With kidnapped yeshiva teenage boys Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaar and Eyal Yifrah missing in captivity for 11 days, the Be Proud Foundation and Community Board 15 are teaming up to host a rally, June 26, 7:00 p.m. at Holocaust Memorial Park, to let the voices of southern Brooklynites be heard.

The boys, one of whom has strong Brooklyn roots, were kidnapped by the terrorist group Hamas while hitchhiking home from their religious school in the West Bank.

Event organizers invite the community to come out and hang yellow ribbons in solidarity with the boys, their families and the State of Israel, currently searching for them.

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  • EndofDaze

    While I pray for their safe return, they are not our boys! If it was one of our local kids from one of our Yeshivas, Catholic, Private, or Public Schools, that would be another matter! This is only to kowtow to our powerful, and daily getting larger Orthodox community! And please, by our Holocaust Memorial?! The Nazis murdered one third of my family, and you trivialize that horrifyingly unique event, by placing your yellow ribbons around its’ presence!!!

  • A

    Pay attention Jews: Here, on display, is one of the reasons the rest of the world doesn’t like you. Your unwarranted self importance.

    I’m hoping for their safe return, as I’m hoping for the safe return of any one that goes missing anywhere. It’s a terrible thing. But please, let Israel handle this on their own. This is NOT an international issue.

    • http://www.sheepsheadbites.com/ Ned Berke

      This is being organized by the Be Proud Foundation and Community Board 15, neither of which are Jewish organizations (and CB15 is a government entity; it’s membership is quite diverse).

      They’re holding it at Holocaust Memorial Park, which now has stones dedicated to non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust. It’s not for me to say whether or not the venue is appropriate, but it’s a public park and I don’t think there’s anything displaying Jewish “self importance” here.

      • A

        Three Jewish kids go missing in a foreign country and they’re holding a rally for them here.

        Look at the language being used in the image above – “Let the world hear our voice”, “Come help the cause to #BringBackOurBoys”

        Also, if Be Proud and CB15 are not Jewish organizations why are they doing this? Who’s influencing them?

        • http://www.sheepsheadbites.com/ Ned Berke


        • Susan Herzog

          One of them is an American citizen, if simple humanity isn’t important to you

          • gary t

            It is safer to be in Palestine than it is to drive a cab or live in public housing. Many Jews do just that. I guess the Blacks do not isolate Jews in particular. The Jews care only about their own hides.

          • EndofDaze

            You are stereotyping Jews based upon the many Hasids and Black Hats around these parts! “Care About Their Own Hides”?! If this falsehood is so, then why do half the hospitals in New York have Jewish names, and many more around a less Jewish country have the same?. And why when you hear of the donations to the telethons, most of the names are Jewish, when we are only about two percent of our nation? The trees that grow money in our living rooms, or the fact that we do work hard, and care about ALL others! While we don’t have a monopoly on generosity, I find that to be an admirable trait!!! G-d Bless America!

        • ice

          What about the Nigerian girls missing by the hands of Boko Haram? Its OK to say “bring back our girls” in that case??? Even Obama male and female said that slogan….its only not “ours” when it refers to Jews being kidnapped in Israel right??….and it was OK for Israel to assist in helping those missing girls in Nigeria however it is not OK for anyone to assist them when kids go missing in Israel?? Look at your hypocrisy!!!

        • Kriston Lewis

          I’m really trying to understand your angle, but I’m stumped.

      • inna stavitsky

        Ned, you are writing – – This is being organized by the Be Proud Foundation and Community Board 15, neither of which are Jewish organizations – – then why were they saying that they are “our boys”? They are no more ours than kidnapped Nigerian girls. We know now that the boys are dead and we mourn them – the same way as we mourn all killed in terrorist attacks. Innocent victims. Like victims of the Holocaust. Being President of the Holocaust Memorial Committee, I see nothing wrong that the meeting was held in our Park. It was wrong, though that they did not notify the Committee.

        • ES

          The “our boys” part of the “BringBackOurBoys” rallying cry has everything to do with the Jewish connection to our ancestral homeland and the concept that we are all responsible for one another. In that sense, they are, were, and always will be “our boys.”

          • A

            Ancestral homeland? The ancestral connection has never been proven. Those who call themselves Jews in the modern day may actually be descendants of converts.

            And as far as this ‘we are all responsible for one another’ thing goes, that sounds like some weird nationalist/collectivist slogan. You’re responsible for yourself, immediate family and anyone who may be in your care (if you’re a nurse or something or like that), and that’s it.

          • ES

            Here’s the thing: I was pointing something out from a perspective of which I am intimately familiar. If you don’t like how my personal belief resonates with you, I am not going to lose sleep over that. And seeing as you’re nobody to me, you don’t get to tell me who I am or am not responsible for. I alone get to make that determination. Not some creepy anonymous troll named “A.”

            Lord have mercy, commenting here these days is like walking through a gauntlet. Whatever happened to civil discourse?

          • A

            You know what? You’re right.

            Everything on here seems to turn into an argument or drama/conflict of some kind. From now on, I’ll try to be more civil.

            Maybe you think I’m being sarcastic or something, but I’m not.