From the office of City Councilman Chaim Deutsch:

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  • Alex Shafiro

    This is a really nice event but why would you hold it on a work day at 5pm? Maybe they don’t want a crowd.

  • Dirty_on_U

    Maybe Chaim Deutsch should do something about cleaning up Avenue U. It is so dirty with garbage all over the streets. You would think that would be more important. Despite numerous calls to his office, nothing has been done. I wonder if he ever took the time to take a walk on Ave. U between Ocean Ave. & Coney Island Ave., especially after 4PM when a fruit store on E.16th puts out tables on the sidewalk and on E.16 St., making it hard for the pedestrians to walk by.

    Speaking about bicycles, how come no one does anything to stop them on the sidewalks. He knows it’s illegal.
    For a newly elected official, I am very disappointed in him. He is not doing right for the people who helped put him in office.

    • no tickets after 3PM

      Its done after 4 because city inspectors finish work by 3PM

    • Citizen

      Surprised, surprised! Chaim Deutsch has done more in six months than others in years! So, stop it.

    • Supporter of Left Handed Rule

      I am very impressed by Chaim Deutsch as a newly elected official he had shown more energy and done more than our previous windbag. He is doing right for the people who live in his District, not just those of you who helped put him in office (and expect favors).

  • Citizen

    Chaim Deutsch IS planning clean up events, Sunday, July 27 on Sheepshead Bay Road and Week or two after on Avenue U

    Sunday, July 27th

    10:00am – 4:00pm

    Meet at: Sheepshead Bay Rd @ Voorhies Avenue

    Rain Date: August 3rd

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