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Tenants of the Sheepshead Bay’s Nostrand Houses (2955 Avenue W) say their landlord, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), has failed to deliver heat as the temperatures plummeted in recent weeks. The “heat season” began October 1. That’s the time when landlords in New York City are required to keep apartments at a minimum…

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The New York Police Department has been busy this year. In February, the number of tickets issued across the city for traffic violations have gone up. But things look different in our local 61st Precinct, which covers Sheepshead Bay, Gravesend, Kings Highway, Homecrest, Madison, Manhattan Beach and Gerritsen Beach. In this area there has been…

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The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) has admitted to hiring extra staff to dole out more fines on small businesses to make up for a budget shortage. The New York Post is reporting that DCA Commissioner Jonathan Mintz doubled the agency’s revenue by hiring more inspectors, and made remarks to the City Council that pretty…


The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs has secretly ordered agents to dole out a minimum number of fines to small businesses, while also pressuring judges to rule in favor of the city during the appeals process, the Daily News claims in an exclusive report. The paper reports that documents they have obtained and…


The Health Department shuttered DVIN Cafe (2219 Avenue X) yesterday, after the establishment racked up 88 violation points. DVIN Cafe received six “critical” violations, including cold food being stored at unsafe temperatures; a lack of a food protection certificate; evidence of live mice; a lack of a facility to wash, rinse, and sanitize utensils; and…


NYC Department of Health has confirmed that no qualified educational or teacher director was on site at Royal Crown Day Care during any of the agency’s twelve inspections, dating back as far as December 2009. A qualified educational director is a requirement for operating a day care center in New York City, and they’re in…

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