Source: dtanist/Flickr

A man died early Friday morning after he jumped in front of a Q train in Brighton Beach, the Daily News reports.

The man, who police said was in his mid 40s, apparently threw himself in front of the southbound Q train as it rolled into the Ocean Pkwy. station shortly after midnight on Friday, police said.

The man was pronounced dead at Coney Island Hospital.

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  • gary

    We need more like this guy. I live in Manalapan and the foreclosure rate there are 10 times higher than are the foreclosure rates in South Brooklyn. Russian computer programmers needed, no foreign degrees accepted. Men and women given equal preference. Please lose your mortgage and do everybody a favor.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone got any pics or videos of the incident they can submit to Bestgore or upload to liveleak instead of putting up train-related stock photos? The cop in the photo has a sweet ass tattoo.

    • Anonymous

      Oh I’m sorry, I forgot this was Sheepshead Bites, where are my manners? Let me try again. Pig. The pig in the photo has a sweet ass tattoo.

      • ES

        I can’t speak for the cop or the publisher of the site, but I found your comment highly disparaging, idiotic and unnecessary. Has behaving like a moron by insulting others made you feel better?