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Sheepshead Bites is an online news powerhouse
serving Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

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We specialize in local. We bring local audiences to local businesses, and keep money in the community. Because a healthy community is founded on its small businesses.


Since our launch in 2008, we’ve swelled our readership to more than 135,000 visits a month – and trends show that’s not slowing down soon. All of our regular readers care about their local businesses and institutions.


71% are between 18 and 49 years old
61% earn more than $60,000 a year
65% have graduated from college

Our readers are more likely to visit websites about politics, science, travel, fashion, technology and luxury goods than the average internet user.

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  1. Targeted – We report on just one small sliver of Brooklyn. That means our 100,000 monthly pageviews come from people in the neighborhood looking to help the community and its economy. And that’s why we only take advertising from businesses and institutions in the area – because we also know what it’s like to face competition from outside of our borders.
  2. Relevant – Our readership numbers aren’t guess-timations based on how many trees we’ve killed, or how many living rooms we may reach. We’re not a soggy pennysaver at your front door. We’re online only, and every stat represents a real reader that actively seeks us out. And a news site’s users access the internet almost twice as much as the general user. That’s because online news is more personal and more relevant – and there’s no better marketing approach than that.
  3. Trusted – Your business is important to you, right? You care about the brand you’re building, and so do we. Since our founding, we’ve focused on fairness, transparency and community service. We partner with businesses that care about these virtues, too. Fifty-nine percent of web users say online advertising is more believable from a trusted website, so an ad with us is a statement to potential customers that your brand works for the community.
  4. Interactive – Let’s face it: print advertising worked when there were no other options. With online advertising you get better results, because learning more about your business is just one click away. Potential customers take immediate action; readers can be exploring your brand in moments.
  5. A Better Mix – Already advertise in print? Good. Because recent studies demonstrated that mixing online advertising with traditional media is the most powerful way to spread your brand’s message. And guess what? Newspapers and news websites combined have the highest penetration and most desirable audience of any other local medium.

Still don’t believe online is the way to go?
Even the Newspaper Association of America is telling businesses to go online.

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