Local Docs’ Medicare Billing Raises Questions


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A recent report is raising questions about several local doctors who rank among the nation’s highest earners for Medicare claims, with many of them seeing the same patients thousands of times in just a few short months.

The doctors – occupational therapists, chiropractors and physical therapists – have been walking a quasi-legal line, sharing patients through a network in which they are seen, and billed, multiple times on the same day. One chiropractor and an occupational therapist had overlapping patients that were seen on the same day more than 11,000 times in 18 months, according to USA Today.

While referring patients to other doctors is common, a high frequency could indicated what experts call “churning” – cross-referring within a known network for financial gain and not medical need, and possibly for a kickback. The local network is also unusual because chiropractors, physical therapists and occupational therapists usually compete with one another, and would be unlikely to send referrals.

After reviewing Medicare data nationwide, USA Today found Southern Brooklyn docs stood out for their high referral rates. Here’s how they detailed the network:

The USA TODAY analysis found that six practitioners in Brooklyn all regularly saw the same patients, often treating each person dozens of times. Medicare paid the six a total of nearly $15 million in 2012, the only calendar year that payment data is publicly available. Additional practitioners also fed into and benefited from the referral network, but at smaller rates than the top half-dozen.

For example, physical therapist Wael Bakry and occupational therapist Victor Genkin, both part of the network, are the first and second biggest recipients of Medicare money in 2012 in their respective fields.

Medicare paid Bakry about $4.1 million for performing more than 184,000 procedures on 1,959 patients. Genkin brought in more than $2.3 million from seeing fewer than 1,200 patients.

According to Medicare’s data, over 18 months the two shared more than 700 clients, who saw both regularly — as many as 25 times each.

The top earning chiropractor in the nation, Brooklyn’s Alexander Khavash, was also a top referrer to Bakry and Genkin. According to the Medicare data, Bakry and Khavash shared more than 1,200 patients between them.

Often, but not always, the physical therapist and chiropractor saw patients back-to-back. One group of patients made a total of more than 17,000 visits to both doctors on the same day — an average of 13 times per patient — over an 18 month span.

The patients also regularly cycled through internist Abraham Demoz, who has used the same address as Genkin and Bakry. For example, Khavash saw 2,060 patients in 2012, according to the Medicare payment records. Demoz shared almost 1,800 of them with him over 18 months, the data show. Demoz and Genkin had about the same amount of patient overlap.

Mayura Kanekar is another Brooklyn provider who is part of the same circle.

Kanekar brought in nearly $3 million as the top Medicare-earning occupational therapist in the country in 2012. Occupational therapists work on people’s fine motor skills so they can perform daily tasks. Over the 18 months covered by Medicare’s referral data, a group of about 800 patients routinely visited both her and Khavash on the same day — seeing the two specialists back-to-back a total of 11,621 times.

None of the federal law enforcement officials USA TODAY interviewed would comment about whether any of the individuals are under investigation.

Some of those docs have also come up in other recent reports for their unusually high billing.

The USA Today report is lengthy and detailed – and a worthwhile read. Their reporters go to find the doctors at their listed medical offices, only to find abandoned storefronts or residential buildings. The look into the causes for the high rate of Medicare claims, and also address investigators’ challenges in finding and prosecuting such cases. Check it out, then feel sad.

  • JW

    I am sure fraudulent medical billing is rampant in these parts. I once came in to get a copy of a file. Never saw the doctor, wasn’t charged for anything, in and out in 5 minutes. But a couple weeks later I saw a doctor visit listed (with reason for visit listed as “sick”) on my insurance account online. Yeah, OK…

    • bagels

      Did you call the doctor’s office and ask why he submitted a fraudulent bill to the insurance company?

      • Murry

        The answer would have been “CAUSE WE CAN”

  • PCAway

    Hmm, the names of the doctors: Chinese? Hispanic? Dutch ? Oops, we aren’t allowed to say.

    • HowDeepIsTheOceana

      I don’t care what they are. I do want to know how many similar fraudulent medical professionals live in the Oceana.

      • Living in Oceana and proud

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          • A

            Someone made one comment about a hypothetical link between shady doctors and Oceana and it could have ended right there.

            Instead, the pro-Oceana people come out of nowhere accusing everyone of jealousy. See the comment made by “HowDeepistheOceana” and the responses he/she got. The only ‘shitshow’ that went down was pro-Oceana accusing everyone of jealousy, once again.

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          • Jimmy

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          • Living the high life in Oceana

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          • Guest

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  • Murry

    Why is this type of freud is so prevalent. Are the screeners in Medicare just stupid?

  • bagels

    Love this line from the article,”Medical clinics are to Brooklyn what Starbucks locations are to other urban areas.”
    I hope the Feds keep the pressure on these people.

  • Jimmy

    Why not check how Howard Witz and Bruce Barron operate their businesses along the way. With Heinz gone as DA, their will be less corruption among whites in NYC.

  • Metsknicks

    Is it any wonder why we pay the health insurance premiums that we do? Prosecutors would have field day if they spent some serious time just investigating suspicious doctors here in south Brooklyn. But I think for every one they catch, there’s four or five they don’t.

  • Janice Schacter Lintz

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    Please repost to all social media.

    Janice Schacter Lintz, Chair, Hearing Access Program

    • sadeyes

      Thank you Janice.

  • doobieman

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  • Supporter of Left Handed Rule

    They don’t call the US Gvt. “Uncle Sap” for nothing. Anyways, my spies on the West Coast tell me that similar medicare frauds are rampant out there, but the ethnic perps tend to be the large Filipino medical community. So let’s lay off the Russkies for a moment. There are enough crooks to go around.

    • Jimmy

      With all do respect, we live in the NYC area and here it is the Russians, who are the criminals and crooks. The Russians are evil as Reagan once said. They gentrify the ghetto as do the Brooklynites and the religous Jews. This is all supported by our leftist NYC government.

    • Jimmy

      We let these Russians be computer programmers, engineers, nurses and teachers, instead of our own, because they are crooks and thieves. Look at the MTA, it is mostly black, because black men are the most vile rapists and murderers. Shame on you Brooklyn!

      • guy

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    • Bobby

      We live in Sheepshead Bay and not the west coast.

      • Supporter of Left Handed Rule

        Bobby, thank you for this very good geography lesson for me. My point was that our Medicare system invites corruption on a coast to coast scale due to poor oversight and many crooked personalities. .

        • Jimmy

          While most people leave Brooklyn when they find a job and settle down, Russians, on the other hand, wind up buying property in Brooklyn. I wish that some of the employers, who employ these Russians would wise up and throw them out. These people are evil and I would seriously avoid hiring them. If you need to meet some etnic or racial qoutas, you are then better off going with an Asian ora Latino. Show these people the door, go back to Mother Russia, a terrorist state.

        • Jim Beam

          The Ruskies scamming in Sheepshead Bay alone with respect to fraudulent medical reports has Allstate blackballed from writing new policies and jacking the rates of the legit people around here. I know because I was told this by a close friend who is an Allstate insurance broker. And all of these scamming doctors are “treating” Russians. They are who are killing the system with 10 different names, no less, in Brooklyn. End of story.

  • Jimmy

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