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We’re sorry for the late notice on this, but our friends at Coney Island Hospital (2501 Ocean Parkway) are putting on a week-long celebration of breastfeeding, beginning this morning and lasting until Monday.

The events are listed on the flier above. There will be giveaways and raffles, as well as information and registration for the WIC program. Toys ‘R’ Us will provide additional breastfeeding information, and the hospital will be doing tours of the labor and delivery unit as well as the post-partum unit.




The following is from our friends at the Kings Bay Y:

The Kings Bay YM-YWHA will hold a free breast cancer awareness seminar on Thursday, August 1st at 7 p.m. at the Y’s main site at 3495 Nostrand Avenue (between Avenues U and V), Room 101 in the Teen Lounge. The public is encouraged to attend.

Guest speakers will be Dr. Shawn Yunayev, a board-certified OB-GYN in Brooklyn, and Matthew Lee of Myriad Genetics, who has been assisting physicians with hereditary cancer protocols. Among other topics, the experts will talk about various risk factors for breast cancer, the range of available treatment options, genetic research and general women’s health issues.

A question-and-answer session will follow.

For more information, contact Angela at (718) 648-7703, ext. 223 or email

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Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the “Breast Density Inform” (S.6769-B) bill into effect, co-sponsored by State Senator Marty Golden, making New York the fourth state with a breast density information law to pass.

The law will help increase women’s awareness of the presence of dense breast tissue, indicative of an increased risk for breast cancer, found during a mammography examination. It states that every mammography report given to a patient with dense breast tissue must specifically inform the patient in plain, non-technical language that she has dense breast tissue. Further, the patient should be told that more screenings may be necessary to detect cancers.

Connecticut, Texas and Virginia passed the law, in addition to 13 states considering the measure. Other legislation has also been introduced to make it a federal law.

“This new law will help save women’s lives by increasing their awareness of a known breast cancer risk factor,” Golden said in a press release. “Along with routine breast cancer screenings, the information provided by physicians to those with dense breast tissue can help increase early detection of the disease and give patients a greater ability to make educated decisions about their health.”

Mammogram films of breasts with higher density are harder to read and interpret than those of less dense breasts. Approximately 40 to 50 percent of tumors in dense tissue may not be detected since this condition obscures their presence.

According to medical studies, breast cancer is four to six times more likely in women with denser breast tissue.

In spite of the risk factor presented by dense breast tissue, a recent Harris Interactive survey found that 95 percent of women do not know their breast density, and less than one-in-10 women learn about breast density from their physician.

Prior to this new law, there were no legal requirements for patients in New York to be informed about their breast density.

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A health educator from Coney Island Hospital will visit the Brighton Neighborhood Association (BNA), May 11 at 11:00 a.m. to discuss “Women’s Health” at the civic group’s headquarters, 1002 Brighton Beach Avenue, corner of Coney Island Avenue (inside Chase Bank).

Questions and concerns on women’s health issues will be addressed during the talk, including learning how to receive medical treatment if you do not have health insurance. The event will also feature a free raffle.

To learn more about this and any upcoming BNA events, contact Pat Singer at (718) 891-0800, visit, and “Like” BNA on Facebook.