Neighbors are crying foul over what appears to be a high-tech speed trap, after learning that the Department of Transportation placed a speed enforcement camera where they say speeding is unavoidable.

The camera is placed adjacent to Lincoln High School on Shore Parkway, between West Avenue and Ocean Parkway. It’s perched just above where the Belt Parkway exit ramp leads into the service road – catching drivers while they’re still decelerating from highway speeds.

“This camera seems to be conveniently placed so close to the exit ramp that you are almost guaranteed to set off this speed trap,” said neighbor Connie C., who was shocked to find a $50 ticket in the mail for a July 22 drive past the location. “[It’s] positioned right in between the exit ramp and the entrance ramp, so basically they have you either way. As you are accelerating to get onto the ramp to enter the highway or coming off the highway at 50mph. I thought is seemed quite fishy.”

( The DOT will not relocate the camera. Read that story here.)

Approximate location of the camera, between the exit and entrance ramps. (Source: Google Maps)

Approximate location of the camera, between the exit and entrance ramps. (Source: Google Maps)

Connie, who said she generally supports the use of speed cameras, isn’t the only neighbor to notice. Councilman Mark Treyger’s office said they’ve received numerous complaints and the pol is outraged at the apparent money grab.

“The role of speed cameras is to reduce speeding and increase safety in appropriate locations around our neighborhood. They should not be placed in locations like the start of an exit ramp because this ‘gotcha’ location plays into fears of many that these cameras are solely revenue generating machines,” said Treyger.

The pol is urging the DOT to move the camera closer to Ocean Parkway, where they’ll have more time to slow down after exiting the highway.

“Speed cameras can have an important role to play in our efforts to eliminate fatalities on city streets, but placing them in highly questionable locations threatens to undermine this program’s credibility,” he said.

Per a report this week, there are 23 active speed cameras operating near school intersections. They’ve issued 183,000 tickets since the first cameras came online in January. That number is about to skyrocket to 140 total speed cameras after Albany approved the expansion earlier this year.

The Department of Transportation did not return a request for comment on this article. The DOT said they will not move the camera, as the 400-foot-long ramp provides enough room to slow down safely.

  • frankiev

    If someone hadn’t warned me about that camera, I’d have gotten a ticket. It’s ridiculous to have it so close to the exit of a 50 mph highway.

    • MyBrooklyn

      hey buddy use waze app… will display new permanent extortion cameras. give it a try you might find it useful but sometimes you need take an active role to help each other out..for example if you see a savage hiding somewhere on belt park you can put an alert so drivers behind you will know

      • frankiev

        Thanks. I actually have the app installed. I should actually use it for everyone’s benefit.

        • MyBrooklyn

          I use it whenever I drive….I was able to avoid a few highway pi gs

    • andrea

      agreed and they gave me a ticket when schools were closed! I still have to call because I heard they were refunding ppl who were ticketed at this time.
      it’s a disgrace how the city rips taxpaying, law abiding, citizens off!

      • ShadowLock

        It’s cause people are stupid and would pay

      • Eric McClure

        If you’re speeding in a school zone, you’re not “law abiding.”

      • Jack O’Neill

        How are you law abiding if you were speeding?

    • ROSALIE907

      We can’t get even a traffic light on Avenue X between Ocean Parkway and East 2nd St or even stop signs and everyday drivers speed to make either the light on Ocean Parkway or the light on East 1st Street amd there’s always near misses and one day there will be a major accidentYet they put a speed camera where people come off a parkway. Give me a break.

  • Bay Boy

    The same idiots that cry for more stop signs, speed/red light cameras, zebra stripes and road humps are the first to cry when they get ticketed by them…. Hahaha. That’s what you get! The roads aren’t any safer. The speeders will still speed. And now your paying for it.

    • MyBrooklyn

      I think I have a great idea lets design special lanes for pedestrians on side walks for people who only walk in one direction and if someone wants to walk in opposite direction they need to get on the other side of the street….we can install face recognition cameras (and no you can use a bag over your head in order to avoid a fine) if we catch someone violating supreme law they will receive a hefty fine in their email or mail box….

      • Ned Berke

        I totally support this proposal for all people who weigh two tons, are made of steel, and are propelled by the force of frequent small explosions into moving at lethal speeds. Totally behind you, dude.

