The organization seeking to halt the development of the proposed Voorhies Avenue mosque held a rally Sunday afternoon to publicize the predicted quality-of-life issues. But prejudiced and fearful statements from attendees revealed a rift in the group that could be undermining its credibility.

Bay People, Inc., organized the rally to convey a clear message: parking, traffic and noise complaints are at the heart of their opposition to the mosque. Speakers came to the sun-drenched podium, many with prepared statements designed to reinforce their defense that they’re not bigots.

“This demonstration is not anti-Muslim,” said one speaker who declined to give his name to Sheepshead Bites. “We’re here to demonstrate against this specific project … this is about our quality of life. It’s about our peace and quiet.”

Protest signs focused on politicians, quality of life, and M. A. S. (click to enlarge)

Speakers also railed against local politicians, including Councilman Lew Fidler and Community Board 15 Chair Theresa Scavo, for dismissing their requests for due diligence.

“I’ve lived in Sheepshead Bay for 30 years,” said Susan Gerber. “It’s a fantastic neighborhood and has not changed. We need to fight to keep it” quiet and safe. Gerber demanded traffic studies and other analyses of the impact of a community center on a narrow residential street. “Where are our politicians? They have abandoned us,” she added. “We are not racists. We are realists, and we are entitled to traffic studies.”

No politicians were in attendance to respond.

The locally elected (or appointed, in Scavo’s case) were not the only targets of the speakers’ defense against claims they’re bigots. Speakers snarled at Courier-Life reporter Tom Tracy for his outlet’s previous reporting, which framed the debate in terms of ethnic tensions and put quality-of-life issues to the side (Sheepshead Bites was not spared this critique, either, for its recent report highlighting a 15-year-old Muslim-American shouted down by counter-demonstrators).

Joseph McCoppin, a 20-year resident, took the stage to tell his neighbors to respect Muslims, and remind them that Muslims make good neighbors. He lashed out at a recent column in the Bay News by Shavana Abruzzo, which he called “bigoted” and “disseminating hate,” representative of exactly what local mosque opponents should endeavor not to be.

“I’m proud to be a Sheepshead Bay person; this is an inclusive neighborhood,” he told Sheepshead Bites. “This is not a Jewish neighborhood. It is not a Catholic neighborhood … it’s a diverse neighborhood … I have Muslims on my block who are quiet and peaceful and make great neighbors,” he added. “They have a right to religious worship, but not a right to a disruptive building.”

But McCoppin’s statement highlighted a tension in the crowd between those who fear more than just quality of life issues.

“They’re building mosques and it’s not really for religion, it’s for ideology,” said Jacob Penek, a member of the crowd. “The next step is creating training camps for Al Qaeda … I tell you, it’s a network of terrorism, not religion.” He added, “For me, it’s not simply about traffic. [It’s about] what will happen in the next 15 years.”

As Brooklyn Paper noted this morning, attendees of the event had no shortage of sharp, bigoted remarks against Muslims. One attendee even told the paper that he planned to bomb the mosque if they build, and others were concerned about “foreign interests” in their backyard.

With sentiments like that floating amongst the crowd, event organizers struggled to keep on message. One man grabbed the microphone and began chanting “This is not Islamabad” before organizers wrestled the mic away from him.

The event attracted around 200 people

Some, like McCoppin, said that the racist element of the opposition is undermining the strength of the group’s argument.

“That’s their whole strategy,” McCoppin said of the mosque advocates. Though he notes the movement is “politically, ideologically disorganized,” the hateful remarks give the media and mosque developer justification to write them all off as bigots.

“They’re playing right into the hands of the developers,” said McCoppin. If the group were able to maintain their message of quality-of-life issues, the developer “doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Look at how narrow [Voorhies Avenue] is, and it’s a two way street.”

“Of course there are hatemongers in this neighborhood,” he added. “There’s always that reactionary know-nothing element,” but they shouldn’t be allowed to control the debate.

