Floyd Bennett Field's world with wings insignia on the Administration building's façade. Source: ScoutingNY

Nick Carr, our favorite movie location scout (do you know any others?), posted an exhaustively breathtaking photo essay of Floyd Bennett Field on his website, “ScoutingNY,” a tremendous blog that we were also honored to compete against last fall when CBS New York pitted us against one another in the “local affairs” category for the “New York’s Most Valuable Blogger Awards.”

Carr, who quite obviously did his homework, takes you on a fun tour through historic Floyd Bennett in a way that is very special, juxtaposing his own photos and witty commentary alongside old black and white images from 70-somewhat years ago of New York City’s first municipal airport (the closest one prior to the opening of FBF was Newark — no doubt a considerable schlep).

Go take a look at what Carr put together, and enjoy this unique and comprehensive perspective of one of southern Brooklyn’s most treasured landmarks.

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    Unless this Nick Carr character is the last of the Mohicans he is no scout.
    Scout…the kid has Metrocard and way too much time on his hands. Get a real job you dirty hippie! Condolences. The bums lost. My advice is to do what your parents did; get a job, sir!

    • Anonymous

      haha nice quotes! good movie too

  • bagels

    Great photos and commentary. I absolutely love Floyd Bennett Field and i have spent many a weekend afternoon getting a great workout on my bike. i think I heard that there’s a cycling club that meets and trains on tuesday evenings during the summer. This would be a good alternative for the prospect bark cyclists who are coming under fire for racing in the park.
    There’s also the radio controlled airplane club that meets on Sunday and the community gardens. I love living in this part of Brooklyn!

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget the archery range. One of my favorite places in FBF

    • Anonymous

      There are Tuesday night races there during the season. Google ‘Kissena Cycling Club Floyd Bennet’,  (or something like that). 

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    I love Floyd Bennett Area and i have invested many a few days mid-day getting a great exercise on my bicycle. i think I observed that there’s a bicycling team that fits and teaches on thursday nights during the summer season.