        • MyBrooklyn

          Ned..I understand you are making fun of me…that’s ok as long as our masters don’t start charging us for a speech…

          question: do you allow hyperlinks post it on your blog.

          • Ned Berke

            Yes, you can post a link so long as it’s relevant and not spammy.

          • MyBrooklyn

            ok thanks I never post spammy links

          • Jack O’Neill

            Just like you never go over the speed limit, right?

      • Bill

        It used to be “when this was America” u would walk to the right on stairs, sidewalks

    • frankiev

      Bay Boy. I’m not sure if you read the story about the camera in question. It’s on Shore Pkwy just past the exit where you don’t have enough time to slow down. It’s basically a trap.

      • Bay Boy

        Fully aware…. In my opinion they are not needed anywhere. Just a way of extortion by uncle Sam.

      • Andrew

        If you don’t have enough time to slow down from 50 mph to 30 mph (or even 40 mph, which won’t get you a camera ticket since it’s “only” 10 mph over the limit) on the exit ramp, I suggest you get your brakes repaired ASAP.

  • BrooklynBus

    Now does anyone still think these cameras are not all about raising revenue?

    First of all, a “school zone” should be in front of a school where children are crossing, not behind the tennis courts. The definition of a school zone of one quarter mile from a school is also ridiculous. Because of all the number of small charter schools about 25% of the city falls into a “school zone”.

    If anyone remembers, the first locations chosen for red light cameras were at the entrances to highways. These were not the most dangerous locations, but rather where the highest amount of revenue could be generated because someone who was late was more likely to go through those red lights than other intersections where they woud only be stopped by a red signal at the next corner.

    • Andrew

      If anyone remembers, the first locations chosen for red light cameras were at the entrances to highways.

      Sorry, I don’t remember. There were 50 red light cameras in the first round of installations; are you suggesting that all of them were at the entrances to highways? Because that seems pretty unlikely to me. On the other hand, it also seems pretty unlikely that none of them were at the entrances to highways either – especially since some highway entrances have pretty bad safety records.

      These were not the most dangerous locations, but rather where the highest amount of revenue could be generated because someone who was late was more likely to go through those red lights than other intersections where they woud only be stopped by a red signal at the next corner.

      I had no idea that being late was a valid excuse for running a red light!

      If a lot of people run a particular red light, it seems to me that that makes it an especially good location to place a red light camera, assuming the aim is to cut down on red light running. What’s the point of putting a red light camera at a red light that nobody runs?

      • Ocn

        These belong where there is a high level of accidents. Not where there are a high level of violations without consequence. Those places need removal of lights – no danger means its a waste of tax dollars to maintain a light that serves no purpose but to cause cars to stop/go and use more fuel, pollute more, and waste citizen’s time. If everyone runs it and no one gets hurt… REMOVE IT!

  • A

    I am struggling with this exact issue! I got a speeding ticket while going onto the highway and was struggling with how to compose my defense because I felt it was unjust to penalize me for accelerating as I got onto the highway. Furthermore, school was not even in session at the time of the violation! This program has some serious credibility issues. Thank you Ned Berke for writing this.

  • brooklynq

    I’ve also heard of people being ticketed near Grady as they come off the highway.

  • Arty

    I noticed this camera shortly after it was put in. And I think it’s bullshit. On the other hand they are calibrated for speed limit+11 so it’s not that hard to go 40 instead of 41.

    • NYC Cit

      Isn’t speed limit 25 in a school zone?

      • Andrew

        Currently, the citywide speed limit is 30 mph unless otherwise posted – school or not. In November it’s slated to drop to 25 mph. But this location is explicitly posted 30 in any case.

  • Alex P

    Speed cameras have absolutely nothing to do with safety, the governor just can’t say “we’re putting this to make money” so they use “safety” to put the public at ease. 183,000 tickets from 23 cams is $9.1mil in just 6 months. Just think about that.

    • Andrew

      183,000 tickets from 23 cams in just 6 months suggests to me that we have a massive speeding problem on our hands. (My eyes suggest to me the same thing.)

      Motorist speed is a factor in 21% of pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries. Arterial streets (such as this one), which constitute only 15% of the city’s street network, account for about 60% of pedestrian fatalities. So this isn’t an issue that I think the city can afford to ignore any longer.

      Speeding is a problem because, in the absence of cameras, motorists know quite well that the likelihood of their being ticketed for speeding is virtually nil. Fortunately, that’s gradually starting to change – hence all the whining we see over here.