McCoppin might find a friend in some of the public officials he and other speakers lambasted, as even Scavo noted back in January, when the issue first surfaced, that quality of life issues could be a credible complaint when separated from anti-Muslim rhetoric. We reported in January:

Scavo added that the group might have a chance if they fought their battle on the concrete issues of parking and traffic. She pointed out that Voorhies Avenue is a congested street with one lane in each direction.

“If you want to succeed, do not use the word mosque. Do not use the word Muslim,” said Scavo. “Request the traffic reports. Go take photos of the double parking at the other mosques during calls to prayer. Have they done that? No. Because they’re lazy. You can’t just go with your mouth. You need paper.”

Click to enlarge

But though the group may gain ground on quality of life issues, members don’t seem ready to root out or condemn the racist faction of the opposition.

When discussing such a heated issue, bigotry is a “fact of life, and you’re going to have to adjust to it,” said Bay People member Yan Savinsky. “You’ve still got to keep fighting … [ignorance] is inherent in a democracy.”

“I don’t think it will,” said Bay People member Alex Tenenbaum when asked if the bigoted rhetoric hurt the group’s mission. “Our issues are set, and all we need is to put them out there to the public.”

“Obviously there are different opinions,” he added. “But we can’t control every person in the crowd.”

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  • Me

    Quality of life and noise issues? Get outta here with that bullshit, if you're all so concerned about noise, how about not ringing the bells at St. Marks? Oh, that would impunge on your religious freedom? This is a race issue being made disguised as a quality of life issue being made by simple minded low class hypocrites.

    • Abdul Hamud Muhammed

      Not all MUSLIMS are TERRORIST, But all ( 99% ) of terrorist are Muslims. I heard this. Am not sure if its true or falls, Heard someone say it and didn’t know what to think of it.

      • BMB

        In a class taught by a former DOJ employee/US Attorney, we were told that the biggest terror threat on US soil was actually a domestic group, which I will leave un-named. People seem to forget that we have plenty of crazies of our own.

        Oklahoma City, Centennial Olympic Park, the Austin IRS building attack, etc… terrorists come in many flavors, not just muslim.

  • Tnm

    The signs are all one persons idea. It is the same writing as the day of the Children's
    Peace March.
    I remember seeing a x-hair dresser early that day that used to work on Nostrand Ave
    40 years ago. Anyone else have an idea who I am talking about? Guess real estate
    pays off better.

  • B.S

    As I noticed, these issues are excuses to be segregate Muslims, as a group, not anything else. Noise is not an issue, all prayers will be inside ,, grantee, like all other mosques , including landmark areas,

    The whole thing is fake and will not succeed at all, ad they will be sued, I heard they are 75% to be done with the claims against the group, news will be exclusively at Sheepsheadbaybites…

  • Lisanne!

    I'm sure the bells at St. Mark do not bother anyone on East 28th Street. But I'm also sure that the rituals of a mosque wouldn't be a bother either to anyone on East 28th Street, unless they get it in their heads that it will. And it seems that some people, not all of them living near East 28th Street, have gotten a lot in their head that shouldn't be there. They may call it anything they want, but it's a very unhealthy expression.

  • Abu -Aymen

    For people such as Mr. McCoppin, we as Muslims, can talk and be part of any concern to be resolved. But looks like the Guy ( trouble maker) who is raising the issue more than that, who was mentioned at Brooklyn Paper is out of his mind, and he is controlled , and other like him, among Bay People, by hatred and racism.

    It is true, that they are demonstrating to support hate and segregation… Interesting enough , and America was not built on that. It is built on Freedom, and Right of diversity…

  • Abu Aymen

    Things to be clear,

    The Building will be built as of right

    No variance from City Planning was requested, while we can do that.

    It will not accede the hieght of next door, as per NYC Zoning,

    It will not be as the Islamophopes are making it big,,

    It's a community Center that should, logically, serve the community,, and the residents around it, Where can a community center built, at the Ocean, lol .

