Bay View Houses (Source: Google Maps)

Bay View Houses (Source: Google Maps)

Lawrence Walden, 27, was found shot in the head last night outside of Coney Island’s Bay View Houses, across from Kaiser Park.

Police were called to 3112 Bay View Avenue at approximately 9:30 p.m. Thursday after being tipped off to an assault. They arrived to find Walden sprawled across the housing project’s walkway. He had suffered a gunshot wound to the head.

Unresponsive and unconscious, EMS rushed Walden to Coney Island Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

No arrests were made, and the investigation is ongoing.

Walden’s listed address, according to police, is on Howard Avenue on the Crown Heights – Brownsville border.

As of June 29, the 60th Precinct, which covers Coney Island, Brighton Beach and Gravesend, has seen nine shooting incidents in 2014, with 11 victims. It’s a decrease from this time last year, when the precinct saw 13 incidents with 18 victims.

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  • Alex

    OMFG, I am shocked!!
    Another shooting in the projects

  • Alex

    Shootings and deaths all over Brooklyn? Who cares!!
    But GOD FORBID somebody feels discriminated due to “stop & frisk”

    • Brooklyn King

      ‘stop & frisk’ should always be enforced … but that dummy Mayor ‘Blah Blah’ disagreed … you know who I am referring to 🙂

  • NYC Cit

    In their eyes it’s better to have 100′s of minority residents killed than 1 stopped and frisked. Way to go guys! It’s not even the mayor’s or the commish’s fault, until the community rises up against the thug culture these killings will continue, plain and simple. Just the other day there was an arrest of a black person for murder and immediately there were groups of people wearing “FREE so and so” t-shirts. It’s like they want their neighborhoods overrun with killers and drug dealers.
    And then that race hustler Jumaane Williams says something has to be done! Newsflash, you idiot, something was being done but you wanted that something stopped. These are the results.

    • Gary t

      Jumaane Williams is like the Yasser Arafat. Imagine Arafat saying that the reason a palestinian commits crimes, is due to a lack of jobs for palestinians in Israel. Were Williams a white male, he would be thrown out of office.

  • not to be racist

    Not to be racist. But, any statistics as to who are the shooters and victims. White, Hispanic and Black.

  • joe

    How are shootings down this year without stop & Frisk? So there were more shootings last year in that area when stop & Frisk was in effect? That is strange

  • Bobby “Babs” Boone

    Knee Grows at it again. Not surprised at the natural TNB (Typical “Nee-Grow” Behavior) that “they” all exhibit one time or another. A typical Knee Grow chimpout at best.

  • Alex

    what exactly are you trying to convey with your last paragraph?
    Makes me wonder.

    • Ned Berke

      What on earth does it make you wonder about? It’s the shooting stats so far this year, which puts it in greater context.

      • Alex

        I would prefer to look and compare annual statistics. This year and the next. There could be 9 shootings in July, and 30 shootings in August.
        So we’ll have to wait and see

        • Ned Berke

          You want me to look into the future?

          • ShadowLock

            Better give me the winning lotto numbers first hand!!!

          • Alex

            I’m sorry Ned.
            I get overly passionate about this topic.
            I hope you have a great weekend

      • Gary t

        Although shootings are down in the area covered by the 60th precinct, However, The city as a whole has seen an uptick in shootings, when compared to this time last year. The Comstat figures are available free of charge, just Google NYC crime stats.t

        • Ned Berke

          All of the stats, by precinct, borough and citywide, are available here. I encourage anyone to take a look, and that’s exactly why we share them every week:

          That said, I give the local stats because this is a local incident reported on a local website, which is being handled by local authorities. I don’t think the citywide stats are as relevant to answering the question “Are you safe in your own neighborhood?” – the precinct stats are.

          • Alex

            Do I feel safe in my Sheepshead Bay?
            Sure I do. Otherwise I wouldn’t be living here.
            Do I feel safe when traveling to and from work in Coney Island or other parts of Brooklyn, sometimes late night?
            I do not think so.
            I understand you cover our local area but lets look at the big picture for once.

  • jerry

    I’d like to know if those Comstat statistics have ever been audited by an independent agency or dept.? I really feel that they are fudged.

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