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A tattoo declaring his innocence did little to stop a Brooklyn jury from convicting a man for a 2012 sexual assault in Brighton Beach.

Giorgi Shevardenidze, 27, was found guilty of attacking a woman at the Brighton Beach subway station on July 28, 2012, with prosecutors alleging he grabbed his victim around the neck and mouth from behind, and choked, smothered and groped her.

Before his trial, though, he sought to clear his name with some permanent ink. He appeared in court with a tattoo of a bell on his right hand, with the word’s “I am not guilty” beneath it.

Jurors didn’t take the hint, finding him guilty of aggravated sexual assault after approximately four hours of deliberations. The crime carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

Prosecutors said Shevardenidze targeted his 22-year-old victim, riding eight stops past his destination to follow her. But Shevardenidze’s lawyers said it was all just a big misunderstanding. Shevardenidze was drunk, took a stumble, and landed on a butt, they argued.

The Daily News reports:

“He targeted this young lady,” prosecutor Olatokunbo Olaniyan told jurors during closing arguments. “He saw that blond hair, he saw that dress and he saw a crime of opportunity.”

Taking the stand Monday, the defendant contended he was bombed after a night of heavy drinking and that he “lost my balance and… accidentally put a hand on her butt.”

He said he got off at that stop to buy weed.

His lawyers argued the woman suffered no injuries and “overreacted” to an innocent encounter.

The New York Post adds that Shevardenidze was arrested on May 19, charged with misdemeanor assault for punching and biting a man in Midwood.

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  • Nick the Rat

    Were there any witnesses? I have seen killers get less time than 15 years! He didn’t even rape (not saying he should get hit with some sort of penalty) her! How did he get caught? Why would he admit to going to buy weed? Why do i still see twinkies for sale at my local supermarket? When did fondling become worse than Punching and trying to eat someone?!?!?!

    • BayResident

      All valid questions that I too would like some answers too. I saw Twinkies at On The Run the other day. We’ve been duped.

    • Murry

      ” He didn’t even rape her”. ???

      • Nick the Rat

        not down playing what he did (what did he do again? Other than be a creeper freak jerk face), but 15 years seems excessive. Ive seen guys “in da club” do worse than this

        • Ed

          Maximum sentence of 15 years. He hasn’t been sentenced yet.

    • Gene2T

      nick, just imagine someone does this to your mom, or your wife, or your girlfriend… or your sister or your daughter? 15 years too much? Noo immigrants from democratic Georgia need to understand that we dont want them touching our women, and that his is not a mountain.

      • Jimmy

        I agree with you, exept for the fact that the women that you have mentioned are white and have chosen to have careers instead of families. If whites were having as many kids as they did during the baby boom, we would not need any of that filth coming into our country. Thanks in no small part to feminism, white women have developed an aversion to their men, and instead fornicate with blacks, hispanics and that piece of trash mentioned in the article. Not to forget our Russiian bizzare Euro trash, of which Sheepshead Bay has plenty of. These people are evil, just look at what their leader did to flight MH17. This Russian scum is here as replacement whites and along with them have brought a high crime rate, which is usually higher than is the crime rate at most of the other precincts in South Brooklyn. Send them all back to Russia or wherever they came from. Perhaps Putin will shoot them down as well.

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