    God Bless America,, and shame on the Hatred and Bigots, among us…


  • DO it.

    any one knows how many peole signed in the rally??? just to see if we can win the game or not.. against muslims,??

  • Mohammad

    the popel who are using the community of sheepshead bay are to fulfull their agenda,

    to know more about them

    please visit the link

  • Kon

    Why must we put buildings of religious worship in residential neighborhoods? I personally oppose all places of religious worship, Churches, Mosques, Synagogues in areas meant to be residential spaces. Religions are businesses. They sell faith and comfort to those who are not capable of perceiving the world as it is.

  • Lisanne!

    Too late.

  • Abu-Aymen

    see the link

    and I think such people , regardless their backgrounds, and religions to be followed,,

  • Reb Doniel

    While I am not affiliated with the Anti-Defamation League in any way, shape, or form, the ADL and other civil rights groups bring attention to the problematic and disturbing nature of the Muslim American Society, which is sponsoring this mosque.

    The MAS has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafi sect, both of which spawned and inspired terrorist organizations around the world, including Hamas and Al Qaeda. In addition, many of its leaders have links to Hamas and Al Qaeda, and it distributes materials promoting anti-semitism

  • To Reb-

    First , What proofs that MAS is sponsoring the project ?? They will be “”””Affiliated””””
    Second,, I think lots of Israelis are ageist Israel itself,,,, By the way I m against any killing act from Either Side….

    Lots of Jews are against Israel Too,, So do not blame MAS if it does,,,,

    Search for Jews against Israel ,, I have no time to give you all of the links ,, about that matter,, They are too-0000000000 many, cannot fit in this blog.. Google that please

  • eugene

    why dont you build it in front of the Jewish center on Nostand ave, there is much bigger lot for would be much better way to show the community that it is a community center. Why arab parents who's kids go to P.S 52 next block to propposed Masque do not let their kids go to Jewish Museim for the planned trip? please, dont start about God Bless America we all remember September 11
    Salam, lol

  • Kon

    That is a sad truth. :[ I don't care what christians, jews, or muslims do, as long as they don't disturb my peace. All this protesting and fighting is disturbing my peace. I want to start a huge anti-protest protest. Protest people protesting. Kind of counter-productive, but makes a semi-valid point about how protesting is pointless, and annoys people who don't care.

  • Lisanne!

    The domain registration information for this seems suspicious. I'd avoid this link.

  • Ilan

    “Religions are businesses. They sell faith and comfort to those who are not capable of perceiving the world as it is.”

    I'm adding this to my book of quotes if you don't mind, very witty and makes a lot of sense in a way (though I believe in God but I don't follow any specific customs). I always used to say, in order to sell their religion they will answer all your questions, but once you're in and you want to get out; they won't answer a single thing at all. They just try and appeal to the appetite and fill the void of anyone who is looking for a reason to “go on”.

    I don't know if Bay People's reasons are driven by “hate” or those complaints they built up against the mosque people; but I do know (been living in Sheepshead forever) that once this mosque is up and built; there will be many changes to our neighborhood. As if through the 90's up till now the influx of so many people didn't already cause a major change. All the mom and pop stores gone, etc.

    That's the evolution of our area though; there's this crazy video about the growth of Muslims on youtube, they said they will take over the world simply because their mortality rate and births out weigh the rest of many of the world's nations. It's kind of scary if you think about it. It has 12 million views, check it out: seems a lot of people are concerned with it. The makers of this video by the way are attempting to preach christianity; so don't mind the last 15 seconds of rubbish lol.

    Btw Ned, great coverage. Always enjoying reading.

  • Lisanne!

    Oftentimes protesting is pointless. And protesting leads to more protesting. It can become a vicious cycle.

    But the right to public assembly is a basic one, and while they might temporarily annoy it is important that we allow such gatherings, even if the expression of participants offends many people. This right extends to both sides equally.

    The only thing worse than expression that offends is the idea that repression is an acceptable response to it.

