Judging from the photo above, it’s probably fair to say that Faberge Lounge at 2007 Emmons Avenue isn’t doing well in its legal struggle with the Faberge jewelry company, who is suing them for trademark infringement.

The restaurant covered up its signage some time last week, according to tipster Eleonora S. It follows the news that the 159-year-old luxury jewelry company filed suit against the restaurant’s owners in early June, claiming the lounge was using its image and trademarked name in a “shameless” attempt to associate itself with the brand.

The company was also ticked off at the use of Faberge’s iconic purple and gold storefront design, which mimics the ornamental eggs it’s most famous for.

The restaurant’s owners at the time the lawsuit was filed defended themselves saying no one would ever be confused between the two.

“We don’t sell eggs here,” owner Vladislav Yusufova told the New York Post. “We don’t sell jewelry. We sell French food in Sheepshead Bay. I don’t know why they are coming after us. I haven’t broken any laws here in America.”

We called to try and get in touch with the owner to confirm that this was a result of the lawsuit, but no one picked up the phone.

The restaurant opened in September 2013, replacing Fusion. It’s owned by the same people behind Signature, the restaurant next door that replaced Tzar. Tzar and Fusion were both shuttered after Superstorm Sandy flooded the property.

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  • Guest

    “I don’t know why they are coming after us.”

    You don’t know? Really?

  • George

    It is mind boggling to me how these former Soviets cannot even run a small business. How the heck can these men, if you want to call them that work as engineers or computer programmers. These idiots are overrated and smellup South Brooklyn. Ah nothing beats that pungent foul smelling, shoulder bag carrying Russian programmers, getting off of the train at Sheepshead Bay station. Aren’t there HR departments where these freaks work, I am surprised that co-workers do not lodge complaints against them.

  • prasad mall

    George, its easy for you to say and attack these hard working people, your words
    reak of envy and disgust, youre a tough guy, you singled out a group of
    white harmless men. you seem to be a man of hate, why dont you go and
    say the same about latinos and blacks im sure you would like to but are
    too afraid that you’ll get your face kicked in… its easy to attack a
    certain people who wont retaliate. get a life.

    • George

      They are not defenseless or harmless. They are GENTRIFIERS.

  • sadeyes

    They can call themselves “Laberge”, then they only have to change one letter!

  • Metsknicks

    Welcome to America, where there are SOME laws you cannot circumvent!

  • BrooklynBus

    What about all the places that call themselves Best Buy? I can think of two just in the area. That seems to be okay. And I’m not talking electronics.

  • Dont be a Copy Cat

    What about “Signature Restaurant” and “Signature Leasing” ?? I think this restaurant owner needs to find more creative names for his business establishments.

    • Renata

      I do not think that this is a good anology.

      • Dont Agree with Renata

        How is that so?? The name is the same. The businesses are different however but the point is that with these 2 restaurants who share one kitchen and 1 owner…its obvious that he was looking for names that are catchy and went far enough to copy the Fab Logo down to the nitty gritty details….

    • MyBrooklyn

      Well In Las Vegas they have Signature Hotel

  • nolastname

    Someone laid an egg! lol

    • Horatio Caine, CSI

      Ha ha. A tip of the hat to Moelastname for a funny post.

  • RKramden

    “I haven’t broken any laws here in America.”

    So where have you broken them?

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