Screenshot of the interactive Vision Zero map.

Screenshot of the interactive Vision Zero map.

When we told you last month about the interactive Vision Zero map the Department of Transportation launched, there were just a few user-created bubbles identifying local traffic safety issues in our area. There’s a bunch more now, which we’ll take full credit for, but our neighborhood still pales in comparison to the contributions of northern Brooklyn neighborhoods and Bay Ridge.

C’mon, guys. Are we really going to let Bay Ridge and Fort Greene hog all that DOT attention? No way!

Fortunately, there’s still some time to share our complaints. Neighbors have until July 31 to add intersection-specific concerns.

Overall, the map has received more than 7,500 tips from around the five boroughs. The information will be used for traffic planning to ease congestion and make streets safer for everybody – drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, alike. From a DOT statement:

Input is vital, especially from those familiar with local traffic conditions and people’s behavior. The comments will be used to shape robust borough-specific traffic safety plans that will guide future work as part of Mayor de Blasio’s goal to eliminate traffic fatalities.

To add a complaint to the map, click this link, zoom in to the area, and click on an intersection as identified by white bubbles.  The map will then split to a street view, and in the bottom left there’s a button that says “Share an issue.” Click that, and fill out the form that pops up.

That’s it! The tool lets you share concerns about a host of issues, from speeding and red-light running, to bad biker behavior, and intersections where it just takes too darn long to cross the street.

Remember, as in all things city government-related, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. And we like grease. So squeak away.

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  • Subway Stinker

    I found this inter active system to be less than user friendly. I tried to make a comment. In any case, I am still hoping for the Belt Parkway Knapp Street section to be re-lit someday. The DoT is truly inept. And because the section of the road straddles at least two Councilmanic districts, no elected official “owns” the problem and so they buck-pass and do nothing.

    • ROSALIE907

      I also found it not to be user friendly. I wanted to state that we need at least 1 if not 2 more traffic lights on Avenue X between Ocean Parkway and East 1st Street where there is a school. Cars zoom to either make the light on East 1st Street or the one on Ocean Parkway. My car was hit in the middle of the night when parked on Avenue X between East 2nd and East 3rd Streets and of course the person who hit it didn’t leave their contact information so I and my insurance company had to foot the bill. Additionally, cars don’t stop for the stop signs that are there and just yesterday I witnessed a car traveling on Avenue X almost get hit by someone going through the stop sign on East 2nd Street. I hate to say this but one of these days there’s going to be a bad accident in this area and maybe then something will get done.

      • MyBrooklyn

        Don’t you people understand if someone wants to speed they will speed and still hit your car….why we need to enable more thugs in uniforms driving around and harassing people or to install these damn speed/red cameras just for crooks aka law makers and politicians to steal that money from us….

  • Boris

    Let me get this straight….the city, in hopes of making it safer? is asking the people (who they love to ticket) to let them know where the actual incidents happen? so i should tell the cops where to go and stick a speed camera? yea right!

    • Guy

      Why defend people who speed and make the streets less safe?

      • MyBrooklyn

        because people are fed up with bull shit from pigs and their master like law maker and politicians…you know if you ever pass by any local police station some pigs have plate covers on their private cars forget about that most have tinted windows….

        I saw off duty cops texting while driving and we know from news how they act while DUI and above the law…..

        never mind the fact they get paid pretty decent, collect very generous pension, health benefits with no co-pay or they get reimbursement, 401k retirement plan and of course they are above the law. I will defend people but I will never defend pigs. Cops nowadays are out of control. People deserve respect without harassment and extortion for non sense.

      • MyBrooklyn

        You are a poor excuse for a free people….find a nearest bridge and jump from it