    • Jack O’Neill

      What’s wrong with making money off people who break the law?

      • Major Carter

        Lots of stuff.

        • Eric Cramer

          It’s actually Captain Carter now and nothing is wrong with it.

  • nolastname

    There is a sign on the Belt that clearly states ‘Exit 30 mph”. If a person actually obeys the traffic signs there would be no problem slowing one they hit the street.

    • BrooklynBus

      But unless there is a sign right after warning you that you have just entered a school zone you would still get a ticket if you didn’t slow down further. Since the school zone speed limit is 21mph, you would get a ticket going 31 mph.

      • nolastname

        But… says 30 mph. lol

        • BrooklynBus

          That’s why it’s a trap!

          We used to criticize small southern towns for speed traps and now we are doing the same thing.

          • Andrew

            It’s a trap to ticket motorists driving at 41+ mph where the speed limit is 30? How’s that?

        • Guest

          Alright my ignorant friend. The sign 30MPH sign exiting the highway is yellow meaning it is advisory. The last posted speed limit is still in effect until they are off the highway and on a non-highway street. The ramp is part of the highway and the speed limit is 50.

          • nolastname

            Ignorant. Screw you “friend”. I am not in denial. A good driver takes warranted “advice”. Ya’ wanna be a cowboy be prepared to pay the piper.
            Put it this way….go to court fight the ticket. When the judges sees the person lives in the area a guilty verdict I am sure. Now get Joe Shmoe visiting from PA or even CI they have a shot. I drove for a living in the 80′s, With an excellent driving record. Been driving for more than 40 years. When and if I get a ticket today I own up to it. Igonrant…my ass. lol

          • nolastname

            PS. Ever see the highway 2 cop by Knapp St West exit? He gives tickets for that advisory sign. lol

          • MyBrooklyn

            “When and if I get a ticket today I own up to it.”…..are you ok with off duty cops and crooks city officials having their plates covered

          • nolastname

            Did I say that? Didn’t even mean to imply it. What does your comment have to do with the quoted statement?

          • Andrew

            According to the article, the tickets were issued on Shore Parkway (the service road), which is a city street.

            And just in case you didn’t realize that it was a city street, there’s even a black-on-white regulatory speed limit sign!


      • Andrew

        Since the school zone speed limit is 21mph


    • MyBrooklyn

      you keep complying you fool…..until criminals cops law makers and politicians are above the law….I will express my displeasure with these criminals who only know how to extort money from people and harass

      • Ned Berke

        Remember when I banned you? Yeah, it’s because you start posts by calling the person you’re responding to a fool, etc. Learn to communicate like an adult or you’re gone again.

        • MyBrooklyn

          ok Ned…..go ahead delete all my posts.

          • ShadowLock

            He does make a point. You could be saying something legitimate, but the second you start name calling you take your credibility and burn it down with a flamethrower.

      • nolastname

        Yes, I will obey the law. “until criminals cops law makers and politicians are above the law”? I thought they already were. lol
        Now be nice.

      • xxxxxxxxx

        The sign as you are coming off the Belt is NOT a “speed limit” sign. It is a “suggested exit speed”. Only a sign properly displaying the words Speed Limit is a speed limit sign.

  • disqus_z39csDamAE

    Until when we are going comply with all stupid stuff that city enforces. When its time to raise our voice. And tell the city no more. NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MyBrooklyn

      never going to happen…..unless all people unite and have a common goal go after cops, law makers and politicians

  • BayResident

    Can I use the amount paid for the ticket to offset the cost of repairs I’ll have to make to my car after a poor non-Sheepsbead-Bites-reading fool slams into my rear as I hit the breaks to slow down in time for the camera?

    • Andrew

      If the driver behind you slams into in response to your slowing from 50 to 30 mph, I’d suggest you take it up with him directly.

  • vince 242

    To Whom it May Concern,

    I received a letter claiming I committed a violation of a speeding law in the District of Columbia. As per the instructions, I am writing to plead ‘not guilty’ to this charge. Although this option is said to result in this matter going to court; it is my suggestion that the charges simply be dropped. This suggestion comes out of respect for tax payers, and my request that their hard earned money not be wasted in such proceedings. As there is no evidence of my involvement with this alleged ‘crime’, as well as the fact that I am not granted my 6th amendment right to face my ‘accuser’ (a camera); I see no way the government could prove my guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. I also see find no legal requirement for me to implicate someone else in this process, as it is the government’s responsibility to prove a person’s guilt. It is also my 5th amendment right to remain silent on the matter.

