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Well, well, well… look who will be feted with an elegant dinner and accolades during City & State’s coveted elite exclusive Rising Stars “Forty Under Forty” award ceremony next week. The vehicle, showcasing New York State’s “most promising young talent,” has selected Sheepshead Bites’ very own venerable editor and publisher, Ned Berke, who is sitting mere feet from me at I write this, threatening to fire me if I don’t meet today’s deadline in — surprise! — “under 40” minutes from now.

Sponsored by the online government and politics website City & State, best known for “First Read,” the addictive early morning roundup of government news, gossip and goings on throughout New York’s political world, “Forty Under Forty” honorees are comprised of politicians, staffers, as well as “muckraking bloggers and intrepid reporters [Ed. – that’s where our guy comes in], and well-connected lobbyists and union reps.”

Ned, a lifelong Sheepshead Bay resident (he frequently loves to remind us of the time he has spent in Peru), had always dreamed of pursuing a career in journalism. The young journalist turned enterprising businessman revealed to City & State’s Aaron Short that he was finally inspired to dip his toe into the choppy waters of hyper-local blogging after being given a nudge by the late “Gowanus Lounge” blogger, Robert Guskind during 2008’s Brooklyn Blogfest.

With mostly Downtown Brooklyncentric blogs, such as “Gowanus Lounge,” “New York Shitty” and “Pardon Me For Asking,” dominating the Brooklyn blogging landscape during the mid-aughts, Ned felt it was high time Southern Brooklyn — particularly his home ’hood of Sheepshead Bay— got some respect.

Since that time, his massive undertaking and hyper-local news coverage has gotten him profiled, interviewed or otherwise recognized by such media giants as The New York Times, The Daily News, Washington Post and Boing-Boing, among others.

After three years of developing a steady following throughout the shorefront area, the 28-year-old entrepreneur’s empire branched out to other parts of Southern Brooklyn with the successful June 2011 launch of Bensonhurst Bean.

But blah, blah, blah… we know all of this, right? What we really want to know is, what makes Ned Berke tick? I mean, do any of us really care that, if he could have dinner with anyone, it would be Mark Twain or Ralph Waldo Emerson?

No, of course not.

So fess up, Ned, and tell us what we really want to know: boxers or briefs?

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  • aherring

    Congratulations, Ned!

  • nolastname

    Very nice. That’s some mug shot. LOL

    Just funning. Nice accomplishment.

  • Bruce B

    Most hearty congratulations.

  • Ned Berke

    Thanks, all. And the answer is boxers.

    • Bruce B

      Yeah, well, um, there IS such a thing as over-reporting….

    • Knightmare6

      Nonsense! The answer is, and always will be, “42!”

  • MrArtTuro


    I would say ‘I knew him when’ – but then again, who would care?

    No, but seriously folks:

    Congratulations and keep up the good work to Ned and all the Biten.

    • BrooklynBus

      Ned, you deserve it. Now if I only could be under 40 again.

      • Lisanne!

        Yes, we were once young like Ned. Problem is some of the younger ones don’t believe us.

  • Knicksmets

    Congrats Ned-love “Bites”.

  • ShadowLock

    Ohhh Snap!!! congrats bro!

  • Bruce Brodoff

    Fantastic, Ned…congratulations! Thanks for all the great work you’ve done and continue to do!

  • NSF

    Way to go, Ned! Nice kudo!

  • facebook-528447725

    Congrats Nedster!

  • Lisanne!

    Your success validates your belief in this community, which, by extension validates all of us. So collectively we thank you for your efforts which have resulted in the restoration of this area as a place that matters. I’m sure that in that regard you’ll continue to ensure that we don’t start slipping backwards.

  • Jen

    Congratulations, Ned! A much-deserved award.

  • TJ

    congrats NED!

  • Chicken Underwear


  • Andy

    A salute to one of the 40 under 40…from one of the 77 million over 55.

    • Ned Berke

      Crikies… there are 77 million of you people? Two words… “soylent green.”

      I kiiiiiiiiiid! 😉

      • Andy

        “I want to go home” – Edward J. Robinson

        • Ned Berke

          A relative of mine. 😉

          • Andy Baum

            So, at the ceremony you’re going to get up and lead with, “Okay, listen up you mugs… Myeah, myeah, see?”

  • Mary Bakija

    Very cool, congratulations!

  • max smart

    much deserved

  • sadeyes

    You’re so cute Ned!

  • Georgia

    Congratulations of your great work well done

  • Knightmare6

    Congrats Ned!

  • Thaddeus Russell Jr.

    The Biggest of Congratulations to you, NED!!! … I guess that means you’ll still have 11 more consecutive years of being rightfully honored!!! … The Very Best of Wishes For The Future!!!

  • madeline

    Congratulations, You deserve it!

  • Local Broker

    Good job!

  • Steven

    Well deserved

  • Bruceb

    Congratulations, well deserved – Bruce B.

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