Map of the primary and alternate detour routes. Stars indicate presence of traffic agents. Click to enlarge. (Source: DOT)

Map of the primary and alternate detour routes. Stars indicate presence of traffic agents. Click to enlarge. (Source: DOT)

Extensive repairs to the Belt Parkway will cause the Department of Transportation to shutter a section of the highway during nights for approximately three weeks, beginning tonight.

Contractors will be tearing up the asphalt and repaving the eastbound Belt Parkway between Flatbush Avenue and Rockaway Parkway every evening from 11pm to 5am. Work will take place during those hours every day except Sundays.

During the construction, drivers will be guided through a detour route that exits at Flatbush Avenue, continues to Utica and Flatlands avenues, then to East 76th Street/Paerdegat Avenue, to Seaview Avenue before finally returning to the highway at Rockaway Parkway.

Flatlands Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue and Knapp Street will provide alternative detours. See the map above for more information.

There will be signs along the detour route for additional guidance.

Work will not take place the nights of Wednesday, September 24, and Thursday, September 25, in observance of Rosh Hashanah, but will continue again Friday night.

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  • Alex

    So, basically, we’re fuc*ed.

  • leave a lane open

    at least leave one lane open.

  • Jim Beam

    Unless you are driving at 3 in the morning, you are not fuc*ed. Read the article. Road is closed from 11PM-5AM.

    • Alex

      A number of people drive during the hours.
      So, yes, a lot of us are fuc’ed, including me.

    • guest

      Let’s not also forget that the area you are being diverted through has also seen an uptick in overall crime. This weekend in particular. If all they are doing is paving, which by the way they did over the past few months in this same area they are closing, they could have made a compromise, taking the livelihoods of those they may be putting into danger into consideration.

      They are only going to rip this all up when they redo the Mill Basin Drawbridge.

  • Nicky B

    “every day except Sundays”… does that mean there will be no closure Saturday night at 11 until Sunday morning at 5 am?

    • Ned Berke

      No closures Sunday night at 11 until Monday at 5. There will be closures on Saturday night.

  • bill

    Is this a waste of money and time? Isn’t that part of the Belt that will be replaced when the new Mill Basin Bridge is built? BTW – why has that not been started yet?

  • Alex

    Very strict blog

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