    If it is the government’s decision to move forward in this matter, I would request copies of any evidence the prosecution may have of my involvement in the “offense”; as well as, all maintenance records for the camera(s) involved.


    Nathan Cox
    United States Army Veteran

    • Learn-Something

      Yeah this is just silly in all sorts of manner. There’s a difference in the type of ticket you get from an officer and a camera, one is called a moving violation, the other is a notice of liability. The defenses made here apply only to a moving violation and not a notice of liability.

      Why is it called a notice of liability? Because the laws for cameras are different and establishes the fact that you’re liable for the actions your car takes. It’s why you don’t get points on your record because there’s no proof that you were the driver, but you’re still responsible for what your car does. it puts the burden of responsibility on the car owner. If your friend has borrowed it, he should be paying it and it’s not on you and you know never to let him borrow it. If your car was stolen and you can prove it with a police report, you’re not responsible for paying the ticket either.

      You’re not being charged with a felony or misdemeanor crime, you’re getting a fine which you or someone who drove your car deserves.

  • pay or not to pay. that’s the

    also got a ticket . do i need pay ?

    • nolastname

      If you take it to court please get back with the outcome.

  • Arthur Leytman

    The photo used to describe this camera is incorrect, and the placement of this
    camera is total bullshit, there will never be an incident with kids from school, and shoreparkway. Simply because when school is over there is a row of at least 6-8 buses who create this giant barricade for anyone who would even try to cross, but even then, what kid is planning on crossing the belt parkway? lol.

    • Ned Berke

      I was wondering when I’d get called out on the photo. It’s just a file photo. Working on getting one at the actual site (or, at least, an actual speed camera).

      • Arthur Leytman

        If you need one, let me know.

        • Ned Berke

          Sure. Send it to nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com. Thanks!

    • J.M.H

      one of those buses actually sideswiped my car on a snowy aft over there

  • aryyis

    im actually very supportive of speed traps, but this is an obvious scam to generate revenue by squeezing unsuspecting people.

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  • Alex_nma

    Just goes to show making money is more important than safety. The true reason for using these cameras is making itself known.

  • MyBrooklyn

    Wow amazing I never knew we have so many obeying people here, without holding cops and city officials accountable….So you all rather be slaves I guess I will join your club because I cant do anything about it on my own

    • nolastname

      Don’t be a follower…lead the way. Did you organize a protest at said location? Do you write your elected officials? Do you go to community meetings? What is it you are doing besides talking? You point fingers at us sheep yet you bahh.

  • Andrew

    Neighbors are crying foul over what appears to be a high-tech speed trap, after learning that the Department of Transportation placed a speed enforcement camera where they say speeding is unavoidable.

    Unavoidable? Seriously? With such preposterous claims, is it any wonder that DOT’s response is dismissive? The exit ramp is plenty long enough to slow down from 50 mph to 30 mph, and the entrance ramp/acceleration lane is similarly long enough to speed up from 30 mph to 50 mph.

    I’ll be the first to say that this location wouldn’t have been my top priority for a speed camera, as (as far as I know) it hasn’t been particularly crash-prone. But it also wouldn’t have been my bottom priority, because this location is pretty notorious for speeding. In an ideal world, this street (along with many many others) would be reengineered to look and feel more like a city street and less like a highway, but that’s expensive and time-consuming, and I can only imagine the howls of protest that would emanate from the very same people who are protesting cameras. But in any case, nobody asked me for my opinion on camera placement, and I think it’s pretty clear that this location meets the legal criteria for speed cameras, so I’d suggest that those who don’t want to be hit with speeding tickets here not speed. “Please don’t speed” doesn’t work – let’s see if “Please don’t speed or else you may be fined $50″ works.

    @nberke:disqus , do you know if the speed camera in question is fixed or is mobile? That is, is this a permanent installation or is it a “roving” camera that is sometimes placed here and sometimes elsewhere?

  • Joseph Klatt Jr

    Nothing a ladder & can of spray paint cant fix.

    • nolastname

      Yeah, you go right ahead. Just back that cherry picker right up and spray away….better still plug it full of holes. Don’t forget to smile for the cameras. lol

      • Joseph Klatt Jr

        There ya go! A ski mask & shotgun should do it!

