Update (2:13 p.m.): We just spoke to outgoing owner Edwin Grichanik, who said the businesses wasn’t struggling at all, but that he “just got a big offer I couldn’t refuse.” The business has been sold to an employee of Delmar Pizzeria further up Sheepshead Bay Road. For Grichanik, this is business as usual. “I’m a serial entrepreneur. I buy businesses, I build them up, and then I sell them for a profit.”

Original post:

It’s getting hard to keep track of how many incarnations and owners the bagel place next to Sheepshead Bay train station has had over the years, but we can add one more.

Bagels R Us at 1424 Sheepshead Bay Road closed down about three weeks ago and was snatched up by new owners. A person connected to the business said it will reopen in a few days.

The location certainly has struggled since it was known as Bagel Stop & Deli, which closed in 2009 after many years of business.

Approximately a year later, it reopened under new ownership as Dish D’lish. After just a few months under that name, it rebranded as Jonathan’s Bakery, but still had the same ownership. That was part of an attempt to expand on their baked goods offerings.

That lasted about two years, when Jonathan’s owner decided to move on. It was scooped up by another buyer, who renamed it Bagels R Us in 2012.

That wasn’t the end of the ownership musical chairs. About a year went by and it was sold again in 2013. The latest owner kept the name but renovated the interior and changed up the menu. After a year, that owner has moved on, too.

That’s five owners and or rebrands in as many years. You’d think a coffee and bagel joint next to the busy Sheepshead Bay train station and abutting several bus stops would be a gold mine, no? What do you think the struggle is about?

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  • joe

    The last good business at that location was Bagel Stop. They had very good bagels and very cheap prices. These last couple of bagel stores just had horrible management and very weird hours. They would close at all different times of the day and the quality of food was not great

  • Chris

    The food was actually really good. They did have weird hours but at the same time they were opening up 4 AM. Management wasn’t that good but i spoke to owner Edwin a few times, very stand up guy. i am sure he got a nice big profit from the deal. this guy knows business.

  • YL

    I have two words to answer why this is a failing bagel store. BAGEL BOY.

  • Veronica

    i loved coming here. Staff was friendly. and bagels wee good. food was inconsistent sometimes but overall it was good. Came every morning for breakfast before work. i saw the owner sometimes in a suit putting in work….that was cute

    • Michael

      Edwin the owner is a hard working men. The coffee over there was excellent. No one can compare with it. As well as bagels. I hope that new owner will have the same quality.

    • Ned Berke

      Edwin said it’ll have the same staff. I know one of the counter guys has survived three owners now, I believe. I always found him friendly as well.

  • Ron

    I’m sorry but Bagel Boy is the bagel place for Sheepshead Bay. THey are the reason other bagel places are struggling.

    • BagelGirl

      I disagree. A well-run place right NEXT to the train should do well. People coming up Sheepshead Bay Road, or from Jerome Avenue, and in a hurry in the morning, aren’t going to divert to Bagel Boy if they have a good alternative. Truth is, the last view versions of this place have looked horrible, with weird hours, as someone said. The whole place just didn’t seem appetizing.

    • joe

      Bionic bagels on Nostrand and Bagels & Bialys on Coney Island Ave are the two best Bagel stores in the Bay

  • Nick the Rat

    I wanna get my hands on this location and call it Bagel Girl

    • BagelGirl

      I’ll sue you.. Or join you…

      • Nick the Rat

        Bagel Man!

  • Fannie2620

    They couldn’t compete with Dunkin Donuts and Bagel Boy!

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