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Three bedroom condo on East 18th Street (Source: Wilk Real Estate)

Three bedroom condo on East 18th Street (Source: Wilk Real Estate)

Looking for a new place to call home? Sheepshead Bites has got you covered. Our rental roundup is a new feature showcasing some of the deals on the market now. If you know of a great place available for rent or are a broker representing a property you want included, contact nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com. And if you live in or near one the places below, let neighbors know what you think in the comments.

Renovated Pet-Friendly Studio
Price: $1,150
Location: Avenue X and Ocean Avenue
Description: This looks like a good deal if you’re searching for a studio. The apartment has been fully renovated and it’s on the second floor. Since this apartment is probably too small for cohabitation purposes, feel free to fill that empty void of loneliness with a few cats and dogs, which are allowed in the building. It’s technically a sponsored condo, meaning the owners of the condo are leasing it out, and the lease is one year with a renewal option. The deal is sweetened by the fact that there’s no broker’s fee, only a $1,200 deposit.
Contact: Alice Shevchuck of Awaye Realty, (646)-206-4568

One Bedroom Under A Grand? (UPDATE: It appears this listing is most likely a scam.)
Price: $900
Location: 2231 East 24th Street
Description: So for such a cheap price, there has to be something wrong with this place. But a not-so-thorough investigation by our crack team can’t find anything wrong. The neighborhood is residential and the apartment is on the second floor in a house. Maybe there is, like, a Native American burial ground in the basement. Barring the supernatural, this might be a good place for you.
Contact: Nathan (928) 238-8828

Three Bedrooms Near Train
Price: $2,800
Location: East 18th Street and Voorhies Avenue
Description: This three bedroom boasts a large living room, separate kitchen, a dishwasher, parking, a laundry room and a realtor that texts. The realtor requires that proof of income is provided and a run through a credit check. There is also a high upfront charge of first month rent, a security deposit and one month broker fee, which would cost $5,600.
Contact: Ekaterina Ermikova of Wilk Real Estate, (347) 652-7778

- Eric Jankiewicz

If you know of a great place available for rent or are a broker representing a property you want included, contact nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com.


Anatolian Gyro will move off of Sheepshead Bay Road, around the corner to 2623 East 16th Street, as their landlord ramps up for their third major storefront renovation project in the Sheepshead Bay Road area.

The restaurant has occupied 1605 Sheepshead Bay Road since 1994, becoming one of the earliest restaurants serving Turkish cuisine in Sheepshead Bay. It underwent an expansion at least 10 years ago, taking over a neighboring storefront.

Now the restaurant is moving around the corner, to make way for another renovation project by the landlord, Waldorf Realty.

Metin Turan, Anatolian’s owner, said that his lease is nearly up on the property, and that Waldorf did not offer a long-term lease renewal.

“[Waldorf] would only give me two more years on the lease. I didn’t want to take a two-year lease. It’s nothing. So I decided to move around the corner,” he said.

The new location will open in December or January.

The other stores in the building owned by Waldorf include Eye Appeal, which already moved to 1508 Sheepshead Bay Road, and Zeetron, an electronics repair shop that never reopened after Superstorm Sandy. The only remaining tenant is The Enterprise Gifts & Jewelry.

As we reported last week, Waldorf recently started prepping another Sheepshead Bay Road property at Voorhies Avenue, containing six ground-floor businesses, for a face-lift. They’re also nearing completion on a renovation of another batch of storefronts on the corner of Avenue Z and East 16th Street.

Kings Bay fields, just after Sandy. (Source: Kings Bay Little League)

Kings Bay fields, just after Sandy. (Source: Kings Bay Little League)

Kings Bay Little League, one of Sheepshead Bay’s only Little League organizations, took a beating during Superstorm Sandy, when water tumbled past the Belt Parkway and submerged its below-street-level fields.

Now, they’re receiving some relief, scoring a home run of $15,200 in grant funding from the Baseball Tomorrow Fund and the New York Mets.

