A DOT speed-enforcement camera sits at this location, fining people who fail to slow down after exiting the highway. (Source: Google Maps)

DOT speed-enforcement camera sits at this location, fining people who fail to slow down after exiting the highway. (Source: Google Maps)

That’s some fast money.

The speed enforcement camera stationed at the base of a Belt Parkway exit ramp near Ocean Parkway issued approximately 6,000 violations in just one day, earning the city about $300,000 in revenue, according to Councilman Chaim Deutsch.

The camera earned notoriety earlier this month when Sheepshead Bites revealed its location on Shore Parkway between Ocean Parkway and West Avenue, at the very end of a 400-foot-long exit ramp from the Belt Parkway. Locals and Councilman Mark Treyger expressed outrage at the placement, calling it a trap. But the numbers have led Councilman Chaim Deutsch, in whose district the camera is located, to hail it as a success.

“There were 6,000 summonses issued in one day coming off the Belt Parkway. Now it is almost to zero, so the camera is helping,” Deutsch told members of the Manhattan Beach Community Group at a public meeting last week. “But we still want to make sure that people slow down, [that they] have enough time to slow down carefully when they come off the ramp.”

The cameras photograph any vehicles traveling faster than 10mph over the speed limit and send a violation in the mail within 30 days. The fine is $50.

Approximate location of the camera, between the exit and entrance ramps. (Source: Google Maps)

Approximate location of the camera, between the exit and entrance ramps. (Source: Google Maps)

Deutsch brushed off concerns that the camera could be a speed trap, saying that the steep reduction in the weeks it has been there shows that drivers are changing their behavior. To make sure it’s not all about revenue, he’s urging the Department of Transportation to add signage on the Belt Parkway just before the ramp indicating that there is a speed camera in the vicinity.

“I support that if anyone is speeding, enormous amount of speeds, they deserve a summons,” Deutsch told Sheepshead Bites. “But I dont want it to be a ‘gotcha’ camera, and people need to be aware there’s a camera and they should exit the ramp safely.”

He also said that while locals have learned the location and adjusted accordingly, the next season of visitors to Coney Island, Brighton Beach and Sheepshead Bay would benefit from the early warning while also achieve the goal of safer driving.

“Coming next summer when people come to visit the waterfront communities you’re going to have new people coming in, fresh faces to the area, so at the end of the day you want to slow traffic down when they come off the ramp,” he said. He also doesn’t want drivers slamming on the brakes when they see the camera at the last moment. “They’ll slam on the brakes. So if you have signage several hundred feet before the ramp it gives the driver a chance to slow down and get off safely.”

He said the DOT is studying his proposal.

The DOT did not return several messages requesting confirmation of Deutsch’s numbers, or whether or not they were considering additional signage.

Previously, the DOT told Sheepshead Bites they were not currently planning to relocate the cameras as Councilman Treyger had requested. They added that, at 400 feet long, the Belt Parkway’s exit ramp provided drivers with sufficient space to safely reduce speed.

UPDATE (September 23 @ 4:15pm): A Department of Transportation spokesperson said Deutsch’s claim is incorrect, but refused to reveal the peak number.

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  • Michael Louis

    Nothing but a speed trap and a money grab.

    • robingee

      WRONG. Drive right and you won’t have a problem. Brooklyn drivers are self-centered jerks who speed, go thru lights and signs, and come within inches of pedestrians. I drive here every day. Slow the F down.

  • Arthur Borko

    The Sherriff of Nottingham after the citizens gold again.

  • Roman

    Wow, one camera stands to generate $100 million/year.

    • Helen Smith

      That’s just sick! This guy is a power monger, he’s worse than Bloomberg. Bloomberg became a joke to everyone but the businesses that were making profits off of him. Are we going to go back to giving tickets to people playing dominoes. He’s going after the little man instead of coming up with productive ways to make money.

  • Nick the Rat

    time to gather a group of marry men to destroy this thing! LETS FIGHT BACK PEOPLE!

    • Arthur Borko

      Perhaps you mean Merry?

      • Nick the Rat


        • Arthur Borko

          Good Day SIR! Good DAY!

      • Murry

        Maybe he did mean married men! Bet he’s single. 🙂

        • Nick the Rat


          • Murry


    • Jan Warren

      Gddamn speeding cyclists!!!!!!

  • Guest

    I wouldn’t care anywhere near as much about this if they had placed the camera just a little bit further up the roadway. If the camera was after the solid line instead of before the number of violations would have been substantially reduced. Placing the camera where it can clock you while you are still coming off the ramp onto the roadway is a gotcha and anyone claiming otherwise is just being dishonest.

  • Guest

    They should put some speed cameras on coney island ave if they want anyone to take the new 25 mph speed limit seriously.

