Photo by Mike Nemoy

Photo by Mike Nemoy

From the first stroll down Emmons Avenue after Superstorm Sandy, it was pretty obvious that some of our beloved businesses were unlikely to make a return. It was only a week or so later that we confirmed the first casualty: Mambo Sushi at 2005 Emmons Avenue.

Since then, we’re happy to say almost every single restaurant is back in business. Unfortunately, we’re saddened by the news that Mambo’s neighbor, Tzar (2007 Emmons Avenue), has bitten the bullet, too. The silver lining? At least it’s not vacant space like Mambo.

A new restaurant called Signature Restaurant has put up signs and redone the awnings. They’ve ripped out the fountains by the door. We’ve confirmed it’s under different ownership.

The former owners also owned Fusion, next door to Tzar. Fusion will also not be returning, but it’s not clear yet what’s happening with that spot.

To the restaurant’s new owners: welcome. To the former owners: good luck on your future ventures.

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