A new lounge named Fabergé is slated to open at 2011 Emmons Avenue in about two weeks, a worker told us.

It replaces Fusion, which never reopened after Superstorm Sandy.

The property has the same owner as Signature, the restaurant that opened next door, replacing Tzar.

Thanks to BayResident for the tip.

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  • verochka

    And I think it is unchanged
    ownership for both, just different name.

    • http://www.sheepsheadbites.com/ Ned Berke

      I am told otherwise. I’ll ask again to confirm.

    • Misha

      New Owners.. Old owners were BROKE! The rent here is TOOO EXPENSIVE!!

  • http://www.fromrussia.com/ FromRussia

    SWEET! Maybe they need some Faberge style eggs for decorations? 🙂


  • sheepsheadbayresident

    its the same owner as “Skazka” restaurant on coney island ave.

  • Barbara

    Thank goodness. I’ve always wanted Emmons Avenue to be as pretentious as possible.

  • gravitysub0

    Why would anybody want to name a lounge with such a name as “Faberge”? Beats me. Especially with an Eiffel tower when this name has Russian origin. This company isn’t even located in France anymore. To me it looks more like a sign for a perfume or jewelry store. But I know one thing for sure. With such a prestigious name, they can easily sell cocktails for $20 when in other places they cost $10. Or something even more simple. You boil an egg, name the dish “A la golden yolk faberge” and sell it for $25. =)

    • EndofDaze

      Hey, why would anybody name a Supper Club or Disco “Rasputin”?! Certainly, not anyone educated in the United States, who shouldn’t need to be told what that lowlife was supposedly, ultimately considered! However, it’s a new day in Sheepshead Bay, as it is, in the rest of southern Brooklyn! Das vadanya, everybody!!!

      • dima

        RASPUTIN NO MORE, it is ROMANOFF from now on. you heard it here FIRST! “different” owner, same shell and same scheme.

  • Guest

    Let’s see how long it won’t last?

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  • richard

    really good food and really good service

  • richard

    the weatures were really good