    • Rob Shinider

      25 mph on ci ave is a traffic jam creater . Then they will complain of all the extra car traffic. Most pedestrian incidents involve pedestrian breaking the law. The real problem with drivers is the less than 10% that change lanes without signalling and who drive like they are on a NASCAR race track in and out of lanes. Speed was never the issue

      • Guest

        Agreed, it’s ridiculous. Cars turning onto coney island ave are a way bigger danger to pedestrians.

      • Vernon6

        It’s not a ‘jam creator’ because the average speed of a car trip trough anywhere in brooklyn or queens point to point is about 9-10 mph. There are things called traffic signals
        (and other cars) that determine the speed of your trip, not how fast you can go between lights.

        • BrooklynBus

          The average speed is around 10 mph because most drivers reach speeds between 35 and 40 mph between intersections especially on long stretches. If the maximum speed becomes 25 mph, what do you think that will do to the average speed? It will be reduced to about 6 or 7 mph, only twice the speed of walking and slower than bicycles who will continue to run red lights. It will definitely increase congestion and air pollution. And reckless drivers who overly speed and constantly switch lanes without signaling will continue.

          • Vernon6

            No it won’t because you are ignoring the role of traffic signals again. At 3 am, with light or no traffic for example, your total trip time is dictated by traffic signals. All of your theoretical gains by hitting 35-40 on ‘long stretches’ are gone the moment you hit a red light. You are talking seconds of theoretical gains, all of which are lost in light or heavy traffic.

  • Boris

    Of course it went to zero…… people stopped using the exit. A move I highly recommend. It is a shame that mr.dough ( spelled wrong on purpose) is praising the money grab as his constituanuts are forced to shell out their hard earned cash for such a blatant placement.

    • xxxxxxx

      It is a physical impossibility for the number of fines to go from 6,000 to zero unless the camera is broken or the Councilman is either exaggerating (likely) or lying (would not put it past).

      • Rob Shinider

        I drive through there, people are trying not go over 30 mph and it is creating unsafe conditions at this merge point. You sometimes need to break 40 to merge in front of a car at a safe speed. It does not just affect people coming off the ramp. It affects those who need to get on the highway who need to accelerate to change lanes and get on the highway. This camera is a dukes of hazzard speed trap. And the fact that Councilman Chaim Deutsch applauds the camera’s success means it is time to vote this slug out of office. The only problem is with no opposing party in brooklyn, the slime balls know they have no body serious with any money to run against them. They do what is best for their political/consulting future

        • Guest

          Where did you find in this article that Councilman Deutsch applauds the camera’s success? Instead of holding press conferences as other politicians do, he is doing something. There is no way that camera will be removed, so instead of giving empty promises, Councilmen Deutsch is trying to find a solution to notify drivers.

  • guest

    These people who work for these agencies are the biggest crooks ever….I can generate more money but just pulling over city officials and pigs who cover their plates in order to avoid cameras….

  • Alex

    I hope they spend the money wisely.

    • guest

      LOL are you serious?

      • Rob Shinider

        DeBlasio’s after school program is an unorganized mess. My wife works in one of these programs. They hired any live body before they even had kids to fill the seats. My wife and co-workers show up and sit in rooms with 3 teachers and 4-5 kids. This is typical of these programs, nice sounding but poorly run. Just wait until all the child abuse claims roll in for his rushed universal pre-k program. They hired any live body, background checks were waived to get people on the job before the first day of school and only now are being performed

    • Criminals_Cops_Law_Makers

      they will fund another extortion project in order to accumulate more money for themselves and stress people out financially, mentally and physically

      • Rob Shinider

        Try to get one of the affordable apartments in Coney Island that was built in the last 10 years. The list is secret, and most people who got the apartments were party loyalists

  • max

    watch out they will put soon those cameras on belt parkway… and then Brooklyn is going to be one slow slow city,,,,,

    • guest

      Actually these bastards crooks will put cameras on highways too…what stopping them from doing that…nothing

    • Helen Smith

      They need to put slow traps on the Belt, it’s not like it ever moves! lol

      • DPRKray

        The Belt Parkway sucks.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxx

    Consider the two following statements from the National Motorists Association:

    1. A speed trap exists wherever traffic enforcement is focused on extracting revenue from drivers instead of improving safety, made possible by speed limits posted below the prevailing flow of traffic.

    2.Traffic engineers maintain that speed limits should be established according to the 85th percentile of free flowing traffic. This means the limit should be set at a level at or under which 85 percent of people are driving. Numerous studies have shown that the 85th percentile is the safest possible level at which to set a speed limit.

    In other words, if 6,000 tickets were issued, it suggests that the prevailing flow of traffic must be at a higher speed than that which is posted therefore creating a hazard for motorists as well as pedestrians. The solution to the problem here (if there really is one), would be better traffic design to accommodate the rapid flow of cars coming off a highway. By definition, this is a speed trap and anyone who gets into an accident should take action against the City for contributing to the accident.

