The Belt Parkway is about to get a little more congested, as the highway is slated to lose one lane at Bay Ridge Avenue beginning tomorrow night.

The lane closures will begin at 11:00 p.m., on Friday, May 30. The eastbound and westbound lanes of the Belt Parkway at Bay Ridge Avenue Bridge (Exit 1) will be shifted. The eastbound roadway, currently three lanes, will be reduced to two travel lanes. Meanwhile, the two travel lanes of the westbound roadway will be narrowed and shifted to the left-center of the bridge.

These changes are being done to allow for the establishment of a work zone at the existing right and center of the Bay Ridge Avenue Bridge in order to begin the first stage of the bridge rehabilitation.

The bridge’s overhaul is part of the city’s Seven Bridges project, a large-scale renovation of seven spans on the Belt Parkway that began in 2009. Several of the bridges are already near completion, and the beginning of the Bay Ridge Avenue work marks the final phase of the project.

The existing bridge at Bay Ridge Avenue will be reconstructed using pre-cast concrete deck sections. The clearance will be increased to 14-feet 6-inches, which removes the need for clearance signs currently posted for a substandard condition. Also the new deck will eliminate the need for under deck wood shielding, according to a DOT fact sheet on the project.

According to the fact sheet, work on this bridge was slated to begin in June 2013 and wrap up in February of 2015, but a DOT representative told this outlet that it will now be closer to the beginning of 2016. All construction related to the seven bridges project is expected to be completed by mid-2017, with landscaping wrapping up in 2019.

An illustration of the extent of the lane shifts. (Source: DOT)

An illustration of the extent of the lane shifts. (Source: DOT)

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  • ShadowLock

  • JG

    Being on the belt is already like using franks hot sauce as saline solution.

    • joe

      at least its not as bad as the cross bronx or staten island expressway

  • sarcasticass

    Great. This is just what we need! More traffic at an already bottlenecked location. Well at least the boardwalk has raised, reinforced concrete bathrooms now. Survivors of the next hurricane sandy/plague/tsunami will be blessed with a place to take a dump.

    • joe

      That location rarely ever has traffic. It is usually a fast ride from the Verazzano until you hit the gowanas.

  • Alfonce

    well the work has to get done, it doesnt get fixed by magic

  • sarcasticass

    Ah optimists. Hurry up and fix it. Fill all the potholes too.

  • Criminal Minded

    Poor NYPD. This area was their cash cow, as highway patrol used this section of the Belt Parkway as a speed trap.

  • guest

    This whole project was a joke from the beginning. Useless and only done to fill Bloomberg’s pockets. Nothing more.

  • Jeff

    Just make sure when you merge everyone… when it rains we can see the lines… not like the 2 bridge construction where in that 2 miles of roadway… when it rained everyone was all over the road because we couldnt see the lines… smh