  • Lisanne!

    Why do you wish to shill for the drivel of ignorant people? The people who put this together are selling their own scary crap. They're hoping that people will start a race war; this is a always quite effective preliminary to their own takeover of the US. Of course this won't actually happen, but they believe they can facilitate it.

    They're quite out of their minds.

  • shamil benyaminov

    You think wrong, only fake so called “jews” against Israel (stupid liberal jews and so called atheist)….i want for them to abounded Judaism as a whole nobody needs those savages who are willing to shield someone interests just because of hatred and racist reasons. It’s jews who are the righteous people who able to criticize themselves and be criticize by others without issuing a fatwa on someone’s life. We don’t threaten anyone way of living if they decide to convert or do something else. Stop blaming your personal problems and your insanity on Israel.

    Eretz Israel, Yerushalayim Zion Forever

    Please Please stop this non sense you are not racist but the other side is racist…..BS

  • Abu Aymen

    TO Mr eugene

    Are you with this person who said that statment”
    “If they build a mosque there, I’m going to bomb the mosque,”

    If no I m not with the people who did 9/11

    If yes ,, Im still Not with them neither…. !!
    I would like ot hear from you !!! Let see???

  • Kon

    I disagree, no rights should infringe on other rights. People protesting in a residential area infringes on my right to take a peaceful nap. Protest in a public area, not in a residential one.

  • Ilan

    I'm in agreement, they are out of their minds. That video did kind of send chills down my spine though; the theatrical “what if” lingering in your mind after watching it is indeed scary. Transition/change is never easy digest.. I'm not for or anti any of this stuff; it's until somehow that it impacts my life; that it would matter. I guess if I lived 10 feet away from it I may feel slightly akward, I'm all the way down by the teens though so I guess I can't see it through the eyes of the most of the neighbors that are scared that the “quality of life” will spiral down. In all honesty I wouldn't know how I would react if they proposed to build this thing a few feet away from my bedroom window. You know what I mean?

  • Andy

    Bullshit, Eugene. My son's best friend and classmate in PS 52 went to the Jewish Museum, as well as other Muslim kids.

    • Do it

      loool Andy,

      He just trying to cover up,,,lol

      OH Man I m sick of that BS>

  • Andy

    hmmm, let's see, should we have St. Mark's Church investigated for its ties to the Vatican?

  • Dssayani

    The only Jews against Israel are either very radical anti-Zionist Marxists on the far left (J-Street, Tony Judt, Tony Kushner, CPUSA, etc.) and those Ultra-Orthodox anti-Zionists on the right, who oppose the state of Israel not out of any utopian sense of social justice or Palestinian sympathies, but out of religious conviction (Neturei Karta, Satmar, Haredim, etc.)

  • shamil benyaminov

    my friend you are obstinately right … tribe comes from these areas of south kavkaz but before that persia but before persia Israel.

    I will be very upset if G-d forbid my home country Azerbaijan Baku where i was born and raised will fall under influence of radical nut case Muslims. There were a few attempts to blow up Israeli embassy in Baku, but thank G-d local Azeri authority stop that attack and guess what those rats are rotting in jail. Search on for that specific incident I promise you will get results on that search. Stupid liberal American media, i personally dont watch tv….i dont own tv

  • Lisanne!

    They're building churches and temples on side streets, and no one complains. Judiasm and Christianity are familiar to us and not overly threatening, Mosques are still outside the experience of many of us and our impressions of Musilims is often based upon the acts of a few bad seeds that become big media stories.

    The Muslims aren't going to be taking over America by multiplying, and in Sheepshead Bay they are now, and will remain a small percentage of the population. We have representative populations from over 50 ethnic groups, I think the diversity works here, because no one group can place its agenda over that of others. (Unless they try to do so illegally)

  • Lisanne!

    That's only rumor. Never been proven.

  • Lisanne!

    Residential areas are public areas too, by definition of law.

    Construction interferes with your “right” to take a peaceful nap too, but is allowed.

    Society recognizes that one's liberties are subject to consideration of the liberties and needs of others.

  • Eitan

    Look, we are all Americans here who whole heartedly believe in the constitution and the rights it gives all people, regardless of faith to worship and express themselves peacefully. There is little need to keep making that point. What does bother me is the general atmosphere here on this blog that the people against this mosque are somehow wrong and are anti-american.

    I dont live near where this mosque is proposed to be built, so I wont weigh in on whether it should go forward or not. What I wish to comment about is the knee jerk reaction that if there is a group of people against this mosque, then they must be bigots and not the kind of Americans we would like them to be. This reminds me of the logic of affirmative action, where an effort is made to try really, really hard to not look like bigots or racists. Has any thought been given to the idea that perhaps the people of the affected community who do not wish to see this mosque go up may have a legitimate reason for feeling that way?

    There are some concerning reports that shady and reprehensible groups may be somehow linked to this mosque. And before you rush to speak, realise that what people and human relationships are the real drivers of facts on the ground. A paper trail is only the shadow of it. There may be much more to it than an alleged “affiliation”. I know that in the wake of 9/11 and for many years afterward there were mosques throughout brooklyn who were investigated, raided and prosecuted for having ties to violent radical groups. What guarantees to the families in the affected community have that this behavior will not happen at this proposed mosque?

    This is more than simple bigotry. The muslim community has a severe p.r. problem in the United States and if they want greater acceptance they shouldnt simply act astonished when that acceptence isnt forthcoming from the community.

  • Sami1345

    an Aplication have been sent to DOT, to make Voorhies Ave

    One way Street,

    What Bay People will say Then ???


    How about that? any other excuses . come on people..

    It is al based on hate and segregation…….

    GO back and search , info are still available all over the web,, about the issue

  • Yaseen205

    I do not think it is needed to post these info,

    That is an Ad and we respect it..

    No one is forcing anyone to convert…. These places are for the community to practice like others are doing…

    Such opposition does not make any sense .. It has some concern ,, but to be to a point where this guy to blow it up, it is over the top.. let be realistic

  • Sami1345

    at least some on is against not only Muslims,,,

    That is the point to be made.. sir,

  • Lisanne!

    You can't make Voorhies Avenue a one way street merely to accommodate a religious institution. It can't be done and shouldn't be done.

  • Alex Tenenbaum

    OK guys, slow down. Put yourself in my position and if you can honestly say that you would still support the mosque, please-please-please call me a bigot. Again, be honest with yourselves! Dear Abu-Aymen, I expect you to answer this honestly too. 1) Your bedroom window will be facing a community center designed for 100 families. 2) You have no driveway or garage and expect people coming to the community center to occupy every available parking spot. 3) You need to drive somewhere but you can't because your street is one way in each direction and there are double-parked cars on the block. 4) You want to rest but there is constant noise: calls to prayer, people coming and going, cars honking. 5) You want to go somewhere with a baby carriage but you have to take the other side of the street because this side of the street, which is very narrow, has a crowd of people waiting to enter and you can't physically pass. 6) And finally, when your quality of life is way down, when you can't take it any longer, when you decide to find your quiet somewhere else, surprise! NOBODY WANTS TO PURCHASE YOUR HOUSE. Why? Because of the noise, traffic, lack of parking, crowded sidewalks, etc. Have you head of Catch 22? Welcome to my reality! Am I bitter? Sure I am! Would I prefer a synagogue or a church? No! Am I anti-Muslim? You be the judge: my very best friend growing up was Muslim, and I still love him dearly, miss him, and try to stay in touch as much as possible. Am I anti-Arab? You decide: I used to drive an Arab girl almost every day from college to her house when we attended classes together. Are you ready to judge? Did you put yourself in my shoes, or better yet, in my house? You can start calling me names now!



  • Abu Aymen

    I want to ask you before I answer the Question..

    I would like to answer into parts..
    I want to ask you before I answer the Question..

    I would like to answer into parts..

    1- Before the statement that was published yesterday… ( )
    2- after that statement, I think you know what is it!!!

    2- SO what!!!! to be there… and no need to answer the Questions,,,,. we are there and will be there, “no matter what”, this person is ignored and will be i custody sooner or later.

    1- Your concerns are some how right ,, BUT…

    I think the people around you making it big out of nothing.. My dear, People live right next to mosque,, wall to wall, and we respect each other.. Go the Brown stone houses and you will see one of them is a mosque…

    What have just mentioned things do not exist.. they might but not to what you expresses them..

    Parking, I think along that ave,, everyone has a garage , and must,, as per NYC Code… Unless you live in that Condo,,, I think Shore Parkway is better to park,, So one will bother,, and people will walk to it….Alex,, lets be realistic,, these 1 or 2 families must have garages as NYC Zoning..

    So others are using the people who are facing the mosque to fight for them and put them in a bad position…

    you can use the side walk, who said you cannot,,,, yes the max number of people will attend once a week only , and that is at a time 1-2 pm, when no kids, no people are running around and no traffic at Lunch hour…..

    all other times will be OK,, and average of 10 people will be at that center during the day…

    Mr. Alex, If it is me, I would live there regardless the users, of that place… for my college life I used to across street from a church and school, when I had time, I used to go and ask questions and know more about them, We have too many events together, I have Clips and videos showing my participation in their evens, which I like to be part of. Events that brings everyone together and know about each other, for the sake of living and understanding in this divers society….

    Mr. , I think Islamophobes are using the community of Sheepshead Bay to be involved in such issues that just started Yesterday…. By raising and scaring people of such issues
    At one point everyone will be familiar to each other, it needs time..

    By the way, Homes these days are hard to sell, hard to buy. I think it is all over the country, But again these people come to you and relate that to the mosque existence..
    Come on

    Your property will not go down at all, In fact it will go up if you decide to sell it. I think Muslims will think to move and they will pay what each house cost, regardless.

    I want to say, Do not make it a big deal out of nothing, and do not listen to such people who put others in trouble and leave… I fee sorry to those who believe them and get a long with them ,, It just does not work and will not work….

    Hate and racism comes along with opposition by a way or another…. As per officials..

    I hope I answered questions to what you concern and we are welling to host an event to explain and try to come up with solutions for these concerns, soon..

    We just did not hear any one saying we,as Muslims,e need a place to go to just like any body else among the People who are opposing..

    We recognize your concerns, but opponents should recognize ours as well. which they do not….. TO sad….

    Over all, I would prefer to live next a place of worship, regardless the type,. Why
    safer, better, peaceful area to be at…

  • Nik

    Have any of you visited any Mosque's when they have services?
    they are full and the streets are then full of people who cannot get in and the sidewalks are blocked with people praying many times a day. It disrups the whole neighborhood.

  • Good Morning, America…

    Well ,
    So what is the solution,,

    I think the only solution is to build more mosques so people can go to others if one is full..

    BY oing that, the crowed will spread out and less people to see, less issues we face,,,

    Let it go,, and think,,

    I always like to think especially in the morning..

  • Alex Tenenbaum

    Thank you for saying that I have legit concerns!!! (as you said “some how right”) I don't care if someone else doesn't mind living next to a place of worship. I do! I lived next to a church for a couple of years and wasn't happy about the noise and parking issues. Do you expect people do believe that you want to build a 4 story building that would be used by 10 people most of the time? Where is my driveway if you know so much about zoning rules? I don't have one. Walk around the neighborhood, and you will find many houses with no driveways and no garages. There will be noise, there will be traffic, there will be lack of parking, and so far you said nothing to convince me otherwise. If you recognized my concerns you wouldn't be building the mosque. This structure will be a nuisance.

  • Bad for the area

    You know that the pretty soon Muslim will be the biggest religion in the world. Not all Muslims are terrorist, But all ( 99% ) of terrorists are Muslims. ( heard someone say it and was not sure what to think of it )

  • Tj


    Freedom of religion, speech, the press, assembly, and petition.

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  • PayPaul

    I may be mistaken here but there is a form of house of worship for Muslims such as you suggest called a Masjid. It's the equivalent, as I have seen them, of a storefront church. However a mosque like synagogues, cathedrals and Protestant churches would be favored as the more formal venue for religious services by congregants.

  • PayPaul

    If you are so concerned about traffic and overcrowding in this neighborhood your energies should be directed at the proliferation of condos with limited driveway parking and the residents of those buildings who possess two cars or more. Refuse from the buildings crowds the sidewalk and carries an awful smell. These monstrosities are what need to be halted. The streets and infrastructure can't support the additional population.

  • PayPaul

    I may be mistaken here but there is a form of house of worship for Muslims such as you suggest called a Masjid. It's the equivalent, as I have seen them, of a storefront church. However a mosque like synagogues, cathedrals and Protestant churches would be favored as the more formal venue for religious services by congregants.

  • PayPaul

    If you are so concerned about traffic and overcrowding in this neighborhood your energies should be directed at the proliferation of condos with limited driveway parking and the residents of those buildings who possess two cars or more. Refuse from the buildings crowds the sidewalk and carries an awful smell. These monstrosities are what need to be halted. The streets and infrastructure can't support the additional population.

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  • JOAN


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  • Randy

    Listen, you, Abu-Aymen ,Barah Hussein-Allah-Ahbar.Your islam is not religion This is ideology of domination and blood.Every mosgue -is part of islamization. Your brothers trying to establish sharia low in Europe and in theUSA.9/11-is felony of islam.
    And today u built more and planning more mosque in America.New York is not Cordova.Imam Rauf is enemy-fifth column.Take off your mask,imam.We don’t believe in your ”peaceful” mission.This is just ”peaceful’ jihad.I don’t care -Ground zero or Woorhies Ave. Stop islam, Awake America!
    P.S you may call me ”islamofobe”,rasist.I don’t expect nothing else from you!

  • Anonymous

    ROFL @ you. How about that.

  • Animo916

    Many people have fought this issue for many years. My mother died while still fighting the fight as a community activist. Her fight, as with many others, goes back to the days before the Loehman’s Plaza was built, and we fought that too, and lost. Ironically, all the issues that we brought up against building Loehman’s, came to fruition. She would drive through neighborhoods taking pictures to submit to the local politicians and community boards. Unfortunately, we lose the fight with these unsightly condos because the Mayor’s office sees $$$$$$$ every time a multiple unit replaces a single unit.

  • Anonymous

    There are tons of militant groups in the world, all fighting for this cause or some other. Today it’s muslims, 20 years ago it was the IRA, Shining Path etc. What about the Somali Pirates. They’re terrorists as well.

    How about the terrorists in our neighborhood that terrorize us with their constantly honking horns all day and night? There’s also the piggy terrorists who make this neighborhood a cesspool with their discarded Red Bull cans, Starbucks coffee cups and used diapers lining the streets and sidewalks. Let us also not forget the sidewalk cyclists who threaten to run us down every day.

    99% of terrorists are Muslims? Nah. But neither is poverty a cause which is a condition under which a lot of Muslims suffer.

    But in the US Arabs do not constitute a large proportion of the poor. In fact they are doing quite well. Maybe we should be scared of that or maybe it’s the American system at fault?

  • Anonymous

    Oh too true. Yet aside from your mother and a minority of others, most people here seem more content with exerting their energies on this issue rather than tackling the real life problems of this neighborhood.

    Why is that?
    (being rhetorical here)

  • Jhonsmith369

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  • Crazychick269222

    u guy all wanna noe someonething to all of u guyz that say that all musliums are terriorst basically u have no brain so ur shot cause not all musliums were in 911 and even so some ,musliums dies in 911 to so go fuck yourselfs!

  • alex

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