend nomination of Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman of the
    State of New York. Sampson had no power (no quorum) to put the Chief Judge
    nomination to a Senate Chamber vote making the entire process null and void.
    Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman must be removed from office as a result and the
    fact his criminal acts were not fully or adequately investigated by the
    Commission of Judical Conduct (CJC).

    For this reason, Robert Tembeckjian, the
    Administrator of CJC who attended the sham SJC hearing should also be
    removed since he participated in and failed to advise the SJC of the criminal
    allegations pending raised at the nomination hearing by those opposing Jonathan

  • Metsknicks

    I’m saddened to hear this. I called upon John to help me with a legal problem years ago and he was very helpful.

  • guest

    At this point, you’d save yourself time if you simply list the politicians NOT engaging in corruption. Then again, you might just have an empty page.

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