The same can on Monday.

GARBAGE GAZETTEAs we promised yesterday, we’re keeping an eye on a newly-placed public trash bin that reappeared after more than two years at Avenue Z and East 14th Street.

This can was last emptied Friday morning as Sanitation trucks did residential pickups on East 14th Street. Public trash bins on commercial corridors not only get their own pickup days, but, to make up for a slash in scheduled pickups, are also supposed to be emptied as trucks pass them on their residential routes.

Our test case was not picked up yesterday morning, as it should have been. And the trash problem around it – previously a relatively clean corner – is now beginning to suffer from the overflow. Not only is the garbage around the can, but papers and bags have blown in the wind and cover the sidewalk behind where the photo was taken. Some trash has also gone down the sewer grate, while other bits are poised to clog the drain.

So, five days into our study (yes, we only posted it yesterday, but we’ve been watching it since it was emptied on Friday), and the presence of a public litter basket is already making the corner filthier.

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  • BrooklynBus

    Is the presence of the can that’s making the corner dirtier or the fact that it is not being emptied when it supposed to be that is making the corner dirtier?

    • Ned Berke

      One thing is certainly undeniable – there was no can there before, and so there was no garbage there before. 

      As for the underlying reasons – I’ll let you draw you own conclusions.

      • Bruce B

        So should we remove all garbage cans thru out the city? I’m not quite sure what the point is.

  • Chknmstr264

    I’ve Always placed a garbage pail in front of my store!!!! I dispose of the garbage at my expense in my dumpster, I feel its a Service to the community as well as a means of keeping garbage Off the street which can result in a summons!!!The Downside is this,,,,The FOOLs that takes garbage from their HOUSE and put it in my pail at which time I turn into a sleuth,,, checking for OWNERSHIP  at which point I believe they misplaced it and I will NEIGHBORLY return the mis-plcaed package on their  doorstep or in front of the Lobby of the building they live in !!!~!! Why they do that makes no sense at all!!!!  

  • Bebe

    i don’t see this issue in neighborhoods like brooklyn heights and park slope.