A DOT speed-enforcement camera sits at this location, fining people who fail to slow down after exiting the highway. (Source: Google Maps)

A DOT speed-enforcement camera sits at this location, fining people who fail to slow down after exiting the highway. (Source: Google Maps)

While opponents of a camera-enforced speed trap on a Belt Parkway exit ramp cry foul, the Department of Transportation says “tough luck.”

The agency said it has no plans to move the speed enforcement camera placed on Shore Parkway at the end of the highway’s Ocean Parkway exit ramp, despite complaints from neighbors and a local City Council member that it’s unfair and undermines the program’s credibility.

A spokesperson for DOT would not confirm the placement of the camera, saying it’s the agency’s policy not to disclose camera locations. However, the spokesperson added that there are no plans to relocate any cameras in Southern Brooklyn.

Moreover, the spokesperson disputed the assertion that it’s a “gotcha” location, noting that the ramp is approximately 400 feet long, enough distance to slow down from highway speeds, and that a sign has been placed indicating that the speed limit is 30 miles per hour.

Violations are not issued to motorists going 10 miles or less over the speed limit, the spokesperson added.

That answer isn’t good enough, said Councilman Mark Treyger. The pol’s office has been flooded with complaints from ticket recipients and yesterday he called on the agency to move the camera closer to Ocean Parkway.

“I don’t think that [the DOT] even addressed my concern. No residents asked them to measure the length of the exit ramp,” said Treyger. “We didn’t ask them to measure how long it is. We asked them, in the interest of public safety, to move it where pedestrians are actually using [a crosswalk].”

Treyger said he’s going to appeal to the agency to reconsider the location. His office will also begin notifying residents to be aware of the camera.

The councilman, a former school teacher, said the placement of the camera does little to protect students at nearby Lincoln High School or other pedestrians, since it’s not placed near a pedestrian crosswalk.

“To my knowledge I don’t believe any pedestrians are crossing near exit ramps for highways,” Treyger said. There is no sidewalk on the highway side of Shore Parkway where the camera is placed.

By moving it just a few hundred feet up the block to the Ocean Parkway intersection, they can catch motorists who are speeding through crosswalks. The current placement instead has the appearance of enforcement for revenue-generating purposes, the pol suggested.

“The goal of the speed cameras is to protect public safety and make sure people are abiding by laws. But when you place them in these ‘gotcha’ locations it really threatens to undermine the credibility of this program. We want to save lives, but ‘gotcha’ locations in my opinion don’t accomplish that goal,” he said.

Clarification (3:00 p.m.): The camera itself is in Councilman Chaim Deutsch’s district, not Treyger’s – although many affected by it are in Treyger’s district. We are reaching out to Deutsch’s office as well.

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  • Criminals_Cops_Law_Makers

    People observe cars who drive with plate covers in order to obstruct view from cameras…..99% are the people off duty criminals like cops and city officials. Its easy to tell. You just need to be liile bit observant…..I hate when these criminals and their supporters preach moral to me

    • JoCKy

      you should also observe how they bastards use their “official” orange EZ passes and put them on their personal cars. (for those that dont know, Orange colored EZ-passes are paid by city agencies.

      • Criminals_Cops_Law_Makers

        thank you very much yes I know that and thank you for speaking out……average day people not stupid it just we are willing to blame each other for non sense meanwhile savages who benefit the most and steal the most are people who also harass and extort from us…..but crowd on this blog will preach morals to me…..problem
        with all these observation its time consuming and money needs to be spend in order to report this abuse and self entitlement….I dont have time for it nor money to start this project….If someone wants to start this project I am willing to assist…

        Thank you for speaking out….I wish there were more people like you…

      • Horatio Caine, CSI

        I wonder how many moving violations you have racked up, and still think each time that you did nothing wrong, that you are the Victim? Ha Ha. I bet you think that nutty kid-murderer Franklin Reyes Jr (aka Dumbo Ears) is misunderstood and a victim of a corrupt political system. You should change your name to “JOKER”

        • Criminals_Cops_Law_Makers

          that was a very shallow response….because of people like you every year its get worse regarding corruption and harassment….are we all willing to give these people a free pass because they are above the law…I really don’t understand logic here, but lets make average people suffer from financial burden and unnecessary stress

          • Horatio Caine, CSI

            Criminal guy, actually I just read that nearly 40 state legislators have been either indicted or convicted in recent years, so nobody is denying rampant corruption.We all know there is a problem, but hey Gov.Cuomo will still get reelected, won’t he?

  • BrooklynBus

    School speed zone limits are 20 mph when school is in session or at arrival and dismissal times. That was the purpose of the cameras. Not to have them in effect at all times to catch people coming off a highway ramp in the back of a school where no one is crossing the street anyway. So at what speed is the camera avtivated? 10 mph above the school zone speed or 10 mph above th exit speed of 30 mph.

    I said all along once they get approval for the school cameras they will use them anyway they can to raise revenue and not to improve safety.

    • Arty

      This is not a school speed zone of 20mph, it’s the side/back of the school and there is no 20 sign posted near or anywhere before the camera. It is/should currently be catching people St 41+. Where they are playing games is that the recently passed law says for cameras to be in effect near schools (within 1/4 mile which covers almost all the streets of BK.) It’s not tied to 20mph school zones only proximity and times. Though people are saying they’re getting tickets off school times ( and presumably the hour before and after them)

  • The_Bork_Man

    This headline is wrong – it should have read “DOT confirms that it views NYC Drivers as their own personal ATM”.

    • Andrew

      Only the ones who can’t figure out what the words “speed limit” mean. Nobody will object if you opt out.

    • slowdown

      Once again, we hear the motorist crowd demanding the right to speed…

      • guest

        Once again we see the clueless transportation alternative clowns that no nothing about what they’re talking about.

        • Eric McClure

          It’s “know.” Clueless.

  • SadButTrue

    The fact is, there will probably be some overshoot here as far as speed limits, cameras, etc. But don’t blame the politicians. You motorists who insist on the right to speed, who demand it, you who drive so incredibly recklessly, are to blame. You who yell at me as I assert my right to cross the street with the walk sign showing. I feel bad for those of you motorists who are responsible drivers , but from what I see, you now constitute well under 50% of the road.

    • Guest

      They will find a way to come for you soon enough.

    • guest

      You obviously didn’t read the article.

  • Brooklyn

    A-holes and sociopaths. Slow down when you get off the highway. Don’t drive like a schmuck in the neighborhood. And if you do, get your ticket and deal with it. You deserve it.

    • WellDoneAndYouWillBe

      Succinct and direct. But you said it all in just a few words.