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Photo by Vincent Teutonico

It has been brought to my attention that we have a bit of a celebrity in our midst. Talented photographer and Marine Park resident Vinny Teutonico, father of our own Bensonhurst Bean’s lead writer, Joseph Teutonico, shot the above photo of a butterfly in his backyard. Pretty awesome, right? Here is what Joe had to say about his dad:

I’d like to submit some photos to Sheepshead Bites on behalf of my dad Vincent Teutonico. He was able to catch a very elaborately colored butterfly in my parent’s Marine Park backyard last week. (Coincidently, these are some of the first pics he’s ever taken with a digital camera.) My dad, who was a dark room special effects technician for over 20 years, says that this breed of butterfly comes at around the same time every year to consume the minerals found on the shiny decorative rocks plucked, with permission, years ago from a Manhattan construction site.

Aside from more photos, you can find out why the elder Teutonico is a bonafide celebrity after the jump.