Bagels Road, the new name for Bagels R Us, is now open at 1424 Sheepshead Bay Road, next to the subway station.

Bagels R Us shuttered back in July after then-owner Edwin Grichanik sold it to an employee from Delmar Pizzeria. Though we were told at the time that they would reopen in a few days, nearly two months went by as it underwent a few interior renovations (now more seating!).

For the most part, the staff remains the same, as does the bagel selection. The are sporting a new menu, heavily focused on deli sandwiches and signature items like “Dory’s Catch” – cured salmon filet with scallion cream cheese, sliced cucumbers and tomator – or the “Emily Waits” – grilled honey maple turkey with melted muenster cheese, spinach, tomato and apple butter sauce… though we can’t help notice that these are items pulled straight from Toasties’ signature line.

Regardless, best of luck to the new owners, and we hope they can avoid any, you know, issues.

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  • Max Bialystock

    Speaking of biayls, channel 4 did a big story on Monday about Kossar’s Bialy Factory on the Lower East Side. Can you report on the biayl factory that is or was on Coney Island Av near Avenue T? Is it still open for business? I have read conflicting stories in the Bites.

    • Tinman

      They’re closed for good. Nearest Bialy merchant is now Bell /bialy in Canarsie.

      • joe

        when did they close? I went their about a month ago and they were still open

  • joe

    Have to say Bionic Bagels on Nostrand and Bagels & Bialys on Coney Island and ave U are still the best bagel spots in the Bay

  • Metsknicks

    Wish them well and hope that Bagel Boy isn’t too much competition for them. They should be able to attract a lot of walk-by business.

  • Tony2x

    Why don’t you( sheepshead,bay,bites) take a picture of all the bums living across the street from that place,why can’t you do a story about getting them out .dirt everywhere ,can’t walk by ,the smell . Maybe the place is good ,but will never shop their do to all the bums. Super high taxs and the city cant or will not !

    • joe

      lol the bums have been their forever dude, chill out. They dont bother anybody just dont pay any mind to them