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CompStat reports are produced by the New York Police Department on a weekly basis. We summarize the week’s statistics for the 61st Precinct reports every Friday. The 61st Precinct is the police command responsible for Sheepshead Bay, Gravesend, Kings Highway, Homecrest, Madison, Manhattan Beach, and Gerritsen Beach.

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  • Jimmy

    Looks like the 61st precinct is finally getting on track

  • stalinesque

    They took reports of crimes? Surely an accident that the desk sergeant will make sure never happens again. Crimes never happen here, if you think you are the victim of one, you are merely paranoid and should see a psychiatrist not call a cop.

    The dedication of this precinct has routed all criminals in a 20 mile radius. This is the most honest and respectable area on the planet! Thank goodness for Compstat Reports, or paranoid people would think they are victims.