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Legislation that would require more community input in the state’s plan to manage the population of mute swans across New York was given a stamp of approval by the state Assembly’s Environmental Conservation Committee, bringing it one step closer to becoming law. The bill was introduced by Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz in February, following the release of a…

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With new reports every week about the growing frustration New York City’s Superstorm Sandy victims feel towards recovery programs, Mayor Bill de Blasio has acknowledged that the city “needs to do better,” and said his administration will find a new approach. Wall Street Journal reports: “Some of [the inefficiencies in relief] is in the way…

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A baby harp seal was spotted on the shores of Brighton Beach on Saturday morning sunning himself. The seal was seen at approximately 8:30 a.m. Police were called to the scene as a precaution, and they closed off the area using crime-scene tape for the animal’s safety, according to the Daily News. The Riverhead Foundation,…

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