  • SadButTrue

    The fact is, there will probably be some overshoot here as far as speed limits, cameras, etc. But don’t blame the politicians. You motorists who insist on the right to speed, who demand it, you who drive so incredibly recklessly, are to blame. You who yell at me as I assert my right to cross the street with the walk sign showing. I feel bad for those of you motorists who are responsible drivers , but from what I see, you now constitute well under 50% of the drivers.

  • ScarlettNY

    All the Libs are begging for speed cameras to be installed for safety reasons. They refuse to acknowledge that speed camera cause more accidents and do not provide security.

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  • Poopdeck

    Why does government continue to embolden the worst drivers out there… the slowpokes?

  • Eric McClure

    Man, what a bunch of whiners. Do the crime, pay the fine. It’s only a bunch of kids you’re speeding past.

  • iLyabfrombk

    Yeah, there is no predation safety issue there, got for our five of those. Not any more now I go 25 wasting my breaks if I have a slow day and take that exit, generally I go around to the next one, better 50c’s in gas and get around through Coney island or hang a right onto Neptune ave. This is bs, has nothing to do with pedestrians, most pedestrian fatalities are caused by their victims, in the last week at least three imbeciles starting into their ipoops walked through a don’t walk, oh sorry people can’t read so a red hand! Guess what ask the evil cat driving people did, waited fit the morons to get across! The people running this city won’t wise up until it turns like Detroit, all the business owners and people with money will leave, and they’ll have to bulldoze entire neighborhoods!

  • sam

    That trap is illegal the dot supposed post warning signs that speeds are monitored where does it says its ok to drive at 40 mph but at 41mph you get a speeding ticket what happens at 31 to 40mph it’s ok and you get away killing some student? Get that f….n trap and trap some polical a….hole!

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  • AniTzioni

    The communist socialist extreme lefty POS mayor you idiots elected is behind this – you have only yourselves to thank for this stupidity.

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  • Angel

    I got three tickets this past week. If you are going highway speed it is impossible to exit with someone exiting behind you and then slow down to 30 mph
    I have been getting off that exit for 10 years driving to the school that I work at…I do not speed, but sometimes I have to merge to my right if a car is approaching..therefore I sometime have to go a little faster. No child crosses at that part of the road. west ave and shore parkway……..where and how do we go to fight for our rights..I am 67 years old and never got a speeding ticket…I am driving since I am 18 years old…..

    • Andrew

      I got three tickets this past week.

      Your final three tickets, I trust?

      If you are going highway speed it is impossible to exit with someone exiting behind you and then slow down to 30 mph

      Have you tried stepping on the brake? There are plenty of exit ramps shorter than this one that end at traffic signals or stop signs; this one only requires you to slow to 30.

      I have been getting off that exit for 10 years driving to the school that I work at…

      And you’ve apparently gotten into the habit of speeding during that time.

      I do not speed,

      Oh? Then how did you get three tickets? And how do you manage to slow to the legal limit (30) when you just claimed that it was impossible?

      but sometimes I have to merge to my right if a car is approaching..therefore I sometime have to go a little faster.

      You could also try going a little slower. But even if you do go a bit faster than 30, you still won’t get a ticket – those don’t kick in until you’re going faster than 40.

      No child crosses at that part of the road. west ave and shore parkway……..

      No, but pedestrians do use the sidewalk, and pedestrians also cross at Ocean Parkway, which just so happens to be an especially crash-prone intersection.

      The point of a speed camera isn’t to promote slowing down right here specifically – it’s to encourage driving within the speed limit in general. It’s easy to remain in the highway mindset after exiting a highway, and the point of enforcement here is to break that mindset.

      where and how do we go to fight for our rights..

      Your rights to drive in excess of the speed limit? I wasn’t aware of those rights.

      I am 67 years old and never got a speeding ticket…I am driving since I am 18 years old…..

      It’s never too late to learn.


      Then congratulations on uncovering it. You won’t get tricked by it again, I hope?

  • Merocity

    I was going 30 mph as I knew there was a camera and still got the ticket!!! I wrote down the date and time I passed by there just out of curiosity since I had received the ticket few days before! How is it possible?!?!? According to DOT I was driving at 41mph just like with the first ticket! WTF?!?!?!