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Daniel’s World will soon open at 3752 Nostrand Avenue, selling “Fashions for Less,” and the store got a nifty graffiti treatment prior to opening. In addition to the logo-over-brick pattern prettying up otherwise dreary roll-down gates, the owner had a graffiti artist liven up the interior with some cartoon characters. Betty Boop and the Pink…


The Blockbuster at 3752 Nostrand Avenue will soon shutter, marking the end of the chain’s very last brick-and-mortar outpost in Sheepshead Bay, and the second to last in all of Brooklyn. We’d like to say it’s a surprise, but, really, the only surprise is just how long Blockbuster lasted. With digital media services like TiVo,…


Blockbuster has some new competition in the neighborhood, but it’s nothing for the few remaining ma-and-pa video stores to cheer about. The ARM – automatic rental machine – known as RedBox is spreading like wildfire across the country, and is growing its presence in Sheepshead Bay. RedBox is an instant $1/day DVD rental kiosk containing approximately…