Approximately 200 people braved the hot, humid weather on Friday, June 29, to party down on the pier for Sheepshead Bites fourth birthday party, proving yet again what an awesome, vibrant and supportive community the Sheepshead Bites readership is.

Those that came got to enjoy some awesome live music, free food and party favors, and cheap, cold beverages to fend off the summer heat.

My favorite part, easily, was getting the chance to gab with Sheepshead Bites commenters like LostInService, Andrew Kent, BayResident, Allen Shweky and more – many of whom I met for the first time.

I was also flattered and humbled by the numerous readers who came up to me during the night, expressing thanks for the tremendous work of the Sheepshead Bites team for providing a platform to keep informed and connected to their neighborhood. I was especially touched by the couple who just moved to the neighborhood and said Sheepshead Bites has helped lend familiarity to an otherwise strange land. (By the way, you couple, I’m still waiting to hear from you so we can grab a drink!)

It’s remarks like that that keep us going on our mission to be the most useful online platform for everyone in the neighborhood. And it’s events like this that bring alive our goal of translating a digital community into a real world one.

We owe special thanks to the sponsors of the event. As I said at the party, last year we put together this event for the first time from scratch as a giveback to our readers. This year, the job was made much easier thanks to the support of the following:

  • Big Apple Sewer & Drain was the top sponsor of the event, providing funds to hire people to watch the doors, distribute the food and giveaways and provide cleanup afterwards. And Big Apple does a great job at what they’re known for: plumbing. I know this because I’ve used them for my own problems!
  • TD Bank funded the entertainment for the night, helping us bring in two great new bands who we’re stilling hearing great feedback from our readers about.
  • Bassett Caterers provided several platters of finger sandwiches, plates, cutlery and napkins, giving us the fuel we needed to par-tay!
  • Pinto Novelty provided giveaways that kept people smiling. No one ever gets tired of the jokes provided by Hawaiian leis.
  • And, of course, the Baron DeKalb Knights of Columbus, which has been a tremendous force over the past four years, consistently opening their doors to our readers and treating us all warmly.

Additional thanks go to those who placed greetings on the site wishing us a happy birthday: Councilman Michael Nelson, Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein, congressional candidate Alan Bellone, Ridgewood Savings Bank – Sheepshead Bay branch, Popular Community Bank – Sheepshead Bay Road branch, State Senator Marty Golden, Assembly candidate Ben Akselrod, district leader candidate Ari Kagan, State Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz and Community Board 15.

And don’t forget to check out the bands’ websites: Curbside Hustle and Melting Point.

Thanks again for a great party, a great year, and a great job – none of which would not be possible without your support.

All photos by Erica Sherman.

UPDATE (July 11, 2012): Just added the following batch of photos from Sheepshead Bites freelancer Joe Comperiati:


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  • BayResident

    You remembered me. I blushed.

    Happy Birthday again Sheepshead Bites, and Ned, I may not have said it in person but that is only because I’ve said it so many times before: you have singlehandedly (well, maybe with the help of Robert and a few others) changed the way I view our neighborhood and local affairs. I grew up in Sheepshead Bay, but it wasn’t until I stumbled across the blog about three years ago that I realized just how much there is to our little community by the water. Seriously guys, I know I’m far from the only one. This site is a great public service, and I hope that you continue to expand and achieve success from doing it!

    It was nice to see everyone and talk to Ned, Robert, Randy, and others.

  • Arthur Borko

    I was too tired to make it after work dangit.

  • Jen Thorpe-Moscon

    It was a great party — a lot of fun.  Thanks to Ned and all of Sheepshead Bites for putting it together!

  • NSF

    ‘Twas a hot night; thanks for the cool pics! 
    Thanks for letting me contribute to the site.

  • Janelle

    I would’ve went, but I had to pack for the vacation the next day. Looks like it was a good time!

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