Photo by Arthur Borko

Looks like there’s some new competition for Sheepshead Bay staple Vinnie’s and last year’s newcomer Kastattoo. The gas-station-turned-shopping-plaza on Harkness Avenue and Knapp Street is filling up its real estate vacancies. The latest entry is Inkheart, a tattoo and piercing shop. Given the other business occupying the corner, one can have a helluva night on that little corner. Get drunk, have a sandwich, get a tattoo and then cry about it all when you sober up with some coffee… all before the catching the latest 3-D movie around the corner! Any guesses as to what will fill the final spot? My guess is an OTB outlet; though a headshop would be nice.

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  • aherring

    I think we drove by this on Father's Day, looking for another store which sold all kinds of craft stuff including knitting wool. We found it but I can't remember the name. Does anyone know?

  • facebook-528447725

    Oh boy…can you imagine the trash this is going to attract? Especially the shit that goes to the movie theater? Ughhh….You think Premiere Tattoos is bad, they'll probably have to compete for the worst place.

  • Anonymous

    Lady Jane Craft Center on Cross Bay Boulevard? or are you thinking about Michael's?

  • Arthur Borko

    The closest store of that kind I can think of is Zelda's on Nostrand Ave and Ave J.

  • TJ

    its sad to say but this place wont last. especially with the high rent that the scumbag landlord sammy charges. even tho i wish them nothing by luck

  • Justin

    I live 3 blocks away from Inkheart and am very excited to be able to walk to get inked!!!

  • Justin

    I live 3 blocks away from Inkheart and am very excited to be able to walk to get inked!!!

  • Javy

    I live several blocks away as well i cant wait to get pierced ive been trying to find a place i could get my industrial piercing done and I think I found my solution can't wait to get it done….Just two more days and I am free to get it.

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