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News Photo by Lenny Markh

The Ocean Avenue footbridge connecting Sheepshead Bay to Manhattan Beach has reopened, making good on the Department of Transportation’s promise that beachgoers would be able to enjoy it by Memorial Day. The 135-year-old bridge closed approximately 2.5 months ago to allow contractors access and protect the bridge against a shipworm infestation. The department found marine…

News Photo by Ned Berke

A proposed ban on booze cruises in Sheepshead Bay gained a Senate sponsor in Albany, while critics of the local industry fight back against allegations that the ban is fueled by racial tensions. Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz introduced a bill on February 20 prohibiting boats that throw late-night, alcohol-fueled parties from docking at Sheepshead Bay’s piers, operated by the New…

News ocean-footbridge-closed

The Ocean Avenue footbridge connecting Sheepshead Bay and Manhattan Beach closed this morning, kicking off a two-and-a-half month process to rid the structure of shipworms. The bridge was originally slated to close at the beginning of March, but foul weather caused delays until today. The Department of Transportation told Sheepshead Bites that they now expect it…

News Swans on Weber Court. (Photo by Eric Jankiewicz)

The state has released a new plan to manage the booming mute swan population, telling critics that if they don’t want to see the swans killed then they have to pay to keep them around. The revised plan, released Monday by the state Department of Environmental Conservation, comes after a December 2013 plan to wipe out…


Community and civic leaders met with representatives for the owners of Loehmann’s Seaport Plaza to discuss a plan to add a new floor to the development. The heated discussion boiled down to whether or not the plan was an investment in the community’s viability post-Sandy, or a bailout for a landlord who made a bad buy. The…


Coney Island Creek by Cropsey Avenue is the city’s most fecal-filled waterway, according to one number-crunching analyst. Ben Wellington, a statistics professor at Pratt Institute who runs the I Quant NY blog, pulled Department of Environmental Protection water sampling data on fecal coliform around New York City. The results? The beaches along the Coney Island peninsula are…

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