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The following is a press release from the offices of Councilman Chaim Deutsch:

Community-minded volunteers will gather on Sunday, August 17th to participate in Council Member Chaim Deutsch’s Community Cleanup event. The event will promote civic awareness as well as the idea that clean streets are the responsibility of everyone, including residents, store-owners, elected officials, and the Department of Sanitation. The volunteers will meet at 10 o’clock in the morning at the Council Member’s District Office, 2401 Avenue U, where they will be armed with brooms, rakes, shovels, and other cleaning supplies provided by the Department of Sanitation.

“Cleaner streets promote social and economic improvement, while giving our children and families a clean and safe place to live,” said Council Member Deutsch. “I have chosen to allocate funding through the Cleanup NYC initiative to the Department of Sanitation for additional street litter basket collections. More frequent basket collections will make a favorable impact on the trash problem that currently affects the neighborhood.”

The event is in conjunction with the “Keep Our Neighborhood Clean” outreach program, an ongoing effort by Council Member Deutsch to clean up our streets, something that will benefit all residents of the district. The Council Member and his staff have reached out to business and residential areas to educate residents and merchants about illegal dumping of household and commercial trash in and around public receptacles, as well as other sanitation rules and regulations. Street litter baskets are placed on business corridors with heavy foot traffic, where there is a need to prevent littering, but that does not solve the entire problem.

“Thanks to the many hard working volunteers, my first Community Cleanup event, that took place along Sheepshead Bay Road, was a huge success,” said Council Member Deutsch. “Keeping our streets clean on a daily basis is a difficult task, but communication and education are crucial. In addition to the Community Cleanups and extra basket collections, I am working together with Sanitation Enforcement through the evenings to monitor and control illegal dumping and littering at corner wastebaskets. These are just the beginning stages of my ongoing mission to provide a better environment for my constituents.”

Some additional details from Sheepshead Bites’ follow-up:

Deutsch allocated $68,000 for the additional basket pickups. This will bring Sheepshead Bay Road to five times a week (adding one additional day) and Avenue U to five times a week (adding three additional days).

The volunteer cleanup begins at 10 a.m. at 2401 Avenue U.

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  • a good neighbor

    the only effective way to solve this problem is with stricter enforcement. people will continue dumping household trash to these bins as long as they are not caught.

    or take away the bins and i’m sure the streets will be much clearer. if anyone dares to dump trash at location without a bin, he/she deserved to be fined/punished.

    • Guy

      I never understood why people go all they way outside just to throw out their trash. Do the buildings they live in not have some system for trash disposal?

      • Phil Rosenthal

        I live in a pre-world war I building without an elevator or trash disposal system. I have to go outside to throw my trash out.

        • nolastname

          Outside where? To the Avenue? It is illegal for the building owner not to supply the proper trash containers.

        • Guy

          Lots of people live in buildings like that. Usually they have an area for trash outside. So again why would someone dump trash in baskets if they can throw it out in their building? You’re going outside either way.

          • Phil Rosenthal

            honestly, because of the way the trash area of my building is situated (off to the right of the building), it would be easier to just dump in the can on the corner, which im sure many of my neighbors do, mainly out of laziness. some of my neighbors dont even take their trash outside and leave it right outside their doors. either way, its gross and wrong.

      • nolastname

        Because they are too damn lazy to separate recyclables!

    • joe

      If their is no bin on the corner then what the hell are we suppose to do with our garbage?? Carry it around for hours until we get home?

  • Clean_U

    A number of the stores on Avenue do not keep the sidewalks in front of their stores clean. What is going to be done to about this concern? What about the stores who’s stands are far out onto the sidewalk and also in the street. This has been going on for years and nothing is ever done about it. Just take a walk on Ave. U after 4 PM on a weekday, and you will notice it. You can’t miss it !!!!

  • Supporter of Left Handed Rule

    I wonder if Hon. Deutsch could bring in The Doe Fund or a similar group to supplement efforts on Ave. U? I wonder if the illegal dumping can be stopped by strict enforcement by Sanitation Police? When Carl Kruger was here, he raided those nasty fruit and vegetable stores on Avenue U to great success.

  • Phil Rosenthal

    an excellent time to plug my blog

  • nolastname

    While they are there can they speak to the restaurants who dump their cooking oil into the catch basins?

  • Clean_U

    I noticed some sweeping up on Ave. U yesterday. Sorry to say, it still looked dirty. The ones who throw the trash on the street should have been the ones sweeping. I don’t litter. Anyone who doesn’t litter should not be expected to clean up someone else’s messes.

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