The grant went to restoring the fields at Coyle Street, between Voorhies Avenue and Shore Parkway, which sat under four feet of water for more than a week after the storm. Money also went to funding a new scoreboard, pitching machine, storage lockers and utility vehicle – all lost during Superstorm Sandy.

Baseball Tomorrow Fund and the New York Mets announced in May that they would donate up to $1 million to youth baseball and softball organizations impacted by Sandy, and soon after chose Kings Bay as a recipient. The new scoreboard was unveiled in August, and celebrated during a barbecue outing at the fields earlier this month.

“Thanks to the Baseball Tomorrow we were able to replace most of the items lost or damaged due to Sandy. Our facility is fully operational now and is hosting numerous little league games,” said Kings Bay leadership in a press release.

View more photos of the flooded fields after the jump.


The owners of the commercial property on the corner of Sheepshead Bay Road and Voorhies Avenue has papered up the windows of the six ground-floor businesses that once occupied the space, signaling that work is set to begin soon on redevelopment of the site.

The six businesses – a deli, shoe store, audiologist, accountant, bridal store and liquor shop – as well as the second-floor offices spanning from 1663 Sheepshead Bay Road to 1669 Sheepshead Bay Road and 1709 Voorhies Avenue, all closed up in the past several months as the landlord, Waldorf Realty Co., began laying the groundwork for the plans. We do know some of the businesses, including Liquor World, which has moved to 1733 Sheepshead Bay Road, and Coney Island Vinny’s Tattoo, which has moved to Jerome Avenue, were upset, having spent a great deal of money to renovate after Superstorm Sandy only to be given the boot when Waldorf announced their plans.

Waldorf is also currently renovating the storefronts on the southwest corner of Avenue Z and East 16th Street, having similarly refused lease renewals or relocated the businesses there. That site has been gutted entirely and a new facade is nearly complete, featuring dark blue tiles and silver paneling.

We reached out to Waldorf about their Voorhies Avenue redevelopment plan, but have not yet heard back.

UPDATE (September 20, 2013): Waldorf has responded, confirming that it is a “revamp.” They have not yet chosen an architect so were not able to say more about their plans.

The NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit and Bomb Squad were called to a residential property on Bedford Avenue and Voorhies Avenue more than an hour ago, shutting down nearby streets to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic as they search for explosives in a home.

An officer at the scene told a neighbor that grenades had been found in a home, and they continue to search for “additional incendiary devices,” although we have not received confirmation from the NYPD.

Residents of Bedford Avenue trying to get home were initially restricted from accessing the block, although we’ve now heard conflicting reports about access being granted. Bedford Avenue is shut down between Shore Parkway and Avenue Z to automobile traffic. Shore Parkway is also closed to traffic, as is, presumably, Voorhies Avenue and Avenue Z.

The above video was sent in by another reader who lives on the block. Residents are being told to stay in their homes.

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional photos, please send them to tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com.

Source: mikey k via flickr

A Sheepshead Bay family is still mourning months after 27-year-old family member Yuliya Hermanska was tragically killed in a car accident, according to a report by the New York Daily News.

Hermanska was killed on March 23 when she left her Sheepshead Bay apartment to go shopping. She was struck when a 66-year-old driver jumped the curb and hit her. The New York Daily News described the situation that led to Hermanska’s death.

Police say the driver, Mikhail Nulman, was issued a summons for blowing through the red light at Ocean and Voorhies Aves. He swerved to avoid a collision with a turning car but lost control and mounted the curb, driving nearly 70 feet on the sidewalk and striking Hermanska and two teenage girls, both of whom survived, according to police accounts.

The tragedy hit Hermanska’s family hard. She was a bright lawyer who spoke three different languages and was engaged to be married to fiance Vitaly Obodovsky.

“I keep on asking myself, ‘Why did you let her go to the store?’” Obodovsky told the Daily News.

Uliana Hermanska, Yuliya’s mother was also devastated and has been left wondering whether her daughter will ever see justice. The family’s lawyer, Edward Steinberg, told the Daily News vehicular fatalities involving ‘out-of-control’ drivers, who were not intoxicated or on drugs or alcohol, fail to inspire prosecutors to act quickly.