    • Rob Shinider

      Further down shore parkway on the other side of Ocean parkway, traffic is so backed up it is nuts. Yes people averaged over 40 plus mph on the highway service road where there is no reason for a pedestrian ever. Traffic is backed up onto the belt parkway. It is reducing the number of cars that can pass per hour. On Ocean parkway the problem is the same. Most accidents on Ocean parkway were on the turns. I have tried to drive speed limit on the lane closest to the sidewalk/path. I have been cut off with people turning from the second lane. The road should be 40 mph

      • Haroon TheTrue Saeed

        the speed; limit should be increased to 40mph or the camera should not go off unless you are going 20+ mph over the speed limit;

  • DJ

    There’s other ways of getting people to slow down. Again all about money…

  • DJ

    IT’s the same old story. How can we enforce the law, fuck people over and say it’s for the safety of everyone else.

    • Rob Shinider

      I would not have a problem if the law was being enforced against pedestrians who cross the street at a busy intersection when the light clearly says DON’T WALK. It is just a war on the middle class because De Blasio promised hundreds of millions he did not have to give raises to every union without a contract and for his fake affordable housing plan. He did not get his millionaire tax, so this is plan b

  • Paul

    Perhaps maybe instead increasing revenue …… The policies could look over to their left and take note of 6 people making their home in the grass right near this whole camera trap.

  • Paul


  • Paul

    Since they are so concerned about school safety

  • Bob

    Morons, dont you get it, so they will slow down from now on just in that section of the road and then continue speeding 300 feet passed it, now you made a buck congratulations, you want peeps to slow down, why dont you waste all of tax payers money to install them on every corner of brooklyn. Good luck, you should enforce cell phones not speed, stupid idiots, who comes up with this stupid shit anyway…

  • guest

    I thought Bloombucks left office?

  • Rob Shinider

    I drive through there every day. It is more dangerous now because people are trying not to get a ticket. If you are already on shore parkway and need to cross into the lane to get onto the highway, you used to speed up to make sure your were at a safe distance in front of the car you were passing in front of (there is always cars coming down the ramp) Now cars have to cut a car off that is coming down the ramp and hope they slow down. It is a speed trap. You can’t vote democratic in this city, they are all far left wing tax tax tax, ticket, ticket those who work hard to earn a living for their family

    • guest

      It’s funny. There are those that would argue this is a far right wing conservative tactic. Regardless you’re correct with what has happened and we can all agree this is a BS money taking speed trap that does target the middle class and lower. We all need to speak up. The problem is those of us that drive and don’t think we are in NASCAR or in a sprint don’t and as such, groups such as transportation alternatives and their elk which want to see cars completely wiped off the face of the earth show up at CB meetings in droves and win. The only way this is going to get anywhere is if we all band together and say something.

      • http://www.sheepsheadbites.com/ Ned Berke

        I am entirely in favor of Transportation Alternatives obtaining an elk and bringing it to CB meetings. 😛

  • danny

    all this petty anti speeding enforcement is nothing but a cash grab. if the city was actually concerned with pedestrian safety, how about actually enforcing jay walking laws? from what I understand, the camera goes off at 9 miles over the speed limit (currently that would mean it tickets you at 39).. let me know how that works out in a few months when the city limit is lowered to 25.

  • Street Equity

    Wow, that’s a lot of dangerous drivers who will think twice next time. Good work!

    • guest

      Clueless. SImply clueless.

    • Guest

      wow you are a fool….

  • momo

    First off everyone that got a summons should go to court to fight the ticket. This would collapse the system due to the fact that the gov’t. expects 98percent to pay the summons. Speeding tickets only apply to commercial drivers. Remember you are traveling and you have a right to do so. Google Carl Miller, he lays it all out for you. Good luck!

    • MyBrooklyn

      I agree we are obeying morons including myself….system is on the brick of collapsing very soon….sooner the better….

  • momo

    Is there anyone crossing the highway at that exit ramp? You know like the mothers crossing in the middle of the block pushing there kid in the carriage , endangering the child’s life. How many deaths occurred at that spot? Just remember that they need the concent of the governed. If they violate your right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, you can sue the corporation council with a ” mandamus qou warranto”.

  • OldWestern

    A friend of mine was driving and hit somebody very bad because he was speeding. To this day he wishes that he received a camera speeding ticket in the mail before that tragedy happened so he would have wised up about the dangers of speeding. Life is too precious. How many more pedestrians, especially kids and the elderly, have to be hit by speeding vehicles for us to wake up. The camera even gives a 10 mile per hour above the limit grace period. Instead of being reactive, lets be proactive!! Prevent a speeder, prevent a fatality.

    • Helen Smith

      Why would a child or elderly be on an exit ramp?

  • momo

    Let’s allow the ruling class steal your property through taxation and let them decide how to spend your money. As more and more people are out of work the less taxes are paid to pay for the government workers pensions and medical plans. It’s time to divest and sell all the real estate the government acquired to pay for these things.

    • nolastname

      The Gov’t is too busy using eminent domain to displace people on prime real estate. People and wildlife that is. Homeowners are losing their houses to banks on a daily basis. Those that got their homes under false pretenses or are long time hard working residence can not afford all the taxes that keep going up while property value goes down. It is a vicious cycle that only the wealthy or real manipulators of the system can survive with out a difficult struggle. One that is more and more often being lost.

  • Haroon TheTrue Saeed

    This is awful my father is 76 years old and he has gotten 4 tickets for this already for 41 42 43 44 mph that is absolutely RIDICULOUS; he is no longer taking this route ever again as i am sure many others are not as well!! Absurd location with NO WARNING whatsoever next to a HIGHWAY.

    • Metsknicks

      Hope he’s going to fight it. If the majority of the 6,000 people show up in court, maybe a light will go off in the judge’s head to have someone take a closer look at that camera’s location. Maybe!

  • Ex Hwy Patrol

    ^6,000 in one day and no accidents.
    Tell us again how it’s all about “Safety”

  • Dee

    People haven’t slowed down; people are avoiding the exit and simply using a different one!

    • Walker

      Brilliant. If you can make a conscious decision to take a different exit in order to avoid a speed camera perhaps you can make a conscious decision to slow down when you exit this ramp? Doesn’t seem that hard now that you know there’s a speed camera there.

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  • GAB

    they got my $50, and to think at least do it where the soild lines ends of the ramp

  • Walker

    So if now it’s down the 0, that would mean it’s not a speed trap or a revenue generator. Drivers are learning to adjust their behavior. Sounds like a success to me.

  • nolastname

    Too funny. I guess they will hook up more cameras. This one surely paid for itself. So I wonder how many cameras can be installed with the 50 x 6000?

  • Boris

    Instead of these poloticians being ashamed of this money grab they prais it. Shame on them and this city’s traffic policy’s.

  • jersey matt

    New York SUCKS

  • Metsknicks

    Like many others, I’ve exited the Belt Parkway at that exit. By no means am I a speed demon. However unless one is driving a National Hot Rod Association funny car or top fuel dragster, both of which stop with the help of parachutes, there’s no way to slow down enough to avoid getting a ticket.

    I have a HUGE way for the DOT to make a fortune: ticket every car that parks on the west side of Sheepshead Bay Road (same side as Bally’s) between the subway station and Shore Parkway. It’s a No Standing zone and during the day it’s a nightmare to try and drive through that area.

    Anyone else agree?

  • kevin_wu

    Belt Parkway is 50 mph. Speed camera will take a picture at 40 mph. He proposes that we exit the Belt at 40 mph or under. I say that’s grounds for an unsafe highway speed ticket. Lose lose either way.

    • use_your_left_pedal

      400 feet on the exit ramp is plenty of room to slow down from 50-38 mph so you don’t get a ticket.

  • Steve Rudnick

    this is one reason i moved out of ny

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  • bkdenizen

    Excellent. Too many people die in this city at the hands of criminal drivers.

  • joe_schmoe69

    its going to be a traffic hazard because some people will slow down and others who don’t know about the camera will not causing accidents

  • robingee

    What a shock, all the Brooklyn drivers are pissed that they got caught driving like dicks. Tough. Think about others, stop at stop signs, go the speed limit, use your blinkers. Other people exist. This borough is very crowded. You have to be EXTRA careful. Stop being dicks. If not, get a ticket. You deserve it.

  • Gormo

    $50 for driving 10mph over the limit is fair enough. I was in Seattle last year. Five months after my return I received a $130.00 fine, already debited from my card by the car rental company, for “Failing to come to a complete stop before turning right at a stop sign!” (Traffic cam at a relatively quiet intersection). That kind of infraction fine here in NYC would rake in millions.

  • Emmily_Litella

    Come on folks, its not like the ticket is hundreds of dollars. If you speed more than 33% over the speed limit near a school during school hours you get stung. The law was written to cut people a lot slack. And you know, you may very well be alive today only because some other motorist decided to tone down the speed a little. Take a hint, CHANGE YOUR AGGRESSIVE DRIVING HABITS. Yes the camera is at a highway exit for a reason – sending the slow down message to as many people as possible. Find some other injustice to fight, and think of someone else for a change.

  • Helen Smith

    Time to start the Deutshe is a Deuche campaign. Of course he’s saying it’s not a speed trap, his district made 300,000. I don’t even live in this area and this has me annoyed. If he really wasn’t intended to be a speed trap, he would have put in a speed bump, those are free! The power is in the votes! Time for him to be ousted!!!!