Source: Google Maps

Source: Google Maps

An elderly woman was arrested after she allegedly tossed it down the trash chute of her Batchelder Street building, causing injuries that led to its death.

Cops were called to 2334 Batchelder Street in the Sheepshead – Nostrand Houses at around 5pm on Tuesday, after a neighbor heard the canine’s cries echoing up the shaft leading to the trash compactor.

The Daily News reports:

“She went to throw out the garbage and she heard the dog crying,” [a neighbor] said. “I ran to housing and got (them) to open up where the (compactors) are because the door was locked.”

She said she found the dog bleeding in the bottom of the trash compactor.

“It was bleeding. It was still crying,” she said.

The dog’s owner, who reportedly lives on the fourth floor, was not identified. Police took her into custody for questioning, but she was later released. It is unclear if she will face charges.

The dog was crippled by its injuries and unable to walk. It was rushed to a nearby vet and later transferred to the care of the ASPCA. It had to be euthanized due to its injuries.

The elderly woman was overheard telling police that the dog “made me miserable, I have pain,” as she was put into the back of a police vehicle.

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  • Alex

    “…she was put into the back of a police vehicle”.
    And then what?
    Police’s going to file some sort of misconduct report and release her within an hour?

    what they should have done is take her up to the 4th floor apartment where she lives and toss her out of the goddamn window.

    • Murry

      ” what they should have done” Would you have thrown her out a window? Obviously this woman is mentally ill.

      • Bassackwards

        The woman gets the sympathy and the poor dog doesn’t get a mention. Your humanity is truly overwhelming me.

      • Alex

        Yes Murry.
        I WOULD throw her out of the window. Without even thinking for a second.
        I don’t care if you’re mentally retarded,
        if you don’t know how to take care of an animal, don’t freakin adopt one!! Or give it away!!
        And how are you so obvious that she’s mentally ill?
        Maybe she just had a huge burst of anger and the poor animal had to pay the price.

        • SomeGuy

          What the hell?

          I make a silly joke and my comment gets deleted while this psycho threatens to throw people out of windows and his comment stays.

          • Alex

            “my comment gets deleted”
            Omg, cry me a river !!

            Show me where exactly did I make a THREAT to throw somebody out of the window?
            I would like to know myself.
            The psycho is you, probably one of those animal abusers.

          • SomeGuy

            ok, i used the wrong word, relax.

            here, let me fix that:

            this psycho demonstrates intent of violence with serious conviction.

          • Alex

            Yes, SomeGuy
            Call the police, have them arrest me.
            I am so violent.
            Tell them I “threaten” to toss a woman out of the window because she fatally injured the animal.

            What’s funny to me is why your comment aka “silly joke” would be deleted.

          • SomeGuy

            you’re a moron, shut up.

        • MarlaMarla

          Murry = psycho sympathizer

      • Elle

        And she’s probably sucking up tax dollars as well…get rid of her, she’s useless.

    • becca

      She hasn’t been released and they put a pad lock on her door

  • sbhomie

    ok seriously? someone needs to throw her down the chute as well. if she doesn’t want the dog, GIVE IT AWAY!

  • dogsrthebestpeopleareassholes

    what has the dog ever done to her? dogs are always there for you, if you are feeling down and always happy to see you. they need to throw her out from the 4th floor and see how she feels about it. i doubt the dog was such a burden for her. she has no remorse for a living thing, she would probably through her kids out if she had the chance. what a piece of sh*t for a human

    • Effin Really?

      Even if the woman was sick and the dog was a bourdon, there are just too many options and shelters to resort to something so cruel. Sadly, being euthanized may have been the nicest thing that ever happened to that poor dog. I doubt that this was a one time incident, that all of a sudden she decided to throw the dog down the trash chute. I would venture to guess that dog has been treated cruelly for some time. Shame on neighbors if they knew and did nothing.

  • ShadowLock


  • Joe