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The city is cracking down on hookah sales, and they may be coming for Brooklyn next. As City Council proposes a bill to limit the sale of hookah supplies in stores, the city’s Health Department has moved to shut down a dozen hookah bars frequented by college students in Manhattan and Queens, after finding that they were illegally serving sheesha containing…

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The City Council passed a bill cracking down on illegal clothing donation bins Thursday. The law – introduced by Councilman Vincent Gentile – penalizes organizations that put drop-off bins on the street with no intention of giving the collected garments to the needy. The bill allows the city to remove the bins immediately, fining first-time…

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The City Council rules committee announced the committee appointments today, helping determine the influence Council members will wield over the next few years. Committee appointments are important posts, helping to write and usher through legislation to be voted upon, or delaying their passage (sometimes indefinitely). They can also hold hearings, taking city agencies to task.…

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Well, if you’ve managed to stay away from the television, radio, newsstands, social media or any website geared towards New York residents, here’s the list of citywide and borough winners from last night’s election, as well as those in Southern Brooklyn races: Bill de Blasio (Mayor) Letitia James (Public Advocate) Scott Stringer (Comptroller) Eric Adams…


Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration is set to scale back a series of unpopular fines that many business owners believed were overly aggressive and unfair. Capital New York is reporting that fine-carrying summonses, many related to improper signage, would be reduced to tickets with no penalties for the first offense. The battle over the unpopular fines came…

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We reported yesterday that more than $800,000 has poured into three local City Council races by independent spending committees, or PACs, largely representing the real estate development and business industries. The groups are allowed to spend unlimited amounts, unlike the candidates themselves, but also cannot coordinate with the campaigns by law. The most prominent group,…

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