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Photo from a Staten Island Weekend Walk (Source: NYCDOT/Flickr)

Sheepshead Bay Road will be transformed into a plaza full of outdoor cafes, kids activities and interactive, family-fun programming on Sunday, June 1, as the corridor becomes the latest participant of the Department of Transportation’s Weekend Walks series.

Initiated by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and the burgeoning Sheepshead merchant’s association, the program sees the DOT partner with neighborhood organizations – in our case, Empower Sheepshead, Kings Bay Y, Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz and Sheepshead Bites – to produce a multi-block festival highlighting the area’s businesses and scenic waterfront.

The street will be closed to vehicular traffic and buses rerouted from East 15th Street to Emmons Avenue, as local eateries and shops extend their storefronts to the curb. There will be loads of kids activities on the asphalt – we’ve already lined up several through the Kings Bay Y as well as Sheepshead Bay Road’s Brainy Academy, who may have some hands-on Lego robotic displays – and more are on the way. There will be a curbside beer garden operated by Wheeler’s (and possibly other watering holes on the strip), and interactive exhibits from area cultural institutions are also in the works, as is a bevy of artwork and live music.

The event has yet to be named, although organizers are mulling the “Sheepshead Summer Stroll.” Suggestions made here in the comments and via our social media accounts will be considered.

Business owners, interested residents and organizations can get involved by attending an information session this coming Monday, May 5, at 11 a.m. at Wheeler’s Restaurant (1705 Sheepshead Bay Road). There, we’ll be hammering out more details on the programming, so if you’ve got a great idea for a street-side activity make sure you attend. (Note: there is absolutely no cost to business owners to get involved!)

And don’t forget: there’s also BayFest 2014 coming on May 18 on Emmons Avenue. Two awesome street fairs spotlighting the businesses, organizations and waterfront that bring our neighborhood to life!

Arbuz owners and staff cleaning off the furniture just days after the storm.

THE BITE: The Bite’s been laying low as Sheepshead Bay struggles to recover from Hurricane Sandy. With so many still without power or heat, it seems a bit insensitive to write about a newly discovered food dish. Now’s the time to help our neighbors rebuild.

Many of our restaurants and food mongers who came out for this year’s A Taste of Sheepshead Bay are still recovering and some are already back in business. Please do your best to help support the businesses that support Sheepshead Bites and the community. Without their support we wouldn’t be able to bring you our coverage of the neighborhood. No one else provides the local news when you need it,  like Sheepshead Bites.

Rovshan Danilov, the owner of Arbuz, put it best. “We need Sheepshead Bay back. We need the businesses to return. We need the customers back. We need the landlords to understand and work with the small businesses of the Bay.” We’re all in this together.

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The restaurant at 1705 Sheepshead Bay Road formerly known as Wheeler’s and then became Wheelers is now once again Wheeler’s!

Ah, Wheelers, we hardly knew ye. I mean, you only existed for three months. And, mom was probably afraid to tell you this, but you were totally an accident.

When Wheelers – er, Wheeler’s? – upgraded to a new sign and awning in November, a little snafu caused the apostrophe, which indicates this bar is the property of Wheeler and not just named Wheelers, got lost in the mix. After three months of looking for it – bam! Found it! – it was mounted yesterday, bringing us back to the name we’ve been familiar with since 1979.

Join the Brooklyn Young Democrats at Wheeler’s Restaurant, January 18 from 7:30-10:30 p.m., as they welcome in 2012 with special guests, appetizers, and drink specials.

Admission is $10 for Student Membership, $20 for Regular Membership and $25 for Non-member.

Wheeler’s is located at 1707 Sheepshead Bay Road between Voorhies Avenue and Shore Parkway, near the B and Q trains.

To learn more about the Brooklyn Young Democrats, visit their website, check out their blog, or email They are also on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

What was once Wheeler’s is now Wheelers, reflecting America’s disillusionment with apostrophes. Sorry, I meant to say “Americas disillusionment…”

The venerable bar and grill at 1705 Sheepshead Bay Road took down their rather defeated-looking sign last week, replacing it with a classy black sign with gold-embossed lettering, a new awning, and a fresh paint job along the front.

Looking good, Wheeler’s – er, Wheelers. Looking good…

Photos by Eli.

Welcome back to The Bite, Sheepshead Bites’ weekly column where we explore the foodstuffs of Sheepshead Bay. Each week we check out a different offering from one of the many restaurants, delis, food carts, bakeries, butchers, fish mongers, or grocers in our neighborhood. If it’s edible, we’ll take a bite.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get ready to rumble! In this corner, Wheeler’s roast beef “all the way” hero.

The Bite expands the battle for the roast beef crown of Sheepshead Bay. With Roll-n-Roaster, Brennan & Carr, Bassett’s and John’s Meat Market all offering superlative roast beef sandwiches, is the neighborhood ready for another? The Bite says, “Hell, yes!”

Wheeler’s (1705 Sheepshead Bay Road) roast beef sandwich offering takes a different tack than the competitors by going a bit upscale. The roast beef “all the way” hero ($8.95, includes french fries) serves up “prime” top round roasted until it’s well done, adds au jus, melts mozzarella cheese on top of that and sends it into battle on a garlic bread hero.

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Musicians Nelson F. Ferrer, Ralph Favilla, Frank Diorio and Mike Kisto will take over Wheeler’s Bar and Restaurant tonight with a free show by locals, for locals.

Sheepshead Bay native and BCAT producer Ralph Favilla is, of course, the well-known organizer of the annual rock showcase at the Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club. Nelson F. was the first guest on his BCAT show, and he continues to bring together great bands from Sheepshead Bay and other Brooklyn neighborhoods for performances at local venues.

The music starts at 9:30 p.m. No cover charge. Wheeler’s is located at 1707 Sheepshead Bay Road.

Photo by the amazing Adam Lerner of Adam Lerner | Photography

As an inexhaustibly enthusiastic photographer, a little more than a year ago I found myself on the website, described by its Philadelphia-based proprietor Jared Polin (from his LinkedIn bio) as being “dedicated to helping photographers of all skill levels to become better through fun and informative videos and content.”

It’s a great site, and Jared Polin, AKA “The Fro,” himself is an inexhaustibly enthusiastic photographer, and teacher (not in the academic sense) as well… but, what has any of this got to do with Sheepshead Bay?

Well, The Fro recently solicited Brooklyn-based photographer Adam Lerner of Adam Lerner | Photography to create an ongoing series of instructional videos for FKP and share some of his skills with the FroKnowsPhoto community. Liking what I saw, I decided to “like” Lerner’s facebook page, only to discover that he was recently in our neck of the woods, shooting some fabulous photos of Wheeler’s and Randazzo’s for Eater, among other things (other things being the image you see above).

All I could think after I saw the images was, “Ohhh, if only I could have been there to pick his brain.”

And not only that — the Randazzo’s piece was written by Brooks of Sheffield, he of Lost City fame, and it turns out ol’ Brooks did an entire practically weeklong series about Sheepshead Bay on his own site, including posts about Jimmy’s Famous Heros, Top Taco & Top China, the mysterious Soeller Building, Delmar Pizzeria, the Vince Lombardi plaque over at the POW/MIA Greenstreets triangle by Jerome Avenue, and Towne Café.

Sometimes I forget how unique and kind of special Sheepshead Bay really is until I see it through the eyes of those who don’t live here.

Musicians Nelson F. Ferrer, Ralph Favilla, Frank Diorio and Mike Kisto will take over Wheeler’s Bar and Restaurant on Saturday, May 21, with a free show by locals, for locals.

Sheepshead Bay native and BCAT producer Ralph Favilla is, of course, the well-known organizer of the annual rock showcase at the Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club. Nelson F. was the first guest on his BCAT show, and he continues to bring together great bands from Sheepshead Bay and other Brooklyn neighborhoods for performances at local venues.

The music starts at 9:30 p.m. No cover charge. Wheeler’s is located at 1707 Sheepshead Bay Road.

Wheelers is once again throwing its wings in the ring, signing up for The Best Wings in Brooklyn Competition.

The neighborhood staple, at 1707 Sheepshead Bay Road, will be taking on nine other Brooklyn bars and wing joints to prove itself in the contest, hosted by Greenpoint’s Red Star. It was pretty much the only biz representing Southern Brooklyn, and though it earned high marks, it didn’t take home the prize.

The totally free event kicks off on Saturday, February 12. Doors open to the public at 2 p.m. Go and root for our home team!

For more information, check out Red Star’s website.

Thanks to BrooklynQ for the tip.

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