UPDATE (6:59 p.m.): Reporter Shimon Gifter was on the scene, and tweeted out some additional details, including the driver saying it was caused by brake failure:

Apparently it was a pretty grisly scene:

UPDATE (4:04 p.m.): The streets have been reopened to traffic.

UPDATE (3:21 p.m.): We’re now receiving word that a driver lost control of a vehicle, slamming into a car in which the owner was loading the trunk. The person loading the car has been hospitalized.

Original story:

A car accident involving at least two vehicles has caused street closures at and around Ocean Avenue and Avenue U.

The accident occurred at approximately 2:30 p.m. Details were not available at the time of this writing, but tipster Randy C. is at the scene, and tells us that one car is totaled, and another has ended up on the sidewalk. He said ambulances were seen transporting at least one victim, possibly a pedestrian, for medical attention.

Police have closed down Ocean Avenue from Avenue U to Gravesend Neck Road, including Avenue V.

We’ll have photos and more information soon.

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional photos, please send them to tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com.

Photos by Randy C.








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  • 2cents

    This Randy C character should of taken pictures of the accident. He has that big camera. Should of put it to good use.

    • nolastname

      LOL, and you think he didn’t?

      • randyice

        uhm, i was there and called ned with the info…. and took photos… so lol

        • nolastname

          That’s what I told 2cents!

  • ShadowLock

    “lost control” More like was speeding and didn’t have time to stop?

  • Gary

    There was an accident Alan, how is the mayor to blame for this one? I can actually tell you how. It appears that this person was speeding; therefore, he or she can be charged with reckless drivintg and reckless endangerment. A person speeding should know that he or she may be endangering the lives of others. Sheepshead Bay needs to have spot checks and cops sitting with radar guns. I will bet you will catch alot of unlicensed motorists and drunk drivers.

    • nolastname

      I will tel you how our old ass (hate him) Mayor Bloomshit was building an empire our quality of life enforcement went down the tubes.

    • Allan Rosen

      I have no problem with what you just said.

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  • nolastname

    So instead of enforcing the driving regulations…..like someone making a U-turn over a double yellow line….maybe be will see a few more stop signs.

    • Gary

      Well said. I believe that if a driver does something illegal, like you mentioned, a dissalowed u-turn, then that driver should be charged with either injuring a pedestrian or defacing property.

  • nauticalstar

    No one mentions the first tweet up there about how the car’s brakes didn’t work? Then why the hell are you driving it????

    • Gary

      Well said. That is definetly reckless endangerment. Driving a car, knowing that your breaks are damaged. I, however, think that this person used bad breaks as an excuse to commit a crime of purposefully driving into a pedestrian.

      • Alex

        Gary, its time to take your medication.

        • randyice

          the driver said the car is 5 days old and the brakes failed… i dont belive it….

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