Screenshot from the surveillance video just a split second before the Mercedes crashed through the storefront. (via ABC)

Police have arrested Yvonne Batiz, charging her with a DWI after she drove her 2013 Mercedes through the Coney Island Avenue storefront of Federal Tax Masters between Avenue X and Avenue Y yesterday.

ABC reports:

Police responded to the Federal Tax Masters office in the 2700 block of Coney Island Avenue in Sheepshead Bay around 6 p.m. to find the car completely inside the business.

The entire crash was caught on surveillance video, which shows the 2013 Mercedes barreling down the street, hitting a parked car, crushing a parking meter and slamming into the storefront.

The surveillance video shows the driver heading south on Coney Island Avenue, then swerving across the yellow lines and northbound lanes for no apparent reason.

Batiz and her 54-year-old passenger were taken to Coney Island Hospital for minor injuries. Fortunately, no one was inside the accountant’s office, although the “reception area was reduced to rubble,” according to the outlet.

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  • Guest

    This does it. We need a law to limit how much alcohol a person can drink in this city. Did you know that alcohol is the main factor that determines how drunk a driver will be?

    It will work just like the reduced speed limit will and it will piss off the hipsters too. Bring it on!

    • Jay

      why would we need another law that belittles our intelligence and takes away more freedom from those of us who have higher tolerances and dont actually drink and drive. Maybe instead we should be prosecuting these offenders with stricter penalties.

      • BayResident

        Fairly certain Guest was being sarcastic. I hope…

      • MyBrooklyn

        speaking of drinking…did you hear how off duty pig was drunk went to someone’s apartment and beat the woman up….just imagine how many crimes these savages commit that go unreported

    • krys

      “Did you know that alcohol is the main factor that determines how drunk a driver will be?”… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?…what else would be the MAIN factor???!!! did you know that intelligence is the main factor in how smart someone is? great observation.

      • Guest

        Sarcasm is lost on you I see. I wouldn’t be making any comments about anyone’s intelligence if i were you.

  • guest

    If only the speed limit had been 25 MPH this would never have happened.

    • jay

      25 mph speed limit on a major street? That is just silly. This is brooklyn not the back streets of NJ

  • Mat50

    if only she were on a bicycle, she would be the only one with injuries or damages.

    • Alex

      That b*tch (sorry for my french) cannot be allowed near any vehicle that has wheels, even a bike.
      What if someone was walking in that spot. Its pure luck nobody got hurt on the street or in the building.
      When she’s charged with DWI, that means she’s done it before and most definitely will do it again.

      • Mat50

        French is a valid language! Be my guest! I was being sarcastic, since too many people seem to accept automobiles as routine tools of violence on other cars, storefronts, trees, front yards, people at bus stops, people on sidewalks, people pushing shopping carts and, yes, people on bikes. But the same people who seem to accept car destruction, rant against bikes. Forgive my effort if it was misunderstood.

        • Alex

          I figured you were sarcastic.
          But that woman can’t be driving any type of vehicle.
          She probably suffers from chronic alcoholism.

  • Endof Daze

    Does any one notice, that somehow, in southern Brooklyn, only the finest people, seem to be behind the wheel, of vehicles like the Mercedes, and their ilk?!

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