Hundreds turned out for the 29th National Night Out Against Crime, celebrated locally in the yard behind the 61st Precinct (2575 Coney Island Avenue) on Tuesday.

Kids played on giant inflatable amusements, while their parents devoured food supplied by ChopStix Chinese Restaurant (3790 Nostrand Avenue), as well burgers and hot dogs cooked up by volunteers from the 61st Precinct Community Council. Later, a small fleet of antique automobiles rumbled up Gravesend Neck Road, pulling up alongside the inflatable rides for kids and adults to gawk at.

A slew of politicians also came out, including Councilmembers Lew Fidler, Michael Nelson and Domenic Recchia, State Senators Marty Golden and David Storobin, Assemblymembers Helene Weinstein and Alec Brook-Krasny, District Attorney Charles Hynes, Department of Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty (representing the mayor) – alongside a host of candidates and other community leaders – heaping praise on Deputy Inspector Georgios Mastrokostas and officers of the 61st Precinct, for keeping the area among the safest in the city.

Here’s our photo gallery of the fun, festive afternoon promoting neighborhood spirit and police-community partnership:

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  • ShadowLock

    David Strorobin wearing a Blue Tie? Dafuq is that  shit?

  • Heroicnypd

    I’m sure John Hockenjos and every other victim of that despicable precinct must get as disgusted as I do seeing all of the “What a nice Precinct” pieces on this site.  That filthy precinct makes the Gotti Family look respectable. 

    Amazing that the precinct can host street fairs but never will investigate crimes, will not respond to 911 calls, or review video tape evidence. They love to host dinners in restaurants whose ownership is questionable to say the least, harass drivers, bicyclists, dog walkers and elderly jews who they chase out of the parks at dusk like prison guards,  but can’t seem to respond to 911 calls.

     Anyone who has dealt with that precinct knows how rotten they are going back to the 1970′s. Even former cops from there give scowls when asked about their time in it. 

    Between the rah, rah pieces on the politicians and cops, it makes me wonder why the site administrator even bothers to try and pass this site off as a “news” site, when it is PROPAGANDA of the finest order. They really must have something on him for him to be such a cheerleader. 

    I know this comment will disappear and I will soon be banned from posting, but in the mean time others will see it and nod their heads in knowing agreement and keep hope that one day all of the letters and calls to the FBI and Justice Department  will result in the precinct finally being fumigated along with a nice perp walk of everyone working in it for the press.

    • Barkingspider07

      I agree with you that the precinct is dirty and dishonest, but don’t run your big mouth and negative comments about the site administrator/s.  The staff of this website is always on the ball and they post important news and neighborhood happenings before anyone else.  If you don’t like it here, you can leave – take your paranoid ass and read Gerritsen Beach’s web blog.  We don’t need your kind here.

      • Ned Berke

        Thanks for your kind words. I won’t be deleting his comment, but I hope he realizes in time that the Hockenjos incident – and, indeed, all the incidents that are usually mentioned in comments critical of the police – was reported on this site. I don’t see why we can’t report on that AND this. And I hope he sticks around to see all the various shades of gray a real life community is, with all its good and bad parts.

        • TonyDanza

          How come my response was deleted but this turd “heroicnypd”s wasn’t? I don’t get it.

    • TonyDanza

      Yeah, that’s right.  It seems like you have it all figured out you moron.  One bad experience with a cop, so that must mean that EVERY cop that works there or did work there is corrupt.  You’re just too stupid to realize how assinine your post is.  I’ll also bet that you’re no choir boy yourself.  Probably have a few arrests to your name, while contributing nothing positive to the community over the years.  Just a tough guy who hides behind his computer.

      • Guest

        You’re probably another cop fluffer who gets off on carrying a night stick for his “personal use.” For that much of a personal attack, surely you are a current or former cop that helped yourself to many a store register in your day.

        With an imbecilic name like “TonyDanza” you must be another dirty cop
        moron or maybe you aspired to be a another dirty cop but couldn’t pass
        that extremely difficult and demanding public service exam Bwahaha. Who
        exactly is that “tough guy hiding behind a computer”?

        Everyone knowing what that precinct is needn’t have “an arrest or two” but only a set of eyes and ears that hear and see all the wonderful things that go on there when they aren’t hosting dinners at known organized crime locations and street fairs. Between the false arrests, brutality, terrorizing, harassment, refusal to do their jobs, sleeping on the beaches, outright CORRUPTION and refusing to respond to 911 calls – a blind priest would know.

        Every time I talk to strangers and that precinct comes up there is a knowing sense of disgust and a grimace, followed by new anecdotes of personal experiences with them. From it taking three hours to respond to emergency accident calls, having been hung up on by desk sergeants, harassed by one particularly nasty blond woman cop, numerous ignored 911 calls of thieves going house to house and car to car, ignored car break ins, home break ins, writing fake tickets by the dozen at quota time, “officers” threatening to pull  college kids out of their cars and “beat them” because they had  expensive cars and the officer was jealous, “Moonlighting” for gangster clubs that Robert Friedman wrote about in the Village Voice extensively.

        Shouldn’t the RICO statutes apply to that precinct seeing how so many “looked the other way” and were caught on tape knowingly supporting a false arrest of Mr. Hockenjos? I counted SEVEN on the tape alone who did nothing but allow an innocent man to lose his freedom and had it not been for the cameras, he would be in prison. That is a CONSPIRACY. That eliminates the “ONE BAD APPLE” claim right off the bat.

        How many “officers” from the precinct have been arrested for things like burglary, drug possession? Some more bad apples…. How many brutality lawsuits have been settled? I know of a few personally with at least four of “those bad apples” involved alone. How many “officers” are known even to other cops there for being morons? Again I know of a few more “bad apples”. Maybe it isn’t “every cop” but just every other one or “only” “two out of every three” with the rest too blind or incompetent to do anything about it or simply toting that blue line so that they can retire with their “bennies” after a couple of years.

  • Walgreens

    Was Walgreens there?