ICYMI: 40-Story Tower Headed To Neptune Ave, Murrow HS Goes Into Lockdown, Manhattan Beach Scam Artist Sued

Trump Village Shopping Center Renderings at Neptune Avenue. Photo by Neal Storman

Trump Village Shopping Center renderings at Neptune Avenue. Photo by Neal Storman

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  • DF

    Waiting for the inevitable shitbag to comment about how the neighborhood is already crowded… and how they’ll be demolishing one of his favorite childhood eateries which looks like some rathole. This site seems to be filled with more pathetic complainers than any other type. Instead of looking at the bright and positive angles of new development in an area that many of us have spent the majority of our lifetimes in, they look at every single potential negative. Quite frankly I am thrilled that the opinions of the majority of human waste found on this website is ignored.

  • billybop

    DF stands for Dumb Fcuk

  • youcantbeserious

    It’s no secret to anyone that this 40 story monster wille dn up vacant due to being on top of the
    ” F ” line & who will pay for luxury in a lower middle class area?