Steinberg claimed he called the Brooklyn district attorney’s office for details but hasn’t heard anything back. The DA’s office denies this charge and offered that the family should come in whenever they like to help the investigation along.

Photo: TheRealSappy/Twitter

Police are investigating the cause of a Saturday evening accident, in which a car veered onto an Ocean Avenue sidewalk and struck three people.

The accident happened at approximately 4:30 between 5:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Saturday at Ocean Avenue and Voorhies Avenue, and left three people injured.

One of the victims is in critical condition.

Police closed down Ocean Avenue from Avenue Z to Shore Parkway for approximately an hour, readers told Sheepshead Bites.

Authorities were still investigating what caused the driver to go off the road as of Sunday afternoon.

UPDATE (11:05 a.m.): NYPD sources have confirmed that the victims were three females, aged 27, 15 and 14. They were all taken to Lutheran Medical Center, with the two younger victims in stable condition. The 27-year-old is in critical condition.

Police also revealed that the car, a 2000 black Nissan, was traveling north on Ocean Avenue when the 66-year-old driver blew through a red light, mounted the curb and struck the victims.

There is no indication that the driver was under the influence of any kind of drug or alcohol, the police source noted, though he was issued a summons for failure to stop at a red light. It is currently being investigated as an accident, though additional charges may be leveled at the driver as the investigation unfolds.

Correction: (3/29/2013 at 10:41 a.m.): The 15-year-old victim, still in the hospital, left a comment below correcting the time stated above. It was between 5:00 and 5:30 p.m., she said, and not 4:30 p.m. as we previously reported.

Muni-Meters across the Sandy-damaged areas have been removed and replaced with traffic cones.

ONLY ON SHEEPSHEAD BITES: The Department of Transportation cut down and removed dozens of Muni-Meter machines this week. But instead of suspending parking regulations on affected streets, the agency is asking residents to walk several blocks to the nearest meter and pay.

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Community Board 15 helped clear the way for a new storage facility on Knapp Street, voting in support of a waiver to existing zoning restrictions at their meeting last Tuesday despite objections from community groups.

The proposed location. Click to enlarge. (Source: Google Maps)

Metro Storage NY came before the Board in a process to repeal a “restrictive declaration” on the property at 2713-2735 Knapp Street, a wedge of land that juts into Plumb Beach Channel at Voorhies Avenue. The 28-year-old declaration prohibits any use other than a retail and marina development, a clause that has caused the land to stay desolate since the original plans fell through years ago.

“It’s derelict. What do I see here? I see some trucks, I see some cars,” said Metro Storage’s attorney, Howard Goldman, before the Board.

Goldman said the restrictive declaration and the lot’s proximity to the Coney Island Wastewater Treatment Plant means that few plans can get through the process to make use of the property. In 1996, an application was submitted for a two-story retail development was squashed, and, in 2005, a plan for a residential development was opposed by the Department of Environmental Protection.

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We got the following e-mail about a Voorhies Avenue-based physician working with FEMA to obtain expensive replacement equipment for local doctors hit by Sandy:

Hurricane Sandy’s devastation has required our community to begin a long and difficult recovery. One of the hardest hit sectors was the medical community where many physicians have lost vital equipment. Many of these offices will not be able to continue serving the community without a “loan-free” solution. FEMA is attempting, through a collaborative effort with Dr. Daniel Branovan, to find much needed replacement equipment for local medical offices. He is currently compiling a database of equipment that local physicians desperately need. We hope to make this database as complete as possible by reaching out on a wide reaching forum such as yours. If possible, please make any kind of announcement for local physicians, who experienced losses, to email their contact information to as soon as they can so they can be informed of how to apply for replacement equipment.

Dr. Branovan is also working with Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz in trying to get FEMA to raise the $25,000 cap on the one percent interest business loans, saying that the amount wouldn’t even cover the cost of one piece of machinery